Enter to Win The DUKAN DIET Prize Pack!


I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks on the Dukan Diet and now you can too! We teamed up with our beloved Dukan to offer our readers a chance to win ONE of THREE Dukan Diet Prize Packs (pictured below)!! Each bag retails for $55+ dollars and includes the following items: The Dukan Diet: 2 [...]

Dukan Diet Personalized Weight Loss – Day 44

im literally THAT happy

I DID IT!!! I finally reached my weight loss goal this past week!!!!!!! OMG I’m SOOO HAPPY!!! I wanted to lose weight for almost two years and just didn’t have the dedication or motivation to actually DO it. I tried to eat good and exercise, which helped me lose around 1 pound a month, but [...]

Dukan Diet Personalized Weight Loss – Day 30

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since I started the Dukan Diet! It doesn’t seem like I have been on a diet that long. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” ?? Today is my biggest success so far. I finally reached 115 pounds!!!!!!!!!! Please join me in a happy dance at this time… [...]

Dukan Diet Personalized Weight Loss – Day 26

When I set out to lose weight and share my journey with my readers, I did not expect to receive more hate mail than encouraging notes… Apparently people’s perception of being HEALTHY has been totally skewed by the enormous amount of overweight and obese people in this country. I didn’t think I would need to [...]

Dukan Diet Personalized Weight Loss – Day 19

Sorry for the lack of updates. For 5 days (day 12 – Day 17) I was on mandatory bed-rest with Cellulitis (deep tissue infection similar to flesh eating bacteria) from a tick bite. I had to have my leg elevated and it was swollen and in an excruciating amount of pain. Definitely, hands-down, the most [...]