Rock Your Vote Tomorrow, On your Nails!

Sheswai Lacquer

It’s time to rock the vote tomorrow, Nov 6th and Americans are finding any way they can to show their support for their chosen party. Whether spoken or unspoken, there are numerous ways to get into the political spirit and let the world know what you stand for. So what better way than to do [...]

Michelle Obama Wins Us Over With Jason Wu


Photo Credit: Rex Features Finally! After weeks and week of speculation over what Mrs. Obama would wear to the Inaugural Ball, we finally got to lay eyes on the amazing gown designer by none other than Jason Wu. (Click Images To Enlarge) Photo Credits: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images The gorgeous asymmetrical gown of white adorned with [...]

First Lady Chic Shoe Trends


Michelle Obama Resurrects the Kitten Heel For the first time in many years Americans are looking to their first lady for fashion inspiration. With her practical, yet stylish sense Michelle Obama has become the muse for designers and housewives across the country. Shying away from the sky-high stiletto trend that has gained popularity in recent [...]