Easter Nails: Pastels, Polka Dots & Flowers

My almost 6 year old daughter came over to the computer and started admiring the Easter nail art I was viewing on Pinterest. “Mommy, will you do my nails tonight?! I want Easter nails! Let’s do pastels, polka dots and flowers!”

At first, we were admiring the gorgeous nail stickers from Jamberry:

easter nails

Easter Nail Shields from Jamberry

I think the Basket Weave print is my favorite. I will have to try that soon! I also love the Hippity Hop bunny print one… Super cute! My daughter has been talking about Easter since before Valentine’s Day for some reason…. She’s super pumped about the Easter Bunny this year and that’s not even something we “do” or encourage in our household. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but now she’s all about Easter Nail Art!

Some Pinterest Nail Art We’re Loving…





Check out Easter Nail Shields from Jamberry and Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips if you want some quick Easter nail art for your nails.

If you are brave and want to try making some Easter designs yourself, we recommend this Easter Eggs Nails tutorial and check out Nail Art Pens to make the job easier.

What are you going to put on your nails this holiday season?

What To Wear With Holiday Nail Art

I wanted to do my nails ALL WEEK, but life got in the way…

When I saw that Jamberry had Valentine’s Day Nail Wraps, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, I didn’t get them on my nails before the big holiday hit. I kinda want to wear them anyway though… The hearts are so cute!


Do you think I would look silly with Valentine’s Day hearts on my nails the week after the holiday has ended? Their Valentine’s Day nail art stickers are sooo cute! Check out this one…


Jamberry has some really cute Easter Nail Shields too that I can’t wait to try. Maybe I will actually get them on my nails before Easter arrives!

The only problem I ever face when I have nail art of any kind on my nails is that I feel the need to match my outfit to my nails. I’m afraid that a print on my nails will clash with my outfit and ruin whatever “look” I’m trying to creative.

Do you have that problem too? Or do you just ignore your nails and dress however you want?

Today’s Outfit: Red Bermuda Shorts

Nothing makes an outfit pop as much as a big ol’ splash of red! My outfit today got a big dose of sunshine with these Lee Comfort Fit West Bermuda Shorts. They have a clean utility styling and flexible hidden “comfort waist” made of elastic that stretches with your every move. Perfect for someone like me with young kids!

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Today’s Outfit: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Yesterday, June 21st 2012, was my best friend’s wedding. She married the love of her life, whom she had been seeing for a little over 7 years. They are made for each other and the cutest, most sexy couple I know.

Jaclyn & Elijah

The Margate on Lake Winnipesaukee

Their fabulous reception took place at The Margate on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Lake has been a very special place for both my best friend and I, as it was where we met each other at the ages of 5 and 7 years old. Both our families vacationed there during the summers and we spent lots of time together on the lake. It was no surprise to me that she chose to have her wedding and reception at Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s very near and dear to both our hearts.

Circumstances made it not possible for me to be a part of her wedding party like she wanted, but I was so happy I was still able to attend her special day and be a part of one of the most beautiful and perfect weddings I have ever been to.

I chose an adorable dress for the occasion that my mother had to take in from a size 10, down to a size 4 to make it fit me after I lost 15 pounds on The Dukan Diet. I had my hair done at Cassandra Salon, by my stylist, Jon, the night before the wedding.

Even though I wore my tallest heels, I am still so much shorter than my gorgeous, long legged friend! She is like a super model… And she looks absolutely breath-taking in her amazingly angelic dress.

After hours of partying, music, dancing and the most delicious and divine food I have ever had at a wedding before, we headed outside to see the sunset over the lake.

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