6 Top Gym Bag Essentials For Women


6 top gym bag essentials 1. Water Enhancer (Amazon.com): Rehydrate yourself with a refreshing and tasty Stur All Natural Water Enhancer. It’s available in 5 flavors and the perfect addition to your gym bag or purse! 2. BB Cream  ($21.99, walgreens.com) Try Lumene Bright BB Serum for an instant skin pick me up so you […]

POND’S Luminous Clean Line of Beauty Products


On Pond’s main web page, I found the following words: “Trust in a POND’S classic” … and like so many other women over the last 150 years, I have done exactly that! I learned to trust Pond’s from my mother, who no doubt learned about Pond’s from her own Mom. It’s the only product I’ve […]