Another Snow Day: How to Keep Your Kids From Driving You Crazy

   another snow day


It’s another snow day. You should be excited about the snow, but the kids are home with you all day. You love your children, but they’re a little hyperactive when there’s nothing to do. So, to keep yourself sane, and your kids occupied, here are a few things you can do with them (or have them do on their own).


1. Plan Activities


Make a plan. When you hear that school has been canceled, it’s tempting to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Don’t do this. Get up and make a plan for the day. Have activities that your children can do either alone or with you. These activities should be something that will keep your child’s mind engaged. Check out our DIY & Crafts Pinterest Board for ideas!


So, for example, you could set up an “arts and crafts” day with supplies around the house. You could also set up a game day where your kids play board games with you or each other (if you have more than one child). This could also be a perfect time to set up a chore list and get some housework done – be creative with it, and turn cleaning into a game with points and even a reward. Perhaps your child could earn a night out at his or her favorite restaurant if he cleans up his room or gets a certain amount of housework done during the day.


2. Send Them Outside


If the weather isn’t too bad, send them outside. Sometimes, schools will cancel classes because it’s unsafe to drive. But, that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to go outside and throw snowballs, build a snowman, or just play around.


You could even get in on the fun yourself if you’re up to it. Remember what it was like to make snow angels as a kid? What about building a snow fort and throwing snowballs? These are traditions you could pass onto your kids – take every opportunity you can get.


Of course, you might be tired. Sending the kids outside can give you the peace and quiet you need. Kids have a lot of energy. Even when it’s cold out, they can run around for hours. And, when they do come inside, they’re tired so they’re much more likely to be quiet and peaceful.


3. Have Them Watch Videos


Watching videos online is an unusual activity for a snow day, but it might be necessary if the weather is terrible. If you can find copyright-free videos online (i.e. on YouTube), you could have your children download them using a YouTube video converter.


That way, if the Internet service goes down, or if the power is out, your child can still watch them on a mobile device or something which is battery powered. Most devices these days can sustain on battery power for 7 or 8 hours, so your child will be able to entertain himself for most of the day. Failing that, you can always make sure that you have a batter pack extender or backup battery that doesn’t require electricity to charge the device. Remember to respect IP when using downloaded content.


GUEST BLOGGER: Steven Young is a grandfather of five. He enjoys sharing parenting tips with others by posting a various blogs.



Parent Approved “Iesodo” New Christian DVD Series

iesodo dvd covers

Meet Iesodo, (YAY-sa-doe) a highly acclaimed Telly and Accolade Award winning series featuring a cast of animated birds who live in a Cypress Tree on the shores of Galilee.

As soon as I saw the cover of the DVD for this series, I immediately thought of Rio! My kids loved that movie so I knew they would be interested in Iesodo. The movie has cutting edge imagery that is somewhat unexpected for a Christian DVD series. (If you’ve seen/heard of Gaither’s Pond, you’ll know what I mean…).

Iesodo, means “The way of Jesus”, and the name of cute white dove that is the star of the show. He is a wise and gentle bird that reminds me of a kind, old grandfather. What I like best about the series is the solid biblical teaching, which is what kids need more of these days!

With each and every story in the series, Iesodo and his cute feathered friends “present the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a winsome, compelling way” through music and adventure (


More Info:

iesodo the dove

Meet Iesodo (pronounced Yay-Sa-Doe), a wise dove whose name means “The Way of Jesus”! He and his lovable feathered friends live in the Holy Land in a beautiful Cypress Tree on the shores of a vast Lake (or as we know it, the Sea of Galilee). The birds are an unlikely group of friends, and though they have their differences, they have one thing in common: since they met Iesodo, their lives have never been the same!

I was definitely interested in this series after reading The Examiner’s Review of Iesodo. Definitely take a moment to read it if you haven’t seen it yet!

You can find more information about the series and the characters on their website You’ll also find fun stuff for the kids like printable bird masks, coloring pages and more in their Fun & Games section on the website.

I highly recommend these DVDs to any family, but especially those that find Christian values and morals to be important. You won’t have to “pre-screen” these!

Want it? Buy it! Get Iesodo DVDs on Amazon!

5 Reasons You Need To Watch BIRTH STORY, The Documentary

When you hear “pain free childbirth” you probably scoff. Well, you won’t after you watch BIRTH STORY, the most engaging documentary about birth you will ever see.

Ina May Gaskin

The feature-length documentary BIRTH STORY: INA MAY GASKIN & THE FARM MIDWIVES tells the story of counterculture heroine Ina May Gaskin and her spirited friends, who began delivering each other’s babies in 1970, on a caravan of hippie school buses, headed to a patch of rural Tennessee land. With Ina May as their leader, the women taught themselves midwifery from the ground up, and, with their families, founded an entirely communal, agricultural society called The Farm. They grew their own food, built their own houses, published their own books, and, as word of their social experiment spread, created a model of care for women and babies that changed a generation’s approach to childbirth.


I’ve always been extremely interested in natural birth, since I was 5 years old even, though I did not live in an area full of hippie midwives or anything of the sort. As a child playing with my baby dolls, I was more interested in replicating my idea of a midwife attended natural birth than I was simply changing their clothes or feeding them. It was a deep seeded interest that even my mother didn’t quite understand and none of us knew where it came from. Somehow I just “knew” that birth was a special and amazing process that could be beautiful.

When I first learned about Ina May Gaskin back when I became pregnant with my first child, I felt like I had finally found my birth idol! I was immediately entranced by her warm love towards the laboring woman, her care and concern for the mother’s emotional well being (as well as physical) and her attitude about the spiritual aspect of birth. I found it refreshing because the spiritual aspect of childbirth is something that is completely overlooked in today’s over-medicalized birth settings.

Once you watch this movie, you will feel empowered, inspired and amazed at how beautiful the birthing process can really be. Birth has been so corrupted in the United States and most women believe that birth is painful, horrible and a medical event that requires a full staff of doctors on-hand “just in case”. The medical profession meddling with the natural process of birth has actually created the epidemic of c-sections in this country and no one realizes it.

Nearly 1/3 of all babies in the US are born via c-section! What people don’t know is that this is the direct result of doctors intervening when everyone, including the laboring mother, should sit back and trust the human female body to do it’s job. We are powerful and our bodies know exactly what to do because we are designed to birth children. Our bodies are not broken. Our bodies do not need a doctor’s help to know what to do. As Ina May Gaskin always says, “Your body is not a lemon!”

There are graphic birth scenes within the movie for sure, including a breech birth that is just amazing. Most of us have heard that a c-section is absolutely necessary for a breech baby, so you will be in awe as you watch this woman push her foot-first baby into the world with ease.

Something I noted throughout the movie, was how amazingly calm and peaceful all the midwives were in every birth scene. Nothing at ALL like you see on stupid programs like TLC’s “A Baby Story” (which I highly caution you against watching if you are pregnant!).

But don’t be insulted or feel judged… If you already have children of your own, you come out of it with your OWN “birth story” which can be good or bad. Some of you may feel cheated and wish things had gone different, while some of you might be totally content with the way things went whether it was natural and drug-free birth or a planned c-section. Still, I think all of us know deep down inside that there is something missing from today’s traditional birth scene. That missing competent is self confidence.

The biggest thing you should take away from this movie is the fact that your body is not a badly made machine! If you overcome any and all fears of childbirth, you will absolutely improve your your entire pregnancy, labor and delivery. Just having a positive attitude, remaining calm and dismissing all your fears will empower you to have the childbirth experience that you dream of. It’s not a “roll of the dice” whether or not you have a good experience. I believe that your confidence in yourself and in your body directly correlates to your outcome.


  1. To learn more about the amazing history if midwifery in the US.
  2. To understand more about childbirth and how it can actually be an amazing experience!
  3. To empower you and educate you for your own future experiences (and so you can pass along the knowledge to others)
  4. To learn more about the most iconic midwife in history!
  5. To have a greater understanding of natural childbirth.


Watch the official trailer for the movie…

If your ovaries are fully functional, be careful because
you will immediately get baby fever after watching this movie!


PURCHASE: Click here to buy the DVD for $19.95 or click here to buy the digital download for $12.99.

I received a copy of the movie to view in order to conduct this review. 
All opinions are my own and I did not receive compensation for writing this post. 

Cabin Fever, Grilling and Camping Sales on One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Starting today, Monday, July 29th, One Kings Lane is featuring several great sales that will help your readers with all of their favorite summer activities. From grilling out to camping, One Kings Lane has a wonderfully curated selection of products that has something for everyone’s taste.

Here are a few things I’m loving from the Cabin Fever sale…

I absolutely LOVE One Kings Lane and purchased a number of things from them for My Living Room Makeover!

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Good Reads: Books To Read This Summer


Books We’re Reading This Summer

  1. The Art of Cake Pops: 75 Dangerously Delicious Designs
  2.’s Dining Out At Home Cookbook 2: More Recipes for the Most Delicious Dishes from America’s Most Popular Restaurants
  3. The No-Cook No-Bake Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes for When It’s Too Hot to Cook
  4. The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers
  5. Savory Bites From Your Cake Pop Maker: 75 Fun Snacks, Adorable Appetizers and Delicious Entrees

Now if I just had time to sit down and actually get through a whole book, I would be a happy, happy girl!

[Read more...]

Picture Perfect: Are TV families unrealistic?

It is often thought that TV families don’t really give an accurate portrayal of life in the world today. The image of the woman doing the washing up with her perfect little children as portrayed in many advertisements, bears little resemblance to the increasingly domestic role played by men or to the growing number of single parent families in contemporary society – but what about other presentations of families found on TV?

Brady Bunch



Women are used to juggling several roles with the term multi-tasking seeming almost tailor-made for the busy wife, mother and company director. Most women are well versed in IT skills and are adept at using BT Packages to maintain their busy schedules but does this image translate onto the programs they watch? Not from what I have seen.




Whilst a number of storylines enter into the fantastical, there is the odd occasion where soap operas manage to convey a more accurate depiction of family life. No longer are we greeted with images of perfect family units where kids and well behaved, father earns the money and mother keeps the home. Instead there are single parent families, teenage pregnancies and rebellious children not to mention working mothers, stay-at-home dads and homes were both parents are breadwinners.


Whilst not all of these depictions may be as positive as we’d like them to be, the truth is they’re at least accurate (for some people) and this proves that TV programs are expanding to cover a range of demographics and social setups in their storylines.




Depending on the premise of the program, dramas are perhaps the main area of TV viewing where realistic family depictions are absent; at least for the modern day. The trick here is to remember that dramas are not necessarily meant to imitate real-life; at least not in the same way as soap operas.


By their nature, these shows dramatize situations for entertainment value and that makes them more fictional. You’ll still find a strong sense of history or truth, especially for period dramas which hark back to a time passed, but this is usually intensified for visual effect.


Reality TV

Ironically, it is perhaps reality TV which is now the most false representation of real life. Whereas once fly-on-the-wall documentaries and candid camera footage gave us an insight into real families and real situations, nowadays you’re more like to find this sort of depiction in your average soap. Reality TV shows have been corrupted to make them more entertaining and this undermined the original purpose of the shows.


What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!



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