Fall 2015 Hair Trends & Popular Styles

fall 2015 hair styles

As Fall rolls around once again it’s the perfect time to embrace a new look and transform yourself into the person you have always wanted to be. This fall, we will be seeing a lot of cute asymmetrical bobs, pixie cuts and shoulder length styles as well as darker colours and warm-hued highlights. Making a big change […]

Say “Goodbye” To Bugs With Insect Shield Clothing

insect shield clothing

We moved out of city and out into the boondocks back woods of New Hampshire almost 5 years ago. So hard to believe it’s been that long! It took a little bit of adjusting to get used to the fact that a grocery store was now a 35 minute drive from our house rather than […]

Women and Weight Loss: How Hormones Can Help or Hinder Your Diet


When you look around, it seems like some women drop weight without even trying. In fact, some women can eat anything and still lose weight. But, not you. Why is that? In a word: hormones. Men and Women Differ Men and women are very different creatures, if you haven’t figured that out already! For starters, […]

14 Days of New & Improved Target Denim!

Target Denim Jeans 1

* This post is sponsored by Target. What could possibly be better than slipping into your favorite pair of jeans? Perhaps a soft, cuddly kitten to hold while you are wearing said jeans? Well forget the kitten for now and let’s talk about JEANS! I don’t know about you, but generally speaking, I’m not crazy […]

Empty Nesters and Retirees: Making the Decision to Downsize

Empty Nesters and Retirees Making the Decision to Downsize

Through one’s younger years, it’s expected and encouraged to ‘move up’ in life regarding bank accounts, responsibilities attached to a job, and the size of a home. However, upon retiring, the kids growing, and a lessening need for large space, a number of elder couples consider downsizing. Like most things, there are better ways to […]

Got A “Mom Belly”? Mother Tucker it!

mother tucker shorties

Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself when you were younger and wished you could look that great again? Sitting here, 3 kids later, I’m kinda loathing my post-partum body just a little bit. Obviously, our bodies don’t look quite the same after we have children. Most of us end up with stretch marks, […]

Why Children Deserve Comfortable Clothes

comfortable childrens clothes

One of the most important lessons children can learn is that it is okay wear comfortable clothes. Being able to play and be comfortable, to get dirty and enjoy it, is all part of childhood. Constricting clothing limits a child’s ability to have free range of motion for playtime activities. It inhibits the development of […]

Today’s Outfit: adidas Originals Gazelle OG Black Print Trainers


Have you been wondering why I don’t post my “Today’s Outfit” posts very often anymore? Well as you might recall, I had a baby a little over a year ago, which brings me up to a grand total of THREE children and I pretty much look like this everyday: Yup, I’m THAT mom. The one […]

Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

  Even though the easiest solution to a summer heatwave is to turn the A/C on full-blast, there are more economical ways to get your cool on. Service your A/C unit. If you do plan on running the A/C, have it services by a reputable company like Berkeley so that it runs at peak performance. […]

Party Like A Patriot This 4th of July!

party like a patriot

  4th of July by thehousewife featuring slip-on shoes from Payless Slip-on Flag Shoes Payless Crossbody Purse Payless Red & Blue Earrings amazon.com BP Scarf nordstrom.com Jamberry Nail Wraps jamberrynails.net Home Decor overstock.com American Peace overstock.com Colonail Star Jute Oval Welcome Mat overstock.com Men’s Party Like a Patriot Shirt tipsyelves.com Women’s Party Like a Patriot […]