The Smile On Your Face…

My husband frequently reminds me that the first thing he noticed about me when we met in person, was my smile…

I know, it’s so cliche’, right? I think I was proudly flashing my smile more than ever though because I had just gotten my braces taken off a few days before I met my husband in person for the first time. We met each other online over 10 years ago! After talking to each other on the phone and online through emails and instant messengers, for two months, we decided to meet in person. I remember putting it off and putting it off because I wanted to wait until my braces were removed! I did NOT like having braces or how it made me look, so I procrastinated planning our first meeting. As soon as those braces were gone though, it was a go!

My husband took this picture of me the first day we met…

June 2003 at Winnipesaukee

It was June of 2003 and I was working full time as an Assistant Manager at a campground on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We had the pleasure of being able to go boating and enjoy the lake on our first “date”.

I asked the hubs what else he noticed about me that made it “love at first sight” and he said, “Definitely your red hair! I have loved red hair since I saw my first red head in Elementary School. Most red heads have like orange hair, but your hair is deeper and darker and more… RED.” (said with emphasis!)

red hair

Upon further prodding my husband offered, “The other thing I noticed about you was your lips. They have this nice little curve… They’re yummy.”

Isn’t he just the sweetest? I remember not wanting to ‘dress to impress’ and wanting him to see me in my daily life, how I normally looked with no facades. Well, looking back at the pictures, WOW, I guess I really wasn’t trying…

Lake Winnipesaukee

That was my favorite shirt at the time and I still have it. I don’t know what I was thinking of wearing it with those pants though… At least I was wearing a swimsuit underneath it and those pants were more of a coverup than an outfit. We went swimming off the boat later that day with a few friends. Good memories…

At the end of the day, I think it must have been my personality that won me this amazing man! He’s the only person I have ever felt like I could totally be ‘myself’ with and never felt like I had to impress him, do anything special to get noticed or put on a facade. As soon as I met him, I knew we’d be together forever so our relationship was so much different than relationships nowadays. We never wondered if we were right for each other, we just knew. We never felt like we had to impress one another to earn love and respect. We were like best friends from the word ‘go’ and a deep, compassionate and eternal love grew from that.

My smile might have been the first thing he noticed about me, but our deep love and respect for each other is what has kept us together for over 10 years. I’m thankful that my smile got me noticed initially though! :-)

May 21, 2005 - Our Wedding


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LEGO DUPLO Playtime for The Fashionable Bambinos!

LEGO DUPLO knows the importance of playtime, and the special bonding moments that arise through play. So we were excited when we were asked to review some of Lego Duplo’s new products.

I have two children – a daughter who just turned 5 years old and a son who is 2 years old. They were eager to try out the “new toys” and the expressions on their faces when I opened the box was priceless…

We spent over an hour playing with LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes and two different LEGO DUPLO Read & Build play sets.

About the toys…

LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes

  • Build cakes, have a birthday party, serve the cakes to your parents on the pink lid that doubles as a tray

LEGO DUPLO Read & Build play sets

  • A new play experience for preschoolers that combines building bricks and a story book.
  • Interactive play experience, read the story as your child build along
  • Brings stories to life

Play is a timeless feature of human societies, and when combined with 21st century learning it provides children and adults with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings. Both me and my two kids really enjoyed the Read & Build sets. My 5 year old daughter was able to read the story and help her little brother build the animals from the book which was a great bonding experience for them.

The pictures in the book are simple enough for my two year old to look at and immediately build all by himself, which quite visibly gave him a thrill and a boost in his self esteem. It was a great activity they could do together that didn’t cause any fighting or jealousy as they were able to work with the toys together or apart. Through play, children explore and develop their multiple senses, which creates more brain synapses. This in turn contributes to a child’s overall intelligence. I feel that the Read & Build sets are built to do just that. I feel good about my kids playing with them and know they are learning AND having fun at the same time.

Here are a few shots from our fun playtime experience with the Read & Build Sets…

The Creative Cakes set was even more fun for them! More pieces and endless possibilities resulted in over an hour of happy playtime for both of them, together. It was also easy for me to play along with them which was a great bonding experience for all of us.

Here are some pics from our playtime with the Creative Cakes set…

Lego Duplo Creative Cakes set

Overall I was really happy with the Lego Duplo products and they will be our toys of choice when it’s time to play for a quite a while!

Readers of The Fashionable Housewife can enter for a chance to win $100 worth of LEGO DUPLO products! See details below!

How to Enter:

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Smart Moms Use Smartphones To Get Things Done!

Being The Fashionable Housewife isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be sometimes. I have to be “on call” constantly! Whether it’s taking business calls or reading emails on my smartphone from you, my lovely readers. I don’t know how I would get through a day without my phone!

It’s not all work, work, work though. I use my phone to take pictures of my kids and share them with family and friends on Facebook, to “check in” when I’m shopping at fun stores like Sears or TJ Maxx, and to text message my mom with ideas for my Christmas party.

I have an Android Smartphone and I love it. Yes, that’s my phone with a purple and silver jeweled case on it and a fancy Christmas tree wallpaper with falling snow. I’m cool and corny like that…. ;-)

I can check personal and business emails, text message clients and friends, take amazingly high quality pictures, HD videos of my kids dancing, update my Twitter status and my Facebook Page. And when I’m not on my phone, I can keep my kids occupied with smart apps like Kids ABC Letters, Kids Connect The Dots and Kids ABC Phonics by Intellijoy.

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Timberland Earthkeepers Rudston Boots Review

My favorite thing about Fall is getting to wear boots! I have so many beautiful pairs of boots in my closet but unfortunately I found that my feet got bigger after having my second child! So now I can’t wear most of my boots…. :-(

Lucky for me though, I got a new pair of knee length boots to review! The Timberland Earthkeepers™ Rudston Waterproof Pull-On Boots are the perfect go-to boots for Fall. They are made from premium full-grain waterproof leather and suede upper for rugged durability and feature a easy pull-on boot style with pull tabs.

These boots can easily go with jeans, pants, leggings, knee socks, bare legs, etc. Whatever if in your Fall wardrobe, these boots will look great with! I got mine in Golden Beige which I think will look great with just about everything.

Earthkeepers™ products represent Timberland’s environmental values in action which you have to appreciate. The printed 100% recycled PET mesh lining with a cute leaf print; the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles, surprisingly comfortable, breathable and environmentally conscious. ALSO, the rubber lug outsole is made of 15% recycled rubber that has great traction. What’s not to love?!


My only issue with the boots has been that the calf circumference is only 14 inches. These boots look GREAT on my mom who has super skinny little legs but on my athletic *ahem* calves, they don’t look as good. In fact, if you have bigger calves, these boots probably won’t work for you. My mom can easily wear thick jeans and tuck them into these boots and they look great. If I wear them with tights, the top of the boot is snug against my calf and it’s really not an attractive look on me…

They look awesome on my mom though…

Other Details:

    • Anti-fatigue, removable, leather-covered foot bed provides all-day comfort and support
    • Durable rubber lug outsole (15% recycled rubber) for maximum traction
    • Leather-Wrapped Heel Height: 65mm/2 1/2″
    • Shaft Height: 30cm/ 12″
    • Calf circumference: 14 inches
    • Sizes: 5.5-10, 11 [medium width and wide width]

PRICE: $200

Available in 7 colors: Artisan Gold, Dark Olive, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Black, Golden Beige, Copper.


Timberland® Go out and be you™ Click here to shop now!

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The Fashionable Housewife at the Glam Media Dinner

We loved being in NYC for Fashion Week last week! There were so many great things to take in from the shows, to the fashion week styles, to the great parties and dinners. One dinner in particular was loads of fun and a great way for us to chat with other bloggers, be it fashion bloggers, hairstyles bloggers and everything in between. This dinner was the Glam Media dinner held at Fred’s, Barney’s New York. We kabitzed, ate, drank and had a great time with likeminded and talented individuals. Want to see some of the sites of our swanky, candlelit dinner??

Will Ragozzino/

Will Ragozzino/

Will Ragozzino/

Will Ragozzino/

Will Ragozzino/

Will Ragozzino/