The Nautical Trend: Nursing Moms Edition

Nautical Trend for Nursing Mothers

Nautical Trend for Nursing Mothers by thehousewife featuring eBags and Caroline Hill Collection

I’m totally into the nautical trend right now and have invested in several ridiculously cute JoJo nursing tops and a nice navy stripe nursing dress to make nursing AND trendy a cinch.

I can pair just about any of it with my new Michael Kors Gold Marina Grab Bag from eBags. It’s classically nautical so no matter what you wear with it, you are going to look sea-side ready. I absolutely ADORE this bag! It’s classy, chic and perfect for Spring and Summer. I can’t wait to rock this bag all summer long!!!!



Be sure to check out to find this bag and many other designer handbags from big brands like Michael Kors, which is a super hot brand right now. I’m pretty sure Michael Kors is “the” it brand for 2014 because I’ve seen more MK bags on people than Coach bags for the past couple weeks. Luckily, eBags has a huge selection of MK bags at great prices. Be sure to check them out!

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5 Pregnancy Essentials You Need RIGHT NOW!

5 Pregnancy Essentials You Need RIGHT NOW!

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Me too!

Being that this is my third pregnancy, I feel pretty confident that I have a good grip on what is a pregnancy essential and what is not. I have found quite a few items to really make my life a whole lot easier while pregnant, so I compiled a list of the top 5 items you need RIGHT NOW so you can enjoy your pregnancy just a little bit more.


kevel zipper ties1. Kevel Mommy Fly Tie

Kevel Mommy Fly Ties are the perfect money-saver (especially if you don’t gain a ton of weight during your pregnancy) because they allow you to wear all your favorite pairs of jeans instead of springing for elastic waist maternity jeans. These fly ties work by attaching the rubber tag to the button, then looping the bands through the zipper and then through the button-hole. Makes any jeans “fit” even though your belly is growing!

Kevel Mommy Fly Ties come in 3 waist-expanding sizes that allow you to rock your favorite skinny jeans throughout your entire pregnancy.

Price: $16.99 with six per pack.

Buy It: Nordstorm, Duane Reade and Buy Buy Baby.

For more information, visit


black belly band2. Belly Armor Belly Band

The Belly Armor Radiashield Maternity Belly Band is definite must for all moms-to-be that spend a lot of time at the computer or using their cell phone. The Belly Armor’s Belly Band provides a comfortable, full coverage support you need with a little added protective benefit. Belly Armor’s belly band is lined with the their patented RadiaShield technology that prevents you and your baby from everyday radiation from cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. So not only do you get the coverage and support you want from a belly band, you are protecting you and your baby from harm too!

In May of 2011 the WHO reclassified Cell Phone Radiation in the same potentially carcinogenic category as chloroform, engine exhaust, and lead. From France to China to San Francisco, governments worldwide are taking the emerging evidence of public health risks from everyday radiation seriously. For additional information and important facts on radiation today, check out Belly Armor’s website.

Price: $59.99

Buy It:, and

For more information, visit


nursing cover3. DRIA Nursing Cover & Maternity Top

Not JUST a nursing cover, this fashionable poncho fits like a modern jersey style t-shirt and adds style to any outfit. You can wear it as maternity top, then after baby is born use it as a breastfeeding cover up. It also doubles as a stroller cover and a car seat cover, making this a versatile and very useful piece. Long after nursing is over and baby is grown, you can continue to wear this poncho as a beach cover up with flip flops or on the weekends with leggings and tall boots. Hands down one of the most fashionable nursing covers I’ve ever seen!

Price: $79

Buy It: or

Fore more information, visit


pregnancy yoga4. Healthy Fit Happy Mom Prenatal Exercise Routines

The Healthy Fit Happy Mom Prenatal Exercise Routines are targeted to strengthen and tone your body, helping to prepare it for labor and childbirth. If you’ve been pregnant before, you’ll know how important it is to exercise, eat well and stay healthy while pregnant. Not just four baby but for your growing baby, but for your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

“Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 1″ has three workouts, one for each trimester, with simple healthy tips as well as yummy recipes to help nourish you and your baby’s body. All of the exercises on the DVD use just your body-weight, so you won’t have to buy any fancy equipment. Just put on your comfy clothes, grab a bottle of water and get moving!

Price: $6.95 for DVD 1 or $14.95 for the 3 disc set.

Buy It:

For more information, visit


sea band mama5. Sea-Band Wrist Bands for Nausea Relief

Thank goodness for Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristbands or I wouldn’t have made it through the first trimester of my pregnancy! I had pretty bad morning sickness this time around and was actually surprised by how much these wristbands helped.

Price: $6.49 – $12.50

Buy It:,, and in stores like Walmart.

For more information, visit


Disclaimer: Some of the products in this article were provided to us free of charge for the purpose of product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Covering Up While Breastfeeding – Yay or Nay?

The subject of breastfeeding in public has been coming up on my Facebook newsfeed an awful lot lately and the debate it getting hot! Being a mom of two that breastfed, I certainly have my own opinions but I’m wondering what you ladies think…


(Image Source: and )

I breastfed my two babies till they were over almost two (although of course nursing after 12+ months was usually only at night so never had to take place out in public) and I would never just whip my boob out in front of people and put on a show. Yes I nursed in restaurants, stores, malls, themeparks, etc and I did not go to a bathroom to do it. But guess what, nobody ever saw my boob except my baby and I didn’t use a cover or a blanket 90% of the time!!!!!!!

If you wear nursing tops or a loose shirt on top of a nursing tank, it’s very easy to nurse a baby discreetly and modestly. I’ve only been asked to cover up ONCE and it was from someone who thought it was inappropriate for me to nurse my infant in front of her 3 year old son… WHY? I don’t know!!! Considering at no time was my breast actually exposed or showing and considering that child had been breastfed up until less than a year earlier, I can only conclude that it was just that person’s “mood” that day. In my opinion we should teach our children that breastfeeding is NORMAL and GOOD and that’s what boobs are FOR! But that’s another issue entirely… Besides that one time, I’ve never had anyone ask me to “cover up”, go elsewhere or give me dirty looks, even on an airplane. Why? Because no one could tell what I was doing! Just looked like I was holding a sleeping baby.

Do I think people should be offended by women breastfeeding? NO.

Do I think women should be intimidated into nursing in bathrooms or worse, not at all? NO.

Should people be offended or irritated by seeing a boob in public? Well…. people don’t seem to mind all the boobs on store ads or walking down the street in a low-cut cleavage-enhancing top, so why be bothered by seeing a hint of one that is half in a baby’s mouth?! Double standard here. If we are going to demand modesty of nursing mothers than we should go into every Victoria’s Secret store and complain about their ads in the windows too. Right?

In short… Babies have to eat, that’s what God MADE boobs for and you see a LOT more boob-age walking by a Victoria’s Secret in the mall or looking at just about any swimsuit on the beach, then you see when a mother is nursing her baby. Facebook is notorious for having a double standard here where extremely offensive and practically pornographic pictures are strewn all over facebook, but God forbid if a mother posts a picture of herself nursing her newborn. All hell breaks loose!

From what I’ve seen, mother’s nursing babies are a lot more “considerate of others” and have more “manners” than most women walking down the street in skimpy clothing or wearing a swimsuit at the pool. Nursing mother’s aren’t purposely trying to expose themselves (99% of the time unless they are trying to make a point…) however most women these days (esp young ones) look to expose themselves whenever they can and no one bats an eyelash about that it seems. Why are we holding nursing mother’s to a different standard than the rest of the female population that expose themselves for sexual purposes rather than utilitarian purposes? Severely overweight people dressing super skimpy and completely immodestly in public…? To me, that’s rude and inconsiderate of others!!! New mom trying to get the hang of nursing showing a lot less boob than can be seen in a Victoria’s Secret ad? Not so much.

Am I going to go participate in a public “nurse-in” to make a point? Of course not, because that’s just stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Am I going to whip my boob out and leave it on the table in a restaurant for everyone to look at in the name of “I’m nursing so you shouldn’t be offended by this here boob!” hahaha NO!!!!!!!!!!! But I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist about mom’s nursing their babies in public without a cover. Of course there is a big difference between “not covering up on purpose” and leaving your entire boob out of a shirt for everyone to look at JUST to make a point (which honestly I have NEVER seen any nursing mother do, only heard about it) and just being a normal mom just feeding your baby.

There are plenty of gorgeous, functional and easy to use nursing covers readily available these days. You can also find nursing clothes in just about any store now, including Target. It is easier than ever to breastfeed your baby in this day and age, so why is it still such a controversial subject?

In my experience, almost all moms are modest about breastfeeding in public and very, very few are looking to “make a point” and be non-discreet.

Most of the time when you hear stories about women being asked to nurse elsewhere, (like that story of the woman on the American Airlines flight) it’s NOT because they aren’t being modest!!!! It’s because some people have hangups about it and don’t “get” that breastfeeding is what boobs are intended for and are hell-bent on making nursing mother’s uncomfortable so they won’t nurse in public at all.

Be modest? Yes of course. Be afraid to breastfeed out in public because one lone idiot might be offended by the act? Not so much.

I think the main thing to remember here, which my good friend and nursing mother of TWINS, so kindly pointed out – “HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!” Obviously some people are going to be offended just “thinking” about it, even if you have a giant blanket covering you and nothing is showing. If you can avoid offending people, do so, because why cause unnecessary conflict? But on the flip side, don’t rule out breastfeeding all together just because someone might take offense to it. Like my friend suggested… just use common sense.

What are your thoughts on the subject, ladies? Are you offended by seeing women breastfeeding in public? Do you think women should cover up while nursing?


Reader Question: Dukan Diet while Breastfeeding

I got an email a few weeks ago from a reader that just had TWINS who is dying to get back into shape. She had an emergency c-section and has been absolutely exhausted learning how to navigate the world of mothering twin babies. She’s ready to start working on losing the baby weight though and asked our advice about the safety of doing The Dukan Diet while breastfeeding and nursing.

Singer Jennifer Lopez and model Giselle Bundchen are reported to have lost all of their post-pregnancy pounds on The Dukan Diet so we know you can do it too!

dukan diet while nursing

Photo Source:

However much weight you have put on during your pregnancy, the first thing you have to understand is that YOU CAN LOSE THE WEIGHT! I know it probably seems like an impossible feat, but I know you can do it. I can tell you honestly that it took me almost 2 years after the birth of my second child before I was sick and tired of the extra 35+ pounds I was carrying around and decided to finally do something about it. I kept telling myself that it would be too hard, that it was too much work, but it’s a LIE we tell ourselves when we are afraid of failure. You CAN do this!

I waited till I was almost finished nursing my son before I started The Dukan Diet, but you don’t have to. My son was weaning himself and we were only night-time comfort nursing so I was not concerned about the diet affecting the quality of my milk. He really didn’t need it anymore! (Note: We successfully nursed for 25 months.)

It is not advised to follow a super strict diet while nursing because it will affect the newborn baby’s nutrition. If you are nursing and your baby is less than 3 months old, start dieting slowly and carefully to make sure you do not decrease your milk supply. We put the utmost importance on baby’s nutrition!

Eat as if you were simply managing your weight during a normal pregnancy. Think of it more as “Eating Healthy” instead of dieting. If you have the book “The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever” skip to page 134 for a brief outline of dieting while nursing or breastfeeding.

The book recommends that you follow the Consolidation Phase with the following adjustments…

  • Have 2 portions of fruit per day instead of 1.
  • Using 1 percent fat milk and milk products instead of nonfat ones.
  • Skip protein Thursdays

If you don’t have the book, here is a general idea of what your menu should look like:

dukan diet for nursing mothers

Click here to download the PDF printable version of the Dukan Diet Guide for Nursing Mothers

When you are finished breastfeeding, if you still have more than 10 lbs to lose, just start The Dukan Diet at Phase 1 and follow it to a T until you reach your goal weight.

Keep in mind, that you might not want to aim for a goal weight of exactly what you weighed before having children. Dukan says the average weight increase is about 2 pounds for every 10 years on your age, above 20 years old. Plus add 4 1/2 pounds for EACH child. So a woman who weighs 110 pounds at age 20, should weigh around 120 at age 25 including the 9 pounds she gained from two pregnancies. (Source: The Dukan Diet Book)

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a doctor or a nutritionist! I am a fashion writer! Consult your doctor, midwife or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns!

Mamatini – The Drink for Breastfeeding Moms That Helps Increase Milk Supply

If you are a mom or a mom-to-be you’re going to want to read this post!

With my first child, I had a really bad experience with breastfeeding. I persevered for 17 months, but ultimately I had to stop due to many factors including low milk supply, plugged ducts, a lot of pain due to poor latch and a couple run-ins with Mastitis to name a few. When I became pregnant with my second, I was terrified I was going to have a horrible experience nursing again. I wasn’t going to give up though…

I was pretty excited when Mamatini contacted me a couple months before my due date and asked me to review their organic herbal tea that promised to increase milk supply. A low milk supply was one of the biggest problems I had last time around, so I was really excited to try Mamatini.

Mamatini™ is an all-natural, organic herbal infusion that was created with your specific needs in mind. You realize that breastfeeding your baby is the best way to ensure that your child receives the most perfect nutrition and immunity-building proteins during his or her first year of life. You know that the experience of breastfeeding will bond you and your baby more than anything else you will do together. Mamatini will help you breastfeed better by boosting milk supply, increasing your energy and increasing your ability to absorb and retain critical nutrients your body is using to produce milk for your baby.

Mamatini was created by a pediatrician to help mothers like you breastfeed better, easier, and for longer. So drink to your baby’s good health, and Drink Mamatini™!

Their proprietary formula:

  • Is pediatrician designed and approved
  • Contains herbs used for centuries to increase milk supply
  • Helps your body absorb and retain vitamins and minerals depleted during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Can help relieve baby’s colic symptoms
  • Provides the energy you need for motherhood
  • Tastes delicious! Try our all-natural and refreshing lemon flavor made with organic ginger.

I drank my first bottle of Mamatini while I was in labor and my second bottle within 3 hours of giving birth. It was one of the first things I could stomach after my intense and rapid labor and delivery. (4 hours of labor and 2 pushes!) I labored and gave birth at home, in a birthing tub with no medication or drugs. It was a beautiful experience being at home where I was comfortable and with my family. And it was wonderful to have my hubby bring me a nice cold bottle of Mamatini as I laid in our king size bed with our new little muffin. :-)

I love the flavor – ginger lemon. It’s a very mild tea-like flavor that you’ll adore. It tastes so refreshing ice cold!

Anyone with breastfeeding experience knows it usually takes 36-48 hours for your milk to “come in” after giving birth. My milk came in within 24 hours after drinking 3 bottles of Mamatini, which really surprised and delighted me!

It took me about a week to drink the entire case (12 bottles) of Mamatini. I noticed a plentiful supply of breastmilk which made nursing my new baby a completely different experience. He was able to latch on really well and I was able to relax because I knew he was getting nourished. His birth weight was 8.5lbs and he went right back to his birth weight within 4 days of being born and has been gaining a pound a week since then.

Mamatini made a huge difference in my new baby too. He didn’t have any symptoms of colic at all and slept peacefully and for several hours at a time from day one. Just a completely different experience from my first child and I attribute a lot of it to Mamatini.

I believe that Mamatini helped me so much, that I purchased an entire case of it as soon as I finished the first case I was sent to review. I didn’t want to go one day without it!

Mamatini was on backorder for several months and I was unable to order more. I’ll tell ya, I definitely noticed my milk supply decrease and my normally content and peaceful baby was suddenly getting fussy, had occasional indigestion and wasn’t sleeping quite as well anymore. To me, that was proof that Mamatini is absolutely essential and worth every penny….

I was so glad when Mamatini was finally back in stock and I could get more! Hallelujah!!!!

Buy Mamatini™ >>>

Review: Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bustier

With a twelve-week-old baby, it’s a little early for me to make sweeping pronouncements re: my parenting style, but one thing I’m sure about.  I’m a Minimalist Mama, which– generally speaking — means I avoid snatching up every piece of baby gear that floats my way.  My anti-clutter-and-consumerism approach usually works out, but I’ve quickly learned that some baby products just make life easier.

So I was intrigued when Simple Wishes asked me to review their hands-free breastpumping bustier.  Here’s the description and check out the photo for the skinny on how the “hands-free” part happens:

Simple Wishes is the versatile, practical and essential breastpump accessory that allows busy moms to take a few extra moments to focus on the many things that consume their day. Whether it is a couple minutes to check email, get ready, or even just take a moment to relax, Simple Wishes is functional, comfortable and affordable enough to become your new nursing must have!

A few extra moments?  Sounds like GOLD.  But does Simple Wishes really make a difference?  Well– largely –yes, with a couple of caveats.

The Pros:

  • As promised, it’s given me extra time. I have happily pumped hands-free for half an hour while wearing the bustier, using that time to catch up on my thank you notes.  Once I get to the bottom of my thank you list, I would love to use that half hour to catch up on my trashy reading; Sookie Stackhouse is waiting, after all.
  • It comes in two generous sizes (XS/S/M and L/XL/XXL), which makes the thorny issue of postpartum sizing less complicated.  As your size changes, the bustier easily adjusts with you– as much as 10 inches around the ribcage.
  • It’s pretty modest. So if someone walked in on you pumping, you wouldn’t be that embarrassed (especially considering that delivering your baby probably lowered your modesty threshold quite a bit).

The Less-than-Pro (They’re not significant enough to be actual Cons):

  • It looks a bit intimidating.  In order to achieve its sizing wizardry, the bustier is equipped with a detachable velcro insert and a zipper panel as well as optional straps.  While this allows for great fit flexibility, it’s a bit confusing at first.  Once you’ve got the bustier fitted to you, though, it’s pretty easy to use.
  • The bustier didn’t feel particularly supportive.  Yes, it was sufficient while I pumped, but I couldn’t wear it all day in place of my regular bra.  Of course, if you could just wear it around, pumping would be even easier, and that might work for ladies with smaller bosoms.  But who’s got small bosoms when they’re nursing?

All in all, though, I would recommend this to anyone who pumps a few times a week, and if you’re hoping to increase your pumping regimen, this might be the tool that helps you get there. At $39.00, it’s a reasonable purchase and well worth the extra minutes.

Visit to learn more and purchase.

Fashionable Media Review Policy:  The featured product was provided to me, at no cost, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing and review.  Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by compensation, monetary or otherwise.

HELP! Desperately Seeking a Nursing Bra

Since my husband and I are expecting our first bambino next month, my life is full of changes.  Most of them are exciting, like creating a nursery for this little person we haven’t met yet.  Some of them are funny, like when the fraud department at my credit card company called and asked if I was really the person spending so much money at Wal-Mart and Babies R Us.  (My response?  “Yes, I know.  I miss Nordstrom, too.”)  But some of the upcoming changes are a little scary, and for me, breastfeeding falls in that category. 

I’m definitely planning to breastfeed, and I know it’s a natural process and women have been doing it for eons and blah, blah, blah.  But it’s intimidating!  For example, I only recently learned that newborns eat 8-10 times a day.  Seriously?  That’s more often than I check email.  

This woman looks very happy. She has obviously found a good nursing bra.

If I could just get a handle on the wardrobe issues, though, I’d feel much more confident about the whole thing.  Let’s face it: looking good while nursing is the El Dorado of motherhood.  I could go on all day about the limited variety and questionable style of most nursing clothes, but I don’t have the luxury of worrying about that because I have yet to find a suitable nursing bra.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that looking good starts with a great-fitting bra.  

Since I’m naturally “well-endowed”, I’ve been investing in well-made, supportive bras for as long as I can remember.  Wacoal and Chantelle work best for me, and although they cost a pretty penny, I don’t mind spending more for such crucial wardrobe items.  But now I’m fretting because my old stand-bys won’t work for nursing.  

Further complicating the issue is that—of course—my bust has gotten even bigger during the pregnancy.  Something I read said that this is a good sign biologically; it means your body is getting ready for the baby by making sure he can find his food source.  Well, I don’t think that will be a problem.  Helen Keller could find my bosoms these days.  

And now that a supportive bra is even more important than ever, I’m frustrated with the options I’m finding.  So I need HELP in a big way!  Any D or DD women out there who’ve found nursing bras they love?  I’ve heard that underwire styles can be problematic but can’t imagine going without it.  Has anyone found a brand that works? has many options, but I’m not familiar with the brands and have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!