Shoes 101

You asked for it, so here it is… A post, all about shoes!


Shoes with short, sturdy heels.


Shoes with little or no heel at all.

Ballerina shoes

Also called “Ballet Flats”. They mimic the appearance of ballet shoes or pointe shoes. They usually have a round toe and a small bow. You will also find that they are quite flexible and easy to walk in.

Medium height heels

Medium heel height shoes are usually between 2″ and 3″. Anything shorter is referred to as a “kitten” heel and have less than 2 inches of height. Anything higher is usually 3″+ inches of height and is referred to as a stiletto.

High heels

High heels are usually found in the form of “pumps” or stilettos, but can be found on almost any type of shoe. They generally have a heel height of 3″ inches or more.

Stiletto heels

A fancy shoe usually for evening or dancing. Long spike heels usually 3″ or more inches tall.

Open-toed shoes

The most common type of summer shoe. Heel height does not matter with this type of shoe. Can be found on anything from a pair of flats all the way up to stilettos.

Peep-toed shoes

A small cut out in the toe area to allow visibility of just the big and second toe.


A ‘pump’ can mean many different types of shoe depending on the person using the word and where they are located. The most common usage of the word ‘pump’ refers to a shoe with a high heel and a pointed toe.

d’Orsay Pump

Similar to a pump, ommiting the middle section, attaching itself to the foot by only the front and back portions essential.


A pump or sandal with a strap across the back of the ankle to hold the shoe in place.

Mary Janes

Usually a flat shoe. Characteristics include a cross over strap, round toe, and simple design. Most important is the strap the crosses straight across the arch of the foot.


A casual sandal, with a canvas top and a rope sole


Similar to espadrilles, but without the canvas top and rope sole. Bottom sole is flat. Heel height can range from 1″ to 4″.


A backless and often pointed-toed shoe.


They are often made out of leather, but some clogs keep the bottom part out of wood. All-rubber clogs are often worn while gardening, because they can be easily hosed off and allowed to air-dry. Some clogs come with heels, and are usually distinguished from mules by their higher vamp. It is commonly accepted that men and women can wear low-heeled or high-heeled clogs.

Platform shoes

Shoes with very thick soles and heels, mainly worn by women in the U.S. Seen on sandals, flip flops, sneakers, high heels (as pictured), and more.


Usually a flat shoe, but can have a high heel in some cases. Easy to slip on and off. No real support or anything to hold foot in place. Common among summer sandals.

Saddle shoe

Leather shoe with a contrasting saddle-shaped band over the instep, typically white uppers with black “saddle”


A dress or casual shoe without laces; often with tassels, buckles, or coin-holders (penny loafers)

Flip Flops

A casual summer shoe with a “thong” strap. Popular among men and women of all ages.

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