Strapless Bras

A reader asked me last week:

“I have been just dying to ask this; and your halter top reminded me. How on earth do you manage to wear a halter with a bra? I can’t do it, no matter what style bra I try, strapless ones are too high in the back and show, and of course the regular strapped ones show, and I can’t even FIND a bra with the adjustable straps…and going without is NOT an option, not after two kids! “The Girls” aren’t as perky as they used to be. I love the halter style, but until/unless I find a comfortable support for under one, I can’t wear them *wail*.”

I usually manage to wear a strapless bra with most of my halters. If I can’t, I either don’t wear a bra at all and use a nipple patch OR I wear a halter with a built in shelf bra.

There really is no easy solution for this problem. However, there are products you can try such as stick on bras that will give you support, but are virtually invisible. You can also try Victoria’s Secret. They make several “Hidden Solutions“. If you really want to wear halter tops, I suggest you save up and invest in a really good bra!

This bra here (shown in picture) is the Infinity Edge™ convertible push-up bra. Now in seamless satin with Infinity Edge™ technology – our latest discovery – for a virtually invisible look under close-fitting tops. Underwire silhouette with revolutionary Gel-Curve™ shaping plus removable extreme cleavage pads. Accessorize with three interchangeable bra straps: regular, clear and a low-back halter strap to wear beneath backless dresses. Wear it as a halter. A two-strap. Racerback or backless. Adjustable straps and back closure. It’s not cheap at $49.50, but if it does the trick, it will be well worth it for you!!

You could also consider a self-adhesive silicone bra. I have one and it’s fantastic!! I have very small breasts though, so I don’t know how well it would work for those of you that are blessed and actually have something to hold up! You can purchase a self-adhesive silicone bra from Victoria’s Secret for $68 or perhaps find something more affordable on eBay.

I hope that helps!! Let me know if you have any more questions and sorry it took me so long to answer that one!!

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Surplice Wrap Dress

I was bopping around on when I spotted this amazing wrap dress, ON SALE!!

Surplice wrap dress in a multicolored slim stripe pattern with solid trim all around and a twill belt that ties around the waist. More twill on shoulder straps and trimming the dress under the arms; subtle gathers at shoulder; raw edges all over.

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Nautical Shirts

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Vintage Turquoise Dress

Sweet and long turquoise green dress with an empire waist that ties in the front or back.

The materials gathers at the collar, giving the top a pleated look. Sleevless. Flowing skirt.

Size: Medium

Length: 56″

Waist: 32″

Hips: Open”

Bust: 38″

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If it was a small, I’d buy it! It’s sooo pretty!! Someone please take advantage of this gorgeous little dress! It’s only $16 so you can’t go wrong!