5 Must-Haves For Vacationing With A Baby

5 Must-Haves For Vacationing With A Baby

That’s me with my first child, who just turned 7 years old a couple weeks ago. My, how time flies! This picture was taken in Naples, FL and it was our first vacation as a family of 3. Fast forward 7 years, add two more kids and now I definitely know what things I can’t [...]

Today’s Outfit: Linge Ballet Shoes


That’s my 7 year old daughter wearing her new Linge Fuschia Ballet Shoes. Linge Shoes has created a comfortable, high quality, brightly colored ballet shoe for every occasion. Linge means, “the line presented by the dancer’s body” in italian ballet. By combining the classic line of the traditional ballet slipper with bright, stylish colors; lingeshoes [...]

Because Sometimes You Can’t DIY…

DIY disaster

We’ve all done it. We’ve scrolled through photos and articles about Kitchen Remodels and other home makeovers on Pinterest and here at BlogHer and thought “I bet I could do that.” Here’s a tip: don’t.  At least don’t try to go it alone—especially if you don’t have any contracting or construction experience yourself! Doing minor [...]

Do All Your Back To School Shopping at Moxie Jean!

moxiejean screenshot

* This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Moxie Jean. The opinions and text are all mine. I’m excited to introduce you to MoxieJean! Moxie Jean is a fabulous upscale resale site that focuses on baby and kid clothes. It’s the perfect site for busy moms who want to buy and [...]

Choose the Right Mattress for a Better Night’s Sleep


As the science of sleep gains more and more traction in the research communities, the non-scientists among us are also taking notice. Sleep is an integral part of our physical and mental health, yet almost half of American adults say that they aren’t getting enough of it. Could the answer be as simple as the [...]

How to Protect Your Child’s Hearing in a Noisy World

protect childs hearing

The modern world seems to be increasingly full of threats to children. From seemingly mundane crib recalls to the horrors of violence in schools, parents must work to protect their kids from dangers that were unheard of just a generation ago. Hearing is yet one more vulnerability that until recent times faced little peril, but [...]

Safety And Comfort with Diono Radian RXT


When I first started searching for the mother of all carseats, I asked everyone from friends and family to people on facebook and forums. Diono was repeatedly brought up as the best car seat around. So obviously, I was delighted when Diono was generous enough to let me and my newborn try out their latest [...]

Top 5 Heating Systems for Your Home and Which One You Should Choose

top 5 heating systems

With the long list of things to think about when designing a new home or renovating an older one, heating is one of the considerations that can often be overlooked. However, even if it’s the middle of summer and the last thing on your mind is increasing the temperature, it’s important to factor in heating [...]

Wearing: Baby in a Wrapsody Breeze Wrap

wrapsody hope rainbow tie dye wrap

Meet Hope, my newest best friend. She goes everywhere with us, almost everday. She’s there for us when we’re active and moving. She’s there for us when we’re tired and sleepy. She’s dependable, consistent and most of all, she’s pretty. I get more compliments on this gorgeous wrap than any other baby carrier I own. [...]

Teaching Kids Mountain Biking: Advice From Highly-Experienced Parents


   Image Source: bmorebikes.com Kids are resilient, but when it comes to extreme sports, you have to prepare them, though they lack zero excitement and courage. Mountain biking is exhilarating and offers plenty of exercise, but not all kids are born to ride; rather, you must prepare them using the following tips.   Physical Prep [...]