Beauty from the Kitchen Pantry

The Housewife’s helpful post about the many unexpected uses of coconut oil got me thinking of my never-fail beauty remedy– one that also comes from the kitchen. Behold:

olive oil

That’s right; olive oil. I first started incorporating it into my beauty routine back in the late 90s, when it was THE food ingredient of the moment. (Remember when you couldn’t go into any restaurant without getting that saucer of olive oil for dipping? You know, I really prefer butter with my bread. But talk about first world problems, so enough about that…)

At that particular point in history, I was living in NYC. I was very young, so my skin didn’t need much help. And since I had no money to spare, that was a lucky thing. Still, the vagaries of an urban, Northeastern climate (after a childhood spent in Southeastern humidity) left me grappling with a dried-out complexion. On advice (probably from some book called something like Live Like a Mediterranean Woman- I will forever and always be a sucker for such books), I began using olive oil as a moisturizer- even on my face!

Now, please remember that beauty routines are specific and idiosyncratic, so I’m not recommending mine to anyone or claiming that it will work for you. But speaking only about my personal experience, I will say that during the period that I was only moisturizing with olive oil, I got constant compliments on my skin. My aforementioned youth might have had something to do with it, and I can’t discount the lucky break I got from my still-glamorous-at-80 grandmother’s genes. Even so, I swear by the olive oil!

Over the next several years, I tried dozens of moisturizers in a variety of price ranges. Many of the “celebrity” skin care lines failed to deliver celebrity results (the one big exception being Creme de la Mer; if you are willing to drop the cash, I believe the original cream is worth it).

Now that I’m the mama to an active toddler, too many things are vying for my resources, and I rarely treat myself to expensive beauty products. Instead I depend on Cetaphil, lots of water, and as much exercise and healthy eating as I can manage. And when I need that extra boost, I exfoliate and then moisturize with a thin layer of olive oil.

I’d love to hear your “kitchen pantry” beauty tricks. How are you finessing Mother Nature’s finest to look your best?

Photo by Lucie Amberg.

Winner of The Children’s Place Gift Card Contest!

A big thank you to our wonderful readers– everyone who commented on this post and all those who voted for us as one of Circle of Moms Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms, where we were designated one of the Most Influential sites!

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I am particularly partial to The Children’s Place Valentine offerings– some for as little as $3.99. At those prices, you can dress up your little sweetheart with abandon!

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Hästens Floor Model Sale

So California readers, are you kicking around any resolutions for 2013? How about “get better sleep”? Way better than “organize my garage,” right? Well, why not head over to the Hästens’ annual showroom sale for a slice of Swedish-perfected sleep at unbelievable prices?

You aren’t dreaming (at least not yet)! Hästens’ annual floor model sale begins December 27th. Hästens is offering their showroom beds; and offering existing ones for extraordinary prices. Hästens makes beds like no other ­ by hand in Sweden, using pure natural materials.

In a Hästens bed:
*you fall asleep faster with a higher quality of sleep.
*you add years to your life, 8 hours at a time.

@ The Following locations:

Beverly Hills
8827 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Santa Barbara
909 De La Vina Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

San Jose
300 Santana Row, Suite #2005
San Jose, CA 95128

At Hästens, our passion is sleep. It is our mission to change the world through sleep. So, to deliver the best sleep to the world, we create the Best Bed. And as Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, we’ve been perfecting it since 1852.
The vision of giving the world the best sleep, and therefore the best bed, allows for no shortcuts. We use only the finest natural materials in our beds. Sustainably resourced horsehair, cotton, wool, flax, Swedish pine and steel provide the ultimate in comfort, support, quality and durability. For our efforts in environmental sustainability, Hästens is exclusive among bed manufacturers by being the very first to have our beds awarded Swedish Swan environmental certification.
It is because of our natural materials that Hästens beds can offer deeper, natural sleep. Sleep in a Hästens is more restorative and rejuvenating. It brings you natural energy, an improved mood and a more youthful appearance, each night and every day. The benefits of sleep extend into your improved life through greater health and happiness.
After 160 years, Hästens continues to maintain distinction in the industry through focus on quality craftsmanship, natural materials and exquisite design.
This is Sleep.

Top Thanksgiving Conversation Starters, Courtesy of The Skimm

So it’s almost Thanksgiving, and you’re almost ready. Your turkey’s brining à la Alton Brown; your tablescape would make Martha proud. You’ve even managed to come up with a great outfit.

But with all that cooking, cleaning, and decorating, you’re kind of clueless as to what’s been going on in the world. And this is a problem— not only because sparkling banter is a hallmark of a great meal but also because without other news to discuss, there’s the very real danger that politics will seep into any conversational void. Then before long someone’s yelling, someone’s crying, and poor Granddaddy is brandishing the wishbone like a shiv. Worst of all: everyone’s forgotten about the fabulous feast you killed yourself preparing, the one you bought allspice (seriously, allspice!) for.

Never fear. The always-up-to-date ladies of theSkimm have put together a primer on current events. If you’re not familiar, theSkimm brings you all the news you need to know in a delicious little nutshell. For me, it’s a lifesaver whenever I encounter an adult homo sapien and want to sound informed on topics other than the pros and cons of potty training techniques.

So here’s a few trinkets to keep you fashionably informed:

What to say while watching the parade… Is it wrong if Snoopy just doesn’t do it for me anymore? When’s football on? It’s not an American holiday without some pigskin. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition for the Detroit Lions to be crushed, and this year they play the big bad Houston Texans. I’m just hoping to fight off the tryptophan long enough to catch the Washington Redskin’s exciting rookie RGIII colonize the Cowboys. Maybe I’ll even have room for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who take on the NY Jets. How can you do a proper touchdown dance after all that Turkey? Gobble, gobble, jiggle, jiggle.

What to say after you give thanks… I demand to lead it next time! The Church of England voted against letting women become bishops, which guarantees some members to be up in arms and is a reminder that the Church is stuck somewhere between the Queen and her corgis and topless Kate Middleton on vacation.

What to say when your button pops off… I haven’t been this full since I OD’d on Twinkies in middle school. Man, those were the days, when the Wonder Bread was free-flowing. Now Hostess’s website says it all: “Hostess Brands is Closed,” after failing to reach an agreement with union reps which would prevent liquidation and save 18,000 jobs. Hostess will return to bankruptcy court today to argue for liquidation and selling off its assets. At least it didn’t happen on Christmas when Ho Ho jokes would be distasteful.

What to say when you think your family is insane… How the hell am I going to survive? At least, I’m not alone.

And what to do when you need more stuff to talk about…

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Who Are theSkimms?

We are two women in their 20s who hail from New York and Chicago. Our startup romance is one for the books — we met on a rainy day in Rome while we were both studying abroad in college. We bonded over a mutual love of fried artichokes. What we didn’t know as we struggled to order in Italian, was that we’d reconnect years later working in our own country’s capital. By that point, we had become professional storytellers, as producers for NBC News- working in breaking news, political news, and documentaries. We clicked as colleagues and as friends and it didn’t take long for theSkimm to take form.

In our spare time (which is rare) we can be found spooking each other with Law & Order: SVU marathons and trying to scheme our way into a free Equinox membership.

For two girls who grew up more Morning Glory than The Social Network, it took a lot of guts, and white wine, for us to make theSkimm a reality. We see ourselves as a part of a generation where women are out-earning men in paychecks and degrees. We’ve grabbed our seats at the table, now it’s time to Skimm to the head.

Classic California Style @ Serafina- Part 2

When I met up with Corina Madilian, the owner of transcendent boutique Serafina, I wanted a refresher on how a wardrobe of classics can carry me through seasonal style swings. Since Serafina is known for effortlessly blending the timeless with the trendy, it seemed like the perfect place to start. Well, our conversation was so fun that it simply couldn’t be squeezed into a single post! If you missed the first installment, definitely check it out for Corina’s thoughts on style icons, closet staples, and even mom jeans. And here’s part deux:

TFH: So speaking of things busy moms don’t feel like they have time for: makeup. Carla Bruni famously said that after 30, women shouldn’t even wear it. What do you think?
CM: It’s not about wearing no makeup but doing less. By the time we’re in our thirties, we’ve learned how to work with our so-called flaws, so you don’t have to worry as much about covering things or altering things.

Serafina in San Marino, CA

TFH: You’ve said a lot about value, doing more with less, holding onto items across several seasons. But what’s one fashion splurge that’s always worth it?
CM: Definitely a handbag. Something timeless, not trendy, in a classic color like black, caramel, red, or navy. Forego the “it bag” of the season, and get something you can carry for a very long time.

Agreed! A fabulous handbag is always worth a little splurge!

TFH: And now some fun ones! Do you like heels or flats?
CM: Both!

TFH: Pearls or diamonds?
CM: Always diamonds.

TFH: Gold or platinum?
CM: Right now, gold.

TFH: Patterns or solids?
CM: Solids.

Many thanks to Corina for such a refreshing talk, and for more inspiration, be sure to check out Serafina:

Plus, feel free to share your thoughts about fashion classics in the comments. What’s your one splurge that’s always worth it?

Photos by Lucie Amberg.

The Children’s Place Model Search- Enter to Win!

Listen up ladies: We KNOW you love The Children’s Place, and we KNOW you’ve got some abso-fruitly gorgeous kiddos. So it’s a can’t-miss opportunity below:

Calling all aspiring – and adorable – models. The Children’s Place is launching its second annual model search this fall to discover its next superstar. Does your little star shine for the camera? Submit a photo of your handsome little man or darling little girl, and he or she just might win a starring role in the upcoming photo shoot for The Children’s Place, as well as a $500 shopping spree.

Simply visit PlaceKids Model Search to upload your photo and vote on your favorite rising star.

There will be a grand prize winner selected for each of the following categories:

Newborn (boys and girls, 0-12 months)
Baby Boy (1-4 years)
Baby Girl (1-4 years)
Boy (5-12 years)
Girl (5-12 years)

Each grand prize winner, along with two designated guardians, will receive round-trip air transportation to the glam set of The Children’s Place photo shoot, as well as a $500 gift card to spend on all the latest styles.

Additionally, one entrant will be randomly selected each day to receive a $50 gift card to The Children’s Place, and one lucky bonus sweeps winner will receive a $500 gift card at the end of the contest.

Enter until October 20th, 2012; Voting ends October 31st

This contest is sponsored by The Children’s Place and not affiliated with The Fashionable Housewife or Fashionable Media.