Fashionable Husbands – What To Wear This Winter

paladium boots

Lately, I’ve spent more time keeping my family well dressed than I have myself! I guess that is just what happens when you’re pregnant… Yoga pants become the norm, anything but slippers hurt your feet and buying new shoes for your hubby is more fun than trying to cram your swollen feet into a pair […]

5 Winter Fashion Must-Have’s

Winter Fashion Must Have

Chilly temperatures and inclement weather doesn’t mean your sense of style has to suffer. If you’re looking for a few pieces to amp up your winter wardrobe, here are our favorite winter fashion must-have’s – let them inspire your style this season! Long Sleeve Heart “Flippy” Dress, $80, This whimsical dress can easily be worn in […]

What to Wear with Berets this Winter


We’re a big fan of berets this season, and it’s really easy to see why – they pair well with almost anything! Our favorite: the 100% Wool Unlined Parisian Beret from Dorfman Pacific’s DPA Authentic brand. Not only does this beret come in an astonishing 19 colors, but it’s chic and comfortable too. If you need a […]

The Bags You Need This Season


Winter’s icy fingers may have made their way into our wardrobes, turning pretty floral dresses into thick knitted jumpers and sexy strappy sandals into sturdy leather boots, but there’s one accessory we can use to fend off the season’s sobering influence: the mighty handbag! This autumn/winter, the must-haves come in all shapes and sizes, but […]

Cover Your Boots with CovFurs


Frigid temps finally hit the East Coast this week, and even if there isn’t any snow to speak of, winter is definitely here.  Which means you probably are going to spend a whole lot of time in boots.  Which can get pretty boring, because chances are everyone around you is wearing the same kind of […]

12 Days of Giveaways Day 4: Belldini Fly-Away Cardigan ($88 RTV) *CLOSED*


 Whoa, it’s already Day 4 of our 12 Days of Giveaways! What do we have up next? Well, you ladies will NOT be disappointed! Today is sponsored by Belldini! Belldini is a Los Angeles, CA based designer of women’s apparel. Specializing in day to evening wear, knits, cardigans and twin sets, we have become major […]

Fabulous Fashions at


It’s no coincidence that the peak of shopping season coincides with the holidays and the need to look fabulous and sparkly.  But all that shopping can put a serious crimp in your financial style.  So what is a fashionable housewife to do?  Take a trip to for fashion inspiration at wallet friendly prices. Sometimes […]

Which Boots Would You Choose?

Kiki Wedge Boots by Tory Burch $395

Fashion is a funny thing.  It’s very personal and subjective.  A simple detail or element that makes one person look like a million bucks can make someone else look like a Glamour Don’t.  What is appealing to Jane is appalling to Joyce.  Consider these two boots; Exhibit A the Kiki Wedge Boot by Tory Burch: […]

Lands’ End Friends & Family Sale offers 25% off!!!!


The Lands’ End Family + Friends sale runs Thursday, November 10 through Tuesday, November 15 this year! You don’t want to miss out on this offer because you get a whopping 25% off site-wide PLUS free shipping with no minimum order size!!!!!!!!!!!! This year, it includes Lands’ End Canvas as well. MY FAVORITE!!! I can’t […]

Must-Have Cold Weather Accessories


Temperatures are steadily dropping, and Winter will be here before we know it! Luckily, you won’t be caught unprepared with these must-have cold weather accessories. Bucket Hat Winter hats can be super stylish, as evidenced by this fashionable bucket hat. Featuring genuine sheepskin panels and a chic design, this hat will keep you toasty warm […]