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Rock Your Vote Tomorrow, On your Nails!

It’s time to rock the vote tomorrow, Nov 6th and Americans are finding any way they can to show their support for their chosen party.

Whether spoken or unspoken, there are numerous ways to get into the political spirit and let the world know what you stand for. So what better way than to do it fashionably!?

Wearing your party’s color on your finger nails has become one of the hottest Fall trends this year as Democrats and Republicans (and even celebs such as Katy Perry, La La Anthony, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney) paint on the patriotism!

Show the world what team you’re on by sporting red or blue polish like these two new lacquers from Sheswai with awesomely unique wooden caps.

Fersure Red Polish and Stocked Blue Polish

We like Sheswai nail polish because it’s “3 free”—sans formaldehyde, toluene and DBPs. We also adore the richly pigmented, super glossy colors and the awesome caps that are custom made from sustainably harvested wood grown on family-owned tree farms. Retail: $16 / bottle. Get them at

Democracy is about participation, so we encourage you all to do your part and please remember to vote on Nov 6th. We’re not going to tell you who to vote for, but we ask that you consider the value of our founding father’s and the constitution when making your decision. ;-)

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Celebrity Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Election Night Dress

Everyone is talking about Michelle Obama’s Election Night dress. Was it good? Was it bad? We want to know what you thought about it!

The interesting red and black dress that Michelle Obama wore Tuesday night in Chicago came from the spring 2009 runway collection of Narciso Rodriguez, who is one of the most critically acclaimed designers from this year’s Fashion Week.

The dress (seen above) has a starburst of red across the bodice with a crossover sash of black. It wasn’t the best dress to begin with, but with the black cardigan on top, I thought it was a very unflattering style choice on her part. Especially after seeing so many nice outfits from her during the Obama 2008 campaign.

I also didn’t like the dress from the back. Someone get that woman a pair of Spanx!!!

Overall, I was just really unimpressed. I didn’t love the dress and I definitely didn’t love it on her. It’s nothing personal against Michelle Obama or Narciso Rodriguez, I just hated the dress!

Vote Shoes from TOMS

TOMS Shoes has election fever! Check out their new “election collection”! You can get Vote Republican Shoes or Vote Democrat Shoes.

Apparently many of the core sizes of their election shoes have been sold out and there are a disproportionate amount of certain shoes still left…

The TOMS blog says:

As of today, 43.95% of the shoes sold have been “Vote Democrat”, while “Vote Republican” represents 26.91%, and the “Split Decision” has 26.91%.

I have a theory though. I don’t think this says anything about the election, but more about the kind of people who buy TOMS shoes… Either way I think the shoes are cute and I wish I had heard about these shoes earlier because I would have gotten a pair!

Don’t Forget To Vote!

Solestruck is offering a special discount now through Nov 4th, election day (please don’t forget to vote!!!)

Please use the following discount code VOTENOV4 to receive 20% off your order (including sale items!) now through Nov 4th.

Democracy is about participation, so we encourage you all to do your part and please remember to vote on Nov 4th.

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