How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Beautiful

It’s a cruel fact of life that we can’t stay young forever. While most people accept that sooner or later they have to grow older, that doesn’t mean that their skin has to look older too. In fact, I’m always looking for ways to help my skin look full, youthful and healthy for as long as possible. Although I use a lot of great products to do this, from day creams with sun protection, night creams and whitening lotions for those stubborn spots of discoloration, there are ways that you can keep your skin looking young from the inside out.

In a perfect world, there’d be no temptation; no sugar, no alcohol, and we’d all get at least eight hours of hours sleep each night. Life as a busy mom of two doesn’t always run as smoothly as all that, however, and the late nights, early starts and sweet temptations can cause unsightly blemishes and even a few fine lines.


So, what can we do about this? One of the easiest ways I found to help my skin look good was to start drinking more water. I know that this sounds as if it’s a really simple solution to an ongoing problem, and it can really be that easy. By upping your water intake, you can flush out toxins and keep your skin looking clear and blemish free. Also, when you drink more water, you’re less inclined to reach for a can of diet soda, which is full of sugar and other assorted chemicals that can wreak havoc on your skin. You’ll also be less likely to snack during the day, so you can even trim a few pounds off of your frame in the process!

However, no matter how much water you drink, some skin issues, such as skin tone, won’t be entirely cleared, and you’ll need some extra help to correct them. Skin issues such as acne and discoloration can be pretty stubborn. If you have adult acne (and if you do, you have my deepest sympathy, for it’s not very nice) then make sure you are using the correct products or medications for your skin, to help stop it being so reactive. If you have a few discolorations, such as dark spots or blemishes, which I’ve also suffered from, whitening lotions can really help to make them less noticeable. I highly recommend shopping around for this type of product. It can work wonders on those unsightly marks, and some products have been specially created for aging skin and the issues it can face.

Remember, growing old is a fact of life, but you can cheat a little while you age gracefully. Look into what options are available to you, and see what you can do to help your skin. Remember, it could be as easy as reaching for a bottle of water!

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Edimi is renowned for bringing advanced skincare and expertise to consumers through luxury spas and salons worldwide. Led by Dr. Tick, scientists have developed products with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind. Edimi continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring herbs, botanical actives and certified organics.

“Healthy skin is achieved by eating a healthy diet and practicing proper skincare,” says Dr. Tick. “Edimi’s goal is to provide natural skincare solutions to common skincare issues.”

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Marrying nature and science, Michael Todd True Organics created recipes that resulted in effective organically based skincare solutions for all skin types. Whether your needs are to treat dry, blemished, aging, oily, sensitive, sun-damaged, pigmented or normal/combination skin, Michael Todd is committed to improving skin health by developing the highest quality of products and raising the bar once again in formulation and ingredient technology.

“Mother Nature has given us superfoods that play double duty,” says Lewis Hendler, founder of Michael Todd True Organics. “Consider the avocado as the overachiever of beauty superfoods. It’s rich in protective antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which help keep skin plump and smooth. Our Avocado Mango Mask unclogs pores, reduce bacteria, and nourish and heal on and below the skin’s surface. Our products represent a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits we use. The result is an unsurpassed skincare experience that enhances and protects the skin for years to come without the use of potentially harmful ingredients so common in many other brands.”

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The Best Facial Masks for Skin Care

skin care productsWhen it comes to our beauty routine, we all know about choosing a cleanser and toner for daily use, a good exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, and a serum or cream to moisturize. But what is the most often overlooked yet critical component to having beautiful skin? It is the wonders and benefits that the best facial mask usage can bring us.

Maintaining a regular facial mask regimen is an amazing way to treat your skin to a variety of natural and organic ingredients. Clay and mud masks provide deep cleansing and purification, herbal masks help for an even complexion and breakout prevention, and masks with essential oils and butters hydrate and nourish the skin. A facial mask is an also excuse to lay back, deep breathe, and take a 20 minute meditation break from your stressful day. Here I will compare 3 such facial masks and discuss their benefits.


1.      Moor Mask

This great product is pure 100% herbal mud taken from the Lowland moors. It is a thick, jet black, wet mask that has a healing and calming effect on the skin. It does wonders for problem skin conditions or breakouts, and with a 21-day intensive treatment can completely clear and restore your complexion. It is a deep cleansing mask that leaves the skin soft and silky without having a drying effect. It can also repair skin problems such as damage caused from prolonged sun exposure and dermatitis. What I love most about the Moor Mask is that it feels so calming and silky smooth on the skin for a really relaxing facial.


2.      Vivoderm Anti-Aging Mask

This all herbal mask is mixed with yogurt or pure aloe vera gel to give the skin a great natural makeover and pick-me-up. It is lightly exfoliating and leaves the skin soft, tight, and radiant. It shrinks enlarged pores and makes dull skin tone much more vibrant. My favorite thing about the Vivoderm Mask is that is exfoliates and really improves my dull complexion.


3.      Renu Derma Green Clay Facial Mask

This mask is enriched with vitamin C, green clay, and aloe vera. It is a thick mask that dries completely on the skin. The results from this mask are just wonderful, as it leaves the skin deeply cleansed, feelingtighter, and firmer. The mask is intense – it opens up the pores, and is also a great anti-aging tool. What I love most about this facial mask is what my skin feels like immediately after washing it off – it is just so smooth, tight, and clean.

Using a bi-weekly facial mask regimen can be such an added bonus to your anti-aging, deep cleansing, and complexion-purifying skin care routine. Not to mention they are great to use while submersed in a warm candle-lit bubble bath infused with essential oils. But don’t just take my word for it – try out the best facial masks out for yourself. Get recommendations fora great facial mask rotation based on your age, skin type, and any specific skin problems. Good luck and stay beautiful!

Author: John Mathews


About the Author

John Mathews lives in Rome, Italy and is a self-proclaimed skin care enthusiast spending countless hours sampling and testing out which products really work for which type of skin. He runs the website that provides targeted full skin care routine recommendations for unprecedented results. He offers a yearly membership package to ensure that his customers each get the very best price available for top-quality skin care products.


5 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Winter

Chilly temperatures and inclement weather are keeping all of us indoors this season – so why not take the time to pamper yourself?

The following must-have’s are some of our favorite products to help us relax, indulge and take care of our hair and skin – all from the comfort of our own home. If that sounds like something you’ve been waiting for, read on for our product recommendations and get ready to pamper yourself this winter.

1. Farmhouse Fresh “Red Hot Shandy” Sparkling Soak

Are you ready for some romance or want to add a little heat to the cold winter months? With Farmhouse Fresh’s new “Red Hot Shandy” Sparkling Soak, you’ll do just that! Infused with the essence of spicy, red-hot cinnamon candy and six natural oils, this nourishing bath soak will transform your skin into silk while moisturizing and hydrating even the driest skin. You can even apply it post-bath to elbows, knees and other rough patches – it’s non-greasy, quickly absorbs into skin and gives you just the right amount of pampering you need.


2. Dr. Max Powers Scar Serum

It’s a new year, so why not make an effort to create a new you? Get rid of embarrassing scars, stretch marks and other skin concerns with this powerful scar serum by Dr. Max Powers. Using an invigorating blend of rosehip oil, antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, this effective serum is proven to reduce the appearance of scars within one month of regular use. Plus, it’s non-irritating and can be safely applied to the face and body.


3. Coral Actives Acne Products

If you’ve tried every acne product on the market and aren’t pleased with the results, Coral Actives may be the answer you are looking for! They sell a variety of products, including the Cleanser & Serum combination kit as well as Acne Cleansing Bar for your body. Our resident housewife, Sarah, says that a shampoo made her back breakout – she used the bar, and within two uses it completely cleared up!


4. Nioxin Hair Care

Pamper and protect your tresses this year with the Nioxin hair care product line. Whether you’re embarrassed about your thinning locks or need intense scalp hydration and moisture, Nioxin has a product that’s formulated specifically for your needs. Our favorite is the Deep Hair Repair Masque, which transforms even the driest locks into silky smooth tresses you’ll love to show off.

($Price Varies,

5. Joey New York Bye Bye Blackheads

No one likes dealing with annoying blackheads, but this treatment gel promises to banish blackheads, minimize the appearance of pores and transform your skin like nothing else. With a potent blend of spa-like ingredients, this unique formula will treat your blackheads while helping your skin look its best all season long.

($25, HSN)

Whish Body Products, Luxury for your Skin!

Whish body products offered us the opportunity to highlight some of their pretty great products, here on The Fashionable Housewife. We obviously jumped at the chance because as women, we are always looking for the next great beauty product and you won’t find it unless you try all sorts of different stuff. Whish offers a great line of products from body scrubs and lotions all the way to luxury shave products (because we all need those!).

Whish Sugar Scrub, $38.00 EXFOLIATES- Bamboo Powder– an exfoliant that is loaded with minerals and natural silica to moisturize. Raspberry Seed – loaded with anti-oxidants that are a great natural exfoliator. Brown Sugar & Organic Sugar Cane – When brown sugar and organic sugar cane are combined with the bamboo powder and raspberry seed that result in an all natural, effective and moisturizing exfoliant. MOISTURIZES- Organic Shea Butter, Organic Aloe, Organic Raspberry Butter easily absorb into the skin to provide triple the moisture. RENEWS- Vitamin E and organic avocado oil combine to leave the skin young and bright with a daily dose of anti-oxidants.

OUR VERDICT?- Sweet smelling and does a great job of scrubbing off that excess skin for a smooth as a baby’s bottom feel. Also, this product does not leave granules at the bottom of the tub as with some of my other body scrubs.

Three Whishes Body Butter, $24.00 MOISTURIZES- Organic Aloe– a soothing, natural anti-septic with anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Organic Shea Butter – has a high content of non-saponifiable fats that are the best natural skin moisturizers and are also high in anti-oxidants. Organic Raspberry Butter – high in anti-oxidants, this attacks free radicals making it a magical moisturizer. FIRMS- Organic Seaweed Extract– loaded with firming peptides and anti-oxidants. PURIFIES- Organic Rice Bran Oil – very high in tocotrienols; a super anti-oxidant that can be 30 times more powerful than vitamin E and early studies have shown prevents skin cancer and improves sun screen efficiency.

 OUR VERDICT?- Mmmmm, also sweet smelling! While I didn’t notice any huge differences between this “body butter” or other lotions, I definitely love something that has a great smell like this. It also did it’s job as far as moisturizing, so I will give it my thumbs up.


 *Whish Beauty products provided us with a sample for review. This does not affect our opinion in any way. We are 100% honest with you because we love your faces!

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