Online Shopping: 7 Strategies for Big Savings

7 Tips for Shopping Online

Buying online is supposed to be about finding better shopping opportunities and better prices. You need to go about it the right way, though, to make sure that you really do see these benefits. Here are 7 shopping strategies to help you make the best of your time shopping online.


With some products, you can buy in large quantities to save

Many online stores offer steep discounts to those who order their products in bulk. If you choose to bulk-order a product that you use a lot of – diapers or other baby care items, for instance – you’ll save plenty both on product and delivery costs. We love shopping places like Costco.

Look Around For The Lowest Prices

It’s far easier to compare prices and shop around when it’s online rather than at physical stores. Yet, to many people, the extreme ease of comparison shopping that online shopping allows only encourages laziness. A surprising number of shoppers look at no more than two well-known stores when making purchases online. It’s important to resist the temptation to click that Buy button, the first chance that you get.

Shopping On Impulse

The reason it’s hard to be responsible and shop around when buying online is that having everything you need to buy at the tip of a mouse arrow encourages impulse spending. It’s easier to hit Buy than it is to take an item to checkout at a physical store, wait in line and ring through a purchase.

Online shopping comes with some of the same dangers that shopping with credit cards is known for – the buying process is so quick and effortless that you don’t quite realize what you’re doing. With both it’s easy to buy more than you need. It’s important to guard against impulse shopping when you go online then.

Keep an Eye on Shipping Costs

The shipping facilities at a store can be an important part of the shopping experience they offer. Some even offer guaranteed next-day delivery ( has a great selection of such stores).

Shipping, though, can be expensive. Approximately half of all online shopping attempts are abandoned at the stage where the shipping costs are revealed. It makes sense that people would cut and run when they see the shipping costs involved – unless a shopper is signed up to a shipping program like Amazon Prime, shipping costs can be so expensive that any savings on attractively priced products are wiped out. Before you begin shopping online, you should set yourself a shipping budget for the month. It’s important to never exceed it.

You can get FREE 2 day shipping with memberships like Amazon Prime and ShopRunner.

Don’t Forget To Always Check For Coupon Codes!

There are more coupons available for online shopping than there are for shopping at physical stores. Before you pick one product over another at an online store, it’s important that you consult a search engine for the products that you can find the best coupons for. To savvy online shoppers, coupon availability is always an important factor in the product they finally decide to buy.

My favorite happens to be RetailMeNot.

Make Purchases Through a Cashback Website

Doing your online shopping through a cashback service can be a great way to save money. This is how cashback services work. A business decides to sign up as an affiliate to a shopping website. As an affiliate, they get a commission for every sale that they make for the shopping site. They then advertise to shoppers that when they shop with them, they get a share of the affiliate commission that they make – in the form of a cashback deal. These websites usually work very well. As long as you choose a well-known site like TopCashback or EBATES, you should make a great bit of savings.

Shop Like a Pro with Mobile Apps

Mobile shopping apps bring you all kinds of money-saving tricks. You get to find where the best deals are, get special offer alerts and so on. You can even have them help you monitor how much you spend. New mobile apps come up all the time – you need to be on the lookout and grab a few. I happen to love using apps for stores like RueLaLa and Zulily as well as shopping apps like ShopStyle.


GUEST BLOGGER: Elise Brooks prides herself on living well on a tight budget. She greatly enjoys blogging about the strategies and resources for smart money management in today’s households.

Don’t Miss The “Shoe La La” Sale on RueLaLa!

Looking for that perfect pair of espadrilles to finish out the summer, or chic flats to take you into fall? Look no further than Rue La La’s semiannual “Shoe La La” sale beginning tomorrow, July 31st at 11am EST. With over 20,000 pairs of shoes for women, men and kids and a special section of steals under $40, this sale gives new meaning to the phrase, “there’s something for everybody.” Featuring styles by Rachel Roy and Badgley Mischka, among other top designers, this “Shoe La La” sale is sure to make your shoe collection fabu-less. But be sure to hurry—this sale ends Saturday, August 3rd at midnight.


The Rue La La “Shoe La La” boutique will go live at July 31st at 11am EST!

If you aren’t already a member of Rue La La, first off, what the heck is wrong with you?! Secondly, get over there and sign up right now to see what you’ve been missing out on!

Personal Weakness: Shopping on

I have a confession to make… I am addicted to Rue La La and as far as I know, there is no known cure.

Best part of my weekend? Rue La La’s Sunday Night Styleathon Boutique. It opens at 8pm EST almost every Sunday night (as far back as I can remember!) and it features some of my favorite brands, although the brand selection and item choices are different every week.

Shop Today!


I’ve scored so many amazing items on, it’s ridiculous. My latest score was a pair of Born ankle booties…


They retail for $125, the cheapest I found them anywhere online for was $94.99 on

So when I saw these puppies on RueLala for only $59.90, (over 50% off!) you bet your sweet bottom I grabbed them so quick, my credit card didn’t know what hit it.

I was so excited when these arrived in the mail! They are so soft, supple, sumptuous and stylish. Now if some of this darn snow would go away so I could try them out, I’d be one happy, happy girl.

Fashion Banner - 300X600

I’m going to use the excuse that I bought these for myself for my birthday…. It’s next Sunday, so it counts, right?

Open Your Wallets on Open Sky

It seems that membership only shopping clubs are all the rage, and it’s hard to quibble with some of the fantastic discounts you can find on merchandise that you may (or may not!) need.  The newest entrant into the “We Want your Dollars” club is Open Sky, an invitation only, membership required shopping club whose spin is celebrity endorsements.  But wait, you say…what about all the celebrity endorsed clubs already out there?  Well, on Open Sky,  you log in and choose a la carte which celebs or product categories most interest you or most satisfy your shopping black hole.

According to their web site, ”…on OpenSky, you create your own experience. You decide, based on your personal interests and passions, which people to connect with—we like to call them “curators.” They’re a growing group of tastemakers and experts who are deeply passionate about what they do and what they love.   They curate the shopping experience for you, but you handpick your team of curators. You become the center of YOUR experience.  OpenSky gives you the “benefits” of traditional shopping (great prices, efficient delivery), some they don’t (extraordinary and unexpected things from people all over the world, amazing customer service, friendly return policies) and some they will never be able to (an experience that’s personal and designed by you).”

Sounds pretty good for what really boils down to a more customized Rue La La or Gilt Groupe.  I’ve been receiving the Open Sky emails for about a week now and the merchandise is familiar and the prices better than retail.  It is interesting to see what the “curators” choose to promote, but so far I’m not overly impressed, nor have I purchased anything.  If you are interested you can log on to  to see what’s going on.

We’re always curious to know what our readers get excited about, so if you have tried Open Sky or another membership shopping site, leave a comment and tell us about it. 

Scored: Kork-Ease Avis Mid Boots on Rue La La

I just LOVE Rue La La! I scored Kork-Ease ‘Avis’ Boots for $89.90 that retail for $200! (Seriously… check them out full price at

Here is a screenshot from RueLaLa right before I checked out!

I got size 8. I normally wear size 7.5 but I have a pair of Kork-Ease Kayla Motorcycle boots in a size 8 and they fit me perfect so I’m hoping that the Avis boot fits similarly.

Aren’t they just gorgeous???

Thanks to the Rue30 I didn’t have to pay for shipping either!!!! Have you heard about the Rue30 yet? Essentially what happens is, you Join Rue La La, place an order and pay $9.95 for shipping (regardless of order size or amount). THEN, any additional order you make for the following 30 days ships ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Yeah, I know… it’s totally awesome, right?! We are so freaking excited about the Rue30 that we are giving our readers a chance to win a $100 credit to Rue La La so they can try out the Rue30 themselves and experience the epic awesomeness that is Rue La La.

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* Rue La La provided store credits to me (The Fashionable Housewife) in exchange for posting about the Rue 30 and holding a giveaway for the readers of this blog. This does not effect our opinion of Rue La La in any way. We only write about companies and websites that we personally like and use. Period.

The Rue 30 Is Freaking Awesome! *CLOSED*

Okay so you all know that my favorite sample sale site is Rue La La. They have the best selection, the best prices and the fastest shipping time, hands-down. Well they have just made things even sweeter with their NEW “Rue 30″ deal.

The Rue 30 is just this: Make a purchase on Rue La La and pay the flat rate fee of $9.95 for shipping and handling. Then, anything you purchase within 30 day of that ships absolutely FREE!!!!!! Yeah, you read that right ladies!! Isn’t that awesome?!!

So if you are a shopaholic like me and shop on Rue La La way more often than you should, then this deal is like awesomeness with a cherry on top. You can save literally hundreds of dollars with the Rue 30 because you can order as many things, as many times as you want within those 30 days and everything still ships for free. If that doesn’t encourage you to do ALL your Christmas shopping on Rue La La, then I don’t know what will!!

I decided to test out the new Rue 30 and my first purchase was from the Betsy Johnson Boutique because seriously, she’s just the coolest designer EVER. I love EVERYTHING she designs… So I got a Betsey Johnson Military Ruffle Raincoat in Olive for $99.90 (Originally $260.00) and a Betsey Johnson Charcoal Asymmetrical Hooded Coat in Grey for $109.90 (Originally $240.00). Both jackets are absolutely GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to wear them! I also snagged a Splendid Military Pocket Skirt in Olive that was only $19.90 (Originally $60.00).

Here’s what I purchased:

And I paid just $9.95 for shipping that entire order. Now, everything I buy for the next 30 days will ship for FREE! I’ll let you know what else I can snag. I am super excited to add to my Fall wardrobe this year because I’ve had 2 kids and let’s face it… I can’t fit into my size 2 jeans anymore…. So this Mama needs a few new Fall items that I won’t look like I was poured into. Because that’s just NOT a good look for anyone…………

Oh yeah and guess what else? YOU get a chance to win $100 credit to Rue La La!

To enter, leave a comment on this post and answer the following question….


Mandatory Entry:

leave a comment on this post and tell me what are your top 3 favorite items for Fall that you plan on purchasing with your $100 Rue La La credit if you win?

Extra Optional Entries: (Leave 1 comment for each extra entry.)

Note: You must leave 1 comment per entry. Extra entries will NOT be counted unless you leave a NEW comment for each one (not a reply).


Contest runs from Sept 22 till Oct 9th 2011. Last chance to enter is OCTOBER 9th at 11:59pm ET Winner will be chosen with and notified by email within 7-14 days of contest end and asked for full name, address and phone number (for shipping purposes). If no response is given within 48 hours, a different winner will be chosen, so please be sure to check your email!

Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only.

Prize will be provided in the form or credits directly placed into your personal Rue La La account. We will of course make sure all prizes are fulfilled, but we are not responsible for fulfillment, nor for missing or damaged prizes.

The prize or prizes have been provided by the company and not myself. If you are the winner of this giveaway and you do not receive your item within approx 8 weeks of sending us your mailing address, please email us and let us know.

* Rue La La provided store credits to me (The Fashionable Housewife) in exchange for posting about the Rue 30 and holding this giveaway for the readers of this blog. This does not effect our opinion of Rue La La in any way. We only write about companies and websites that we personally like and use. Period.

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