5 Essentials For A Healthier Beauty Routine

100% pure shampoo and conditioner

When my husband and I decided to enlarge our family and have a third child, we started by changing a few things in our lives months ahead of time. We started going for walks everyday to get (me!) into physical shape, we started eating healthier and we tried to streamline our routine with our two […]

Mama Mio & Tracy Anderson Team Up to Launch the 9 Month Stretch Kit

The 9 Month Stretch Kit

Mama Mio Skincare and celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson have teamed up to launch their 9-Month Stretch Kit. This new kit is perfect for any mom-to-be who wants to remain fit during their pregnancy while keeping their skin in tip-top shape. The kit includes: Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs – You’ll receive 9 DVDs to […]