Getting Acquainted with Intel Windows 8 Tablet

Just last week my brand new Acer Iconia W510 Intel Tablet arrived in the mail. To say I was a little bit excited would be an understatement. All shiny and new, it booted right up and was easy to set up and customize to my preferences. I was absolutely over the moon to find that Windows 8 still has a DESKTOP! OMG!

Honestly, I thought Windows 8 was kind of a letdown after spending a few hours fooling around with the Nokia Lumia 920 but upon cruising the Intel Tablet for a few minutes, I realized that the tablet version of Windows 8 is much more versatile than the phone version. And I love it. Love. It.

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The tablet is powerful because of the Intel® Atom™ processor Z2760 which is found in all the new Windows 8 based tablets. This new processor delivers the fastest and most responsive performance available which means I can cruise the web, watch movies, listen to music and more without any lag. It’s fast, reliable and the touch screen is amazing. I feel so efficient when I’m using it to quickly browse recipes when preparing dinner or reading books for my Doula studies. (More on this later!)

I’m still getting used to Windows 8 and all the apps you can download but I think I’m getting the hang of things pretty quick. The interface is pretty user-friendly, there is a surprisingly large number of apps available to download – free and paid. Best of all, it’s slim and compact so I can throw it in the diaper bag to run errands or curl up in front of my fireplace and read in the evenings. I feel like I don’t even need a smartphone anymore because everything I would do with my smartphone, I’m doing with this tablet. It even has a 2 megapixel front facing camera, and a primary 8 megapixel rear camera that takes amazingly crisp photos.


There are a wide range of colorful and artistic backgrounds to choose from, options to customize the colors, the arrangements of the tiles are easy to change and it’s easy to personalize to my specific tastes and needs.

I can see this unit completely replacing my laptop. The tablet I received did not come with the all-in-one docking station with keyboard, but if I was able to get that, I would never need my laptop again and I would take this on business trips and vacations with me instead of my heavy laptop. My only quibble is that I’m actually afraid of dropping it. The only frustration I’ve had regarding this unit so far is the inability to find a silicone cover / case for it. I’ve searched high and low, even from the acer website, but I can’t find a silicone protective case for this specific model. At this point, I don’t even care if I have to pay $50+ for one, I just want a dang case for it so it’s not so slippery and apt to slide around.

Tablet Shown With Docking Station

Apple listed this tablet as a competitor so you know it’s gotta be good! Of course I haven’t even bothered using our iPad since I got this tablet, but that’s mostly because my two year old has it with one episode after another of Doc Mcstuffins. There was a time when I did get to use it but I never got addicted to it like I have with this Intel Tablet. The tablet is just so much more grown up.

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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Phone Review

I received the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Phone to review as part of A Gift Money Can’t Buy campaign.

AT&T is not my cell phone service provider so I couldn’t actually make phone calls with this phone, however I was able to use it as a wi-fi device which enabled me to use pretty much ALL features of the phone except making calls.

I’m not used to using Windows 8, so it was cumbersome at first and not as user-friendly as I had hoped. I’m used to using Android operating systems so it was a steep learning curve and I found myself not wanting to play with the phone because of it.

However, the amazing and super high quality camera quickly changed my mind about the phone. I thought my phone had a good camera, but the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 puts it to SHAME! Amazing, crisp pictures that aren’t blurry, even in low light. I took a few pics in low light with my Droid phone and then took a few pics in low light with the Nokia Lumia 920 and there was no comparison… The Lumia is the master when it comes to picture taking.

Then I set each phone to upload a picture to Facebook. The picture from the Lumia was on my facebook profile within less than a minute. However, my Droid phone took almost 30 minutes. As usual…

The best part of the Nokia Lumia 920? The battery life! I used the phone pretty consistently for almost a WEEK before the battery died. My Droid phone doesn’t last 24 hours even without using at all. I was absolutely astounded by the long battery life of the Nokia Lumia 920. I would buy the phone JUST for that.

So the only “downside” for me was Windows 8 and I’m sure if I just used it more and got used to it, I might like it. I’m pretty old fashioned though and get stuck in my ways! I don’t like learning new operating systems! I have several computers with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux, then I have the iPod and the iPad, a Kindle Fire and I have my Android phone… Each of them work differently and it’s learning from scratch with each of them! That is the most frustrating part of technology for me… I wish everything in the house had the same operating system!

Be sure to check out AT&T’s A Gift That Money Can’t Buy website for gift ideas!

A Gift Money Can’t Buy!

I just received the Nokia Lumia 920 for AT&T’s A Gift That Money Can’t Buy campaign! I can’t wait to try it out…

The Nokia Lumia 920 is bright white and has a huge screen. I love the crisp graphics and fast load time. I can’t wait to play with it a little more and get a feel for Windows 8. I’ve heard a lot about Windows 8 so I’m anxious to try it out for myself…

This holiday season AT&T is launching “A Gift That Money Can’t Buy“, a site that allows teens to give their parent a one-of-a-kind digital gift. The site will also nudge the recipient in the right direction of what to get for their kids, which is (hint hint), the latest and greatest AT&T smartphone – specifically a Nokia Lumia 920.

Check out the great gifts available:

  • - A Very, Very, Very Personal Greeting From Luke Perry
  • - A Guitar Solo from Richie Sambora []
  • - A holiday feast prepared by celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio
  • - A joke handed down from comedian Richard Lewis
  • - A cameo in this month’s “The Onion”

Each week throughout the holiday season they will be refreshing the site with new gifts like A Top Secret Golf Tip from a Pro… just for starters.


Disclaimer: M80 contacted me to write a post on behalf of AT&T