Jaime’s No-Shop February: Week Three


Missed the first few No-Shop February posts? Click here and check them out! Hey guys! Things have been very chaotic around my house lately, and I think it’s flowing into every aspect of my life. One thing that I’ve definitely been working on though? Kicking this debt to the curb and calming my shopping habit. […]

Jaime’s No-Shop February: Week Two

Student Loans

Wow… let’s just say that week two did NOT go as smoothly as week one. There was some good and some bad news, and I’ll share both with you. Let’s start with the good: I really didn’t fall into any big amounts of temptation. I bought the boy a pair of jeans (yes, another… he’s […]

Jaime’s Shopping Challenge: No-Shop February, Week One


You know how they say that when breaking habits (or trying to create new ones), the first month is the hardest? I truly believe that now, and it’s only week two! This is my little recap of how week one went, as well as a few of my little slip-ups… because I’m not perfect. I’m […]

Jaime’s Shopping Challenge: Having a Shop-Free February


I’m prepared for a couple of you to go into shock (don’t worry… the boy did too!), but I’m making a big commitment to myself for the month of February. I will not be purchasing any unnecessary items. NONE. For the whole month. Don’t worry, I’ll still be spending money at the grocery store, but […]