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T.J.Maxx has always been my favorite place to shop because T.J.Maxx carries the same high-fashion designers that boutiques and department stores sell – at unbelievable prices and for up to 60% less!

I always check out the handbags as soon as I first walk inside the store. I then immediately head to the clearance section and scour the racks for my size! I always end up finding some ridiculously cute things for unbelievable prices.

In order to get my summer wardrobe ready for Fall, I needed a few key items. So I headed to my local TJ’s to see what I could find…

Looks like a major shipping spree, right? Well, what would have cost me over $1,500 in a department store cost me less than $250 in T.J.Maxx! Oh yeah, I’m a Maxxinista baby…

L to R: Knee socks for $8, fleece lined leggings for $5, dotted tights for $3, black leggings for $3, scarf for $3.99, and my favorite… leopard fur studded ballet flats for $16.99!

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My TJ Maxx Maxxinista Shopping Spree

Shopping with Jaclyn for over 3 hours in TJ Maxx for her Maxxinista Makeover was so much fun. And even though I tried really hard to focus on shopping for her, I managed to fill a shopping cart of my own!

During Jaclyn’s little maxxinista shopping spree, I helped her find some absolutely fabulous pieces including an Elie Tahari blazer that retailed for $400 and was marked down on clearance for only $39.00! If you haven’t seen the video of her shopping spree yet, please go watch it!

I didn’t find any deals quite that amazing, but I did find a couple items I had been on the hunt for!

Here’s what I found for myself…


All my items that came to only $111.86!!

shop02 shop03 shop06

L to R:

    Leggings $3, $7, and $5
    Calvin Klein Skirt $5 (Retail $55.00)
    Leather like Jacket $10 (Retail $49.00)

shop04 shop05 shop10

L to R:

    Denim Leggings dark $13 (Retail $35.00)
    Denim Leggings gray $12 (Retail $30.00)
    Gray Skirt $5 (Retail $20.00)

Jaclyn and I totally cleaned out the belt section of that TJ Maxx store…

shop07 shop08 shop09

L to R:

    Chinese Laundry studded belt $10 (Retail $30.00)
    Betsey Johnson red belt $7 (Retails $78)
    Linea Pelle leather belt $20 (100+)

So what do you think of my purchases? I am super excited and I can’t wait to shop at TJ Maxx again!

Thank you to TJ Maxx and RocketXL for providing the gift cards so we could have this amazing TJ Maxx Maxxinista shopping experience!