5 Essential Makeup Products For Your Daily Beauty Routine

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Although many women have more than 18 products on average in their makeup bags, we would say that investing in good quality, well-matched versions of these five cosmetic products will ensure that your makeup essentials are never basic, and will always leave you feeling flawless with minimal effort at a moment’s notice. 1. Primer In […]

Science Proves That Red Lipstick is Sexy!

by terry

Marilyn said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but science says differently now! If you’re looking to get your man’s attention, you might want to pick up Monroe’s signature red lipstick instead. According to a recent “Study” science has proven that red lipstick is the sexiest lip color! The University of Manchester released a […]

Tips & Tricks on How To Get Noticed


I’m really getting the hang of wearing red lipstick now. Ever since I did my Bold Red Lips video for Mary Kay I’ve been a lot braver and have been wearing red lipstick a lot more often. I think I kinda like how it looks with my red hair! It’s easier than ever for me […]

Spring Must-Have: Maybelline Color Whisper Weightless Gel Lipcolor

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When the warm sweaters and thick coats come off, so should your heavy lipstick. Spring into warmer weather feeling lighter with new Maybelline New York’s Color Whisper™ by Color Sensational®! If you’re searching for translucent gel color that is a lot like a tinted lip balm, but offers richer pigments and more color, then you […]

Gift Ideas: For Teens and Makeup Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for that hard to buy for teen girl in your life? We have a list of fabulous gifts we KNOW she’d love! Stila Snow Angel Color Palette – $39 at www.stilacosmetics.com Create as many holiday looks as there are snowflakes in the sky with Stila’s NEW festive holiday color palette […]

Mary Kay Beauty Must-Haves for Fall 2012

I recently received some Mary Kay® products to review. The assortment focuses on the “Hollywood Glamour” trend. I’m glad that’s going to be a trend for fall because I’ve always wanted to try that “look” but have never really been brave enough. I’ll have to start learning quickly! I had a blast trying out the […]

Jump Into Spring Makeup Looks With Covergirl

  COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICK –          Gives you the power to mix and match shades with the flip of a stick to achieve a unique look. Pat designed the creams and shimmers paired together and created a bright purple lip on the runway to represent a “modern day revolution”. I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m […]

Save vs. Splurge: Beauty Products to Save On and When to Splurge


There are some beauty products you can easily pick up at the drugstore for a lot less, but when are they actually worth a heftier investment? This handy guide will help you pick which products you can safely scrimp on, and when you should pony up a little more cash for quality. Splurge On: Makeup […]

Lip Gloss VS. Lipstick, Who Will Win?


Some gals swear by their signature lipstick while others would rather not bother but opt for the gloss. We are here to match up the gloss versus the stick to see which one stands up to the test of our lip wear categories! Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Firecracker VS Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick […]

Top 5 Long Wearing Lipsticks


I’ll admit it – I am a lipstick junkie. Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for lipstick that actually lasts – and I’ve tried plenty! After much trial and error, I’ve narrowed the list to these top 5 long wearing lipsticks. Trust me… you’re going to love at least one of these. 1. […]