Nails: OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue Nail Polish

Last week I was looking around online for OPI Chip Skip because I heard it was really good at preventing chipped nails. I found it on Amazon from a couple different sellers, but ultimately decided to get it from “BeautyLand4U” because it came with a bottle of OPI nail polish as well. It seemed like a better deal so I went for it and purchased OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (i47) & Chip Skip together for $12.25 + $2.00 S&H.

FYI: OPI is a professional product, it is only sold through salons. All other online (including amazon, ebay and and mass market/drug store retail is technically illegal.

As soon as it arrived, I filed my nails, buffed them, applied a layer of “Chip Skip” – a super thin and watery solution that dries really fast. Then I applied 2 coats of OPI Nail Lacquer “Yoga-Ta Get This Blue”. In the bottle when you hold it to the light, you can see green, aqua and purple speckles in the polish. When applied though, it’s just a shimmery navy blue. I finished it off with a coat of nails inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat ($10).

It stayed on AMAZINGLY well for 6 days before I saw a chip. After 8 days, the tips of 4 nails were chipped off. I touched them up just on the ends, let it dry and then decided to throw on a coat of OPI Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” – a shimmering, glittery blue. It looked like sparkling stars against a night sky, so I added two little gold nail stickers on my ring fingers as an accent.

My nails looked great for another 4 days before they started to fail. I was really impressed with the overall staying power of this at-home manicure.

What do you think of my manicure?

Crackle & Shatter Nail Polish Trend

What do YOU think of shatter nail polish?

OPI changed nail polish forever when they introduced the black shatter nail polish last year. The top coat nail polish in flat black dries to a crackled and separated finish that has a 3D texture to it. It easily goes on top of any color and “shatters” to reveal the color underneath.

Last month, I received the Katy Perry Shatter Collection to review. I haven’t had a chance to try all 4 colors yet, (Let’s face it – I have an 8 month old baby and a 3 year old toddler, so I don’t have time to let nail polish dry!) but I did manage to snag a few minutes for myself and throw on a coat of “Last Friday Night” with a coat of the black shatter nail polish on top. The results were kinda cool…

Last Friday Night under Black Shatter

From my personal experience with the polish, you have to be careful when applying the black. Too thin and it won’t shatter when it dries. Too thick and it bumps up and separates too much and then peels off a lot sooner. You have to put it on just right to get the picture perfect effect, but it only takes a few tries to get it right. Don’t leave your polish uncapped too long! The black shatter polish dries out and clumps up like mascara.

OPI plans to reveal three more colors soon. I’m looking forward to trying those too! I like the idea of being able to make many different color combinations. Would be fun for sporting events, prom, dance recitals or just having fun.

You can also get China Glaze
Crackle Glaze Nail Laquer
which comes in several different colors including white, gray and pink. I love the look of their display rack and the black over the turquoise color. Very cool!

I’ve found that with these shatter and crackle nail polish lacquers, that people either love em’ or they hate em’.

Personally, I think they are cool for the younger set, but I feel kinda silly wearing it. I like the look, I like the effect, but I kinda wish I had these like 10 or 15 years ago!

What do YOU think of the shatter nail polish trend? Yay or nay?

Have You Tried Black Shatter Nail Polish?

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive pick me up, try the new Shatter nail polish by OPI.  Part of the Katy Perry Collection, it is in fact a teenage dream, and even fun for the mother of the teen!  A black polish that “shatters” when applied over a dry colored coat, the final effect is two-tone nails that look like a spider web close up and a leopard print at a distance.

OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish

You can try different color base coats to mix it up.  My daughter chose a bright gold base coat, and I went with the bubble gum pink.  (I like her look better!)

OPI Black Shatter is offered as a selection at most nail salons, or you can purchase a bottle to try at home at