5 Patio Pointers for Leisurely and Comfortable Living

5 patio pointers

Many homeowners consider their patio area to be one of the best parts of their house and somewhere that they feel really comfortable and relaxed in. A patio area can be a reflection the type of person that we are and a chance to showcase our interests and personalities. If you simply want a patio [...]

8 Tips to Glam up Your Interiors with Art


Redoing your interiors is an expensive and time-consuming activity. Purchasing new furniture, getting a fresh coat of paint, tearing up walls to create new spaces or availing the services of a professional designer are all favored methods to give your home a desired facelift. But you very well know how expensive they are. So what [...]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Man Caves Just for Women

Man Caves Just For Women

  The greatest fashion blunder a she-devil ever pulled was not admitting her desire for an equally bewitching ‘man cave,’ a feminine’s answer to the male’s need to feel at home and at peace, to do as one wants when alone (or in company). We’ve known girls ‘just wanna have fun’ for years, but the [...]

Creativity & Individuality For A Uniquely Modern Home


Décor trends in 2014 are pointing towards the reintroduction of color to the white, beige and grey landscapes in many homes today. This is easier to do than it sounds – you won’t even have to lift a paintbrush!   When introducing a new color scheme it is important to use the same shade in [...]

Kitchen Design Explosion: A Renovation Revolution


    The property market in Australia is in rude health at the present time and this is encouraging homeowners to invest in new and creative ideas when it comes to kitchen design. Here is a look at what is trending right now with a look at some bold ideas and tips that you might [...]

Don’t Cut Back on Style: 4 Functional Additions to the Home


  Our homes are an extension of our style and ourselves. As a homeowner you have put touches all over your house to turn it into a home. A person’s home is their sanctuary and a home invasion can shatter your sense of safety. When it comes to home security, it tends to get a [...]

Blinds, Shutters and Curtains: Why You Should Consider Cost, Style and Function


  We all like to try and make our home look as beautiful and presentable as possible. One dilemma that often presents itself when considering a makeover is how to choose to dress your window in the best possible way. There are a number of choices available, such as whether you go for blinds, shutters [...]

Must-Have For Spring: Blackout Room Darkening Curtains

blackout curtains

Did that whole Spring ahead thing mess with your head? Did you find that going forward an hour and getting all that extra daylight kinda screw your sleeping schedule up a bit? I know in our house, it definitely affected naptime for my kids! My daughter (6) has blackout shade in her room since her [...]

New Baby? Five Tips To Feng Shui Your Nursery!


I’m not due until mid May, but I’m definitely nesting right now! I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to store my cloth diapers this time, what’s the best laundry detergent for baby clothes (which I will post about soon) and how to get organized before I’m too fat and tired to do anything! [...]

My Mini Kitchen Makeover – Part 2


(If you missed Part 1, check it out here!) I’m a motivated person and I always like to have several projects going at once. I can’t *NOT* have some kind of a project either in progress or at least on my mind to start in the near future. I’m too type-A to just sit back, [...]