Must-Have For Spring: Blackout Room Darkening Curtains

Did that whole Spring ahead thing mess with your head? Did you find that going forward an hour and getting all that extra daylight kinda screw your sleeping schedule up a bit? I know in our house, it definitely affected naptime for my kids!

My daughter (6) has blackout shade in her room since her bright pink chiffon curtains certainly don’t block out any light. However, my son (3) hasn’t had any curtains or shades on his bedroom window since we moved in. He was sleeping and napping in our bed (yes, we co-sleep!) so it hasn’t been an issue. But recently we got him a “big boy” bed in his room so he could have his own space. Of course, we needed curtains!

We headed over to Marburn Curtains and browsed through their Blackout Room Darkening Curtains. After much deliberation, we decided to get 2 Austin Blackout Microfiber Panels in Khaki.

They arrived quickly (thank goodness!) and we got a 26-48″ 5/8″ Acrylic Crown Curtain Rod Set from Amazon (We got FREE 2-day shipping with our Amazon Prime Membership.)

I was so anxious to get the curtains UP that I didn’t bother ironing, steaming or even washing the curtains. They went right from the package up in the window just in time for naptime!

So without further adieu, please excuse the wrinkles and say hello to Blackout Room Darkening Curtains!

blackout curtains

Curtains open during afternoon with full sunlight!


Want to see how effective they are at blocking out the light? [Read more...]

New Baby? Five Tips To Feng Shui Your Nursery!

I’m not due until mid May, but I’m definitely nesting right now! I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to store my cloth diapers this time, what’s the best laundry detergent for baby clothes (which I will post about soon) and how to get organized before I’m too fat and tired to do anything!

TishaI was lucky enough to get some very helpful tips straight from Feng Shui Consultant and Interior Designer, Tisha Morris who recently released her latest book titled, Mind, Body, Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time.

Mind Body Home is geared to educate us on the energetic connection made between you and your home. Whether you believe in “Feng Sui” or not, her helpful tips offer an easy and comprehensive path to creating a holistic home. Whether you have a new baby on the way (like I do!) or you simply want to start over fresh for the new year, this book will help you improve the stability of your health and relationships just by changing some of the things in your surroundings. Tisha uses Feng Shui methods to connect every aspect of the home, from the basement to the roof, to the physical and mental state of the mind and body. Mind Body Home is available for purchase on

Mind Body Home Book Cover

Five Tips to Feng Shui a Nursery

Because babies are developing all five senses, they are extremely sensitive to the energy of their environment and are therefore quite the feng shui enthusiasts. In fact, good feng shui engages all five senses. For babies, it is important to engage the senses, but to not overwhelm them. In doing so, the nursery should feel safe, peaceful, and nurturing. Here are some tips to create the ideal nursery environment.

Engage the Senses:
Play soft or classical music in the nursery is recommended.Include textured items for the baby to touch and feel. Use gentle and natural aromatherapy in the nursery, such as lavender in an oil diffuser. Use a mobile above their bed is recommended to give them a sense of something around them as opposed to vast open space. Clearly, mobiles serve other functions as well, such as developing eyesight.

Reduce the Clutter:
Although a baby may not be able to see clutter in the room, he or she can pick it up energetically. In fact, their sixth sense is the strongest, which makes them extremely sensitive to their environment. Although babies like small spaces, the room shouldn’t feel crowded due to clutter. It is important therefore to have the baby nursery neat and organized. In other words, it shouldn’t be a room that is also used for storage or other functions. Do not store items underneath the crib, except for soft linens. (This goes for adult beds too!)

Practice Organization Early:
Despite their actions at times, children love organization. It gives them a sense of boundaries and therefore safety. Organization is a learned behavior that is picked up at early ages so set a good example early. Have designated places for clothes and toys. As your child gets old enough, start teaching them how to pick up after themselves and where certain items go. They will start to feel an ownership over their belongings and a sense of taking care of themselves that will continue to benefit them as they get older.

Choose a Soft Color Palette:
Stick with soft pastels and avoid primary colors. Colors emit a lot of energy, particularly the wall color of a room. The bolder the color, the more energy it emits into a room. The softer the color, the calmer it will be on a child’s energy. Since the primary function for a nursery is sleep, use colors that promote sleep. Pastels, such as soft yellow, blues, and greens, and monotones are calming to the nervous system.

Choose Furniture Mindfully:
Avoid large furniture items that give the appearance of towering over the bed. Babies want to feel safe, protected, and cradled, but oversized furniture can feel overbearing. Also avoid furniture pieces with harsh corners. Also be conscious of the history of the furniture that you place in a nursery. For example, an antique crib from the Civll War era carries with it the energy of its past. Consider the energy contained in family pieces and whether that it is positive or negative energy that you want carried forward for your child.

I don’t have a nursery for the new baby since we only have three bedrooms in our house AND we co-sleep with our babies anyway. (Oh don’t act so shocked, you knew I was a little crunchy!) However, I am working towards making a nursery “corner” in my bedroom this time around. Hopefully I can employ some of these tips to make my bedroom more inviting and welcoming for the new baby. Luckily, I redecorated my bedroom last year (with the help of Target) and now have a calming yellow and gray theme in my bedroom that I absolutely LOVE. I think that will be perfect for the new baby. :-)

My Mini Kitchen Makeover – Part 2

(If you missed Part 1, check it out here!)

I’m a motivated person and I always like to have several projects going at once. I can’t *NOT* have some kind of a project either in progress or at least on my mind to start in the near future. I’m too type-A to just sit back, relax and enjoy life. I have a NEED to always be planning, making lists and doing SOMETHING! My friends and family compare me to Monica (from the TV series Friends).

So of course, before I got close to finishing My Living Room Makeover, I needed to start another project.

Not only did I start re-painting my bathroom, quite randomly, but I started working on planning a Mini Kitchen Makeover.

We purchased this house three years ago and while the kitchen wasn’t horrible, it’s definitely not my dream kitchen. You can tell it hasn’t been updated since the 90′s and we all know, that’s just not a good look. I started by removing all the ugly gold/brass light fixtures and hardware. Then eventually, we got a new fridge. The kitchen isn’t ugly, but it’s definitely not… awesome.


my kitchen

It’s boring and not very special (although I love my 50′s coffee tin sign.) The red counters are not my favorite although I’m not in a hurry to change them because they are really resilient and easy to clean. I also need to de-clutter a bit as you can see. Since we’ve been on a tight budget, we used stick-on linoleum tiles that look like real slate tiles to cover the hideous, disgusting, white tiles that were on the floor when we moved and in and thankfully our cheapo, one day of hard labor fix made a huge improvement to the kitchen and it looks great. For now… Honestly, I can’t wait till we can save up enough money to redo all our floors and put hardwood throughout the first floor of our house.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking it’s time for a new sink and a new faucet!

I want this one right here…

Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology

Before I even bought this house, I knew what I wanted my kitchen to look like eventually. Whenever I saw a commercial for the Delta Faucets with Touch2O Technology, I knew I HAD to have one. It’s been a dream of mine to literally, design my kitchen around that gorgeous faucet. And well… I’m going to do it!

First, I started by pinning all the things I love on my Inspired Living board on Pinterest.


Believe it or not, I’m Italian (my maiden name is Vitelli!) and I’ve always been inspired by Italy’s design style and elements. I feel that a warm, inviting, farmhouse style kitchen from the Tuscan hillsides is so appealing.

I also like the country farmhouse style kitchens, like this one below, and I’m hoping I can marry these two styles together in a way that will work for my home.

farmhouse kitchen

I adore the bamboo shades, the curtains on only the bottom half of the window, the bronze faucet and fixtures, the pons and pans hanging over a rustic island, the word “Family” over the window, and so many other little details.

So I’ve gathered all the pins of things I love in my Inspired Living board on Pinterest so I can sort through everything when the times comes and really dig on this kitchen makeover. Meanwhile, I want to do a couple little things just to make it feel new and updated. I’m, of course, starting with the faucet!

Other Things I Want To Do ASAP:

  1. I want a new sink! Maybe one like this.
  2. Need a new hood over the stove. Ours is from the 80′s I think…
  3. Paint the kitchen cabinets white, like these beauties.
  4. Get rid of my Fat Chef’s and aim for a more Tuscan farmhouse styled kitchen
  5. I need a backsplash like this subway tile blacksplash. I currently have ugly checkered wallpaper that is peeling off… Gross!

Hopefully I will get a chance to do some of those before winter. I’ve been so inspired by that faucet that I can’t wait to roll my sleeves up and start working on my kitchen!

Are you ready to get up and get moving? What would you do to your kitchen? Would you design your kitchen around a statement making faucet like the one I picked out above?


Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

Disclosure: We received compensation from Delta via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

Cabin Fever, Grilling and Camping Sales on One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Starting today, Monday, July 29th, One Kings Lane is featuring several great sales that will help your readers with all of their favorite summer activities. From grilling out to camping, One Kings Lane has a wonderfully curated selection of products that has something for everyone’s taste.

Here are a few things I’m loving from the Cabin Fever sale…

I absolutely LOVE One Kings Lane and purchased a number of things from them for My Living Room Makeover!

Sign up for One Kings Lane today and get a $15 credit for purchases of $30 or more!


My Mini Kitchen Makeover – Part 1

kitchen makeover

I know I’m not even finished with My Living Room Makeover yet, but I’m already starting to think about working on my kitchen before summer is over. I’m just so ambitious this year!

After looking at over 100 houses over 2 years, we finally found the perfect home for us in 2010. We purchased our first home and got the keys, literally 3 days after my son was born. We started moving in that day. This house was one of the first houses we looked at that didn’t need a major overhaul in the kitchen. Almost every other house we looked at that was within our budget, was ONLY within our budget because it needed the kitchen gutted. Or the kitchen had already been gutted and there was nothing but a bare room with plumbing. So needless to say, I was pretty happy that this kitchen was move-in ready. All I did was paint the walls and then moved everything in.

Over the last couple years, we’ve done little upgrades in the kitchen like changing the light fixtures from hideous brass and etched glass globes to bronze and frosted glass fixtures. We’ve also changed out the aged and discolored brass cabinets knobs with sleek bronze ones. Last December, I purchased a new Samsung 26 cu. ft. Side by Side Black Refrigerator to match our other black appliances in the kitchen. So slowly but surely, we’ve been making little upgrades and living with the things we aren’t super crazy about… like the faucet and kitchen sink.

kitchen sink

Our faucet and sink is ugly, old, out-dated and I hate it even more than I hate the burgundy laminate counter tops. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, it’s doesn’t function well at all. Last week, it started leaking again and it doesn’t seem to be taking well to our repair either. It’s also extremely hard to turn it for some reason. My husband has taken this stupid faucet apart at least 3 or 4 times since we’ve moved in trying to make it usable and it really is on it’s last leg… It’s time for a change!!!!

A while back, I heard about Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology and fell in love with the idea of being able to just tap the faucet to turn it on. What a genius invention! I’m sure someone who was a compulsive cleaner came up with the idea to help keep the faucet free from excessive finger prints, dirt, water, grime, etc. At least I think that’s the biggest bonus! Goes to show where my priorities are, right?

About Touch2O Technology:

With Touch2O Technology, a simple tap anywhere on the faucet spout, hub or handle activates the flow of water. An automatic shut off stops the flow after four minutes to prevent waste when water is not needed. Touch2O Technology relies on the science of capacitance to detect human touch.

Much like smart phones, ATM machines, tablets, computers and other devices that employ this type of touch technology, Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology is highly responsive and reliable. And unlike infrared sensors, outside factors such as lighting conditions, skin and clothing color and mirrors or reflections do not interfere with the sensing capability.

Automatic shut off after 4 minutes of running helps prevent water waste.

Yup, I’m sold. Sign me up! I need one of these babies in my kitchen, stat. But so many beautiful styles to choose from… which one would best fit the kitchen I wanted to create?

I decided to take the DELTA Inspired Living “What My Style?” Quiz to help determine which faucet I should go with. It asked multiple choice questions like which chandelier I liked best and what teapot would I choose. My results determined that my style is “Transitional”.

my style is transitional

The next test I took was the Find your Kitchen ID quiz. Five easy questions and they determined that my kitchen is a SHOWPIECE! Hahaha I wish. In an ideal world, my kitchen would be spotless and a showpiece, but my family members don’t allow me to keep it like that for more than 30 minutes. Then it’s back to looking… used. *sigh*

my kitchen is a showpiece

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, head over to the Delta Faucet website and check out their Inspired Living page to take the quizzes and get inspiration for your next big project.

I have an idea of what I want my kitchen to look like but I will have to spend a few hours on houzz and pinterest to add some more kitchen design ideas to my Inspired Living board on Pinterest. However, I was able to decide that I definitely want the Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology in Venetian® Bronze. It also comes in Artic Stainless, Chrome and Champagne Bronze™.

Pilar Faucet

Gorgeous, right? I can’t wait to start designing my whole kitchen around this sleek and stylish faucet! Now I just need to find a new sink to match and start thinking about countertops… Hmmmm….

I can’t wait to get my new Delta Touch2O Faucet to arrive so I can start my Mini Kitchen Makeover! Head over to the Delta Faucet website and check out the faucets and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to remodel your kitchen too!

delta logo

Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

Disclosure: We received compensation from Delta via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

Enter to Win $100 Shopping Spree for Swags Galore!

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My Living Room Makeover: And An Unhealthy Addiction to Target

My Living Room Makeover
PART 6 – An Unhealthy Addiction to Target

Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a Target addiction.

There I said it. What more do you want from me?! I mean… It’s just that… that… Target has everything I want in life! Home decor, fashionable clothing, shoes, furniture, makeup, jewelry, FOOD!

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve pinned at least 200+ things from Target on my Pinterest boards and have purchased over a dozen things from Target just for My Living Room Makeover.

Here’s the damage so far…

orange deer sculpture

I couldn’t resist this orange fawn figurine! First of all, it’s orange. Second of all, I love deer. Bingo! Into the cart it went. An excellent score at $24 plus I purchased over $75 of home decor items and got an additional 15% off – a special promotion that was happening at the time and an additional 5% off with my Target REDcard.

sunburst mirror

This Starburst Wall Mirror practically jumped into my shopping cart all on it’s own. At only $20, it just had to come home with me and I was determined I would find a spot for it in my house. It’s so sparkly and glamorous!


I bought TWO of these amazingly gorgeous orange velvet pillows when they were on sale for only $19.99 each (normally $29.99). Plus I saved even more because I got the additional 15% off from the special promotion and another 5% off with my Target REDcard! These pillows are the crowning glory on my couch. The turquoise trim around the edge is a nice touch. I’m in love with these pillows.

threshold starburst wood mirror

When I was in my local Target last week looking for white bookcases, I came across this Wooden Starburst Mirror that I had seen online for $49.99 and it was on sale for only $24.99!! To top it off, it looked just like one I saw on One Kings Lane for over $200 just days before. Yup, I had to have it. Good thing I bought it because now it’s the crowning glory for that side of the living room …

my living room

What do you think of the living room so far? I’m not done yet! It’s still a work in progress.