Fall/Winter Hairstyles to Try this Year

No matter what your age, there are numerous fall/winter 2012 hairstyles you can try. Below, we give you hairstyles for your 20′s, 30′s and beyond, including product recommendations, styling tricks and more. Keep reading to get your best hair yet this year!


Flavio Oliveira, owner and master stylist of Mode A Salon in Bronxville, New York, shares these tips to help you make the most of your hair in your 20′s. Says Flavio:

The twenty-something female has so many opportunities to explore her independence through fashion, beauty, lifestyle and career. The way a woman in her twenties expresses herself is creatively, whether she has long, medium or short hair.  For this on-the-go age group, the transition from day to evening can be as simple as styling a short do’ with a few bobby pins, styling a medium do’ with a low chignon or a half up/down do’ and with long hair, play around with a modified bun, braids, a messy ponytail and so many more.

If you have long hair, nothing is simpler – or sexier – than big volume and loose waves. To get the look, massage a quarter size amount of Clairol Volume Mousse into damp or dry hair, then give hair a light tousle for mega volume and subtle waves.

For a medium ‘do, try a casual chignon. To keep your bun looking perfect, use Clairol Shaping Gel to keep your style in place without feeling sticky or drying. Ladies with short locks should try a dramatic part and a sleek, undone style. Achieve this look by washing hair with Clairol Daily Shampoo, then apply a dime size amount of Clairol Leave-In Conditioner for frizz-free, sleek and shiny locks all day long.


Says Flavio:

As women approach their thirties, they want to convey a more polished and elegant look.  Oftentimes, they become more exigent with their appearance.  A mid length haircut can revive self-confidence by re-introducing personal style. For women in their thirties who have longer hair, Flavio suggests to make a quick braid.  Twist only half the braid into a bun and let the rest fall beautifully down the back.

If you’re in your 30′s, you want hairstyles that mesh with your busy lifestyle. To achieve a clean, crisp look for a bob or mid-length style, use Clairol Rinse-Off Conditioner to repair any damage, then style as usual. For curly hair, use Clairol Leave-In Conditioner for bouncy, shiny curls that are defined and frizz-free. For women in their 30′s who have longer hair, use a 1″ barrel curling iron to give your hair loose, beachy waves and finish the style with Nexxus Frizz-Defy Styling Cream.


For women in their 40′s, Flavio says:

As a woman approaches and gets into her forties, gray hair does too (sometimes, perhaps even before). Start with a mid length haircut with shorter layers and a vibrant hair gloss.  This boosts volume and creates a formal look. To ensure results, it’s important to develop confidence in a hair stylist.

We say that your 40′s can be your best “hair time,” if you use the right products and style your locks appropriately. For women with shorter hair who want to cover grays, use John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color in a shade no more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your current hue. To keep your style frizz-free, use Nexxus Frizz Defy Oil Treatment so your locks are silky & shiny all day long.

For medium-length hair or longer, shampoo and condition with Nexxus Frizz Defy Shampoo and Conditioner and style as usual. To finish your style, use Nexxus Frizz Defy Hairspray for all day old without any stiffness or stickiness.


Flavio’s words of wisdom:

Just because a woman turns fifty, doesn’t mean she should cut her hair short.  Women in their fifties are beautiful, sexy and more stylish than ever.  To enforce confidence, the ultimate hairstyle is mid length cut with some layers or bangs.

We totally agree! On that note, you can keep your hair looking glossy and free of grays with John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color. Keep your layers looking perfectly coiffed with Nexxus Frizz Defy Styling Cremeor use their oil treatment for sleek and shiny locks that last. However you choose to style your hair in this age group – curly, straight or something in between – confidence is key to looking your best.

Of course, on those days you just don’t feel like doing your hair, try a beret! Cute and stylish for any age group, a beret can transform your look without you having to announce to the world you’re having a bad day. Hartford York makes good berets in a wide variety of colors to suit your every mood.

As you can see, no matter what age group you’re in you can find the right products and styling tips to rock any hairstyle you choose. How did this post inspire you?

Fall 2012 Top Hair Trends You Can Try

Some hair styles never go out of… style! One of those hair styles is a long, sleek ponytail. We saw gorgeous, precise ponytails grace the 2012 Fall Runway and we can’t wait to wear this style all season long. The key is to use anti-frizz serums to add shine and dimension, while keeping frizz and humidity under control. Flat iron your ponytail for a sleek look. If you don’t have long hair, consider getting Hair extensions in London or any place that is local to you. Many salons do hair extensions now and you can even purchase them in some stores now for anyone looking to save a little money.

The days of big volume 80′s style hair is over this coming season! We are going to see more low-volume hair styles taking center stage. Women with thin, flat hair can rejoice! Find Hairdressers in London to help you achieve a low maintenance, low volume hair style this Fall.

Another fun trend we will be seeing a lot of is twisted hair! Whether you twist your ponytail, twist two pieces to do a half up half down style or twist the whole thing into a bun, you will be on-trend. There are so many different ways you can twist your hair. Look for pictures and tutorials on Pinterest for more inspiration.

I’m most excited about hair accessories coming back into style! Headbands, flowers, bobby pins, clips, scrunchies, headwraps, and more! I’ve always used hair sticks in my hair to keep my bun together since my hair is so thick and heavy. Finally, I will be on-trend instead of an odd ball!

Take time out of your busy schedule for Spa days. Take care of yourself and you’ll feel better and look better because of it! Even a Massage in London or somewhere near you, can make you feel a whole lot better!

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Playful & Pretty Chignons at Alice & Olivia Fall 2011

Alice & Olivia’s fall/winter 2011 collection by Stacey Bendet received a  fresh and playful accompaniment to the clothes with a fun hair look.  Thanks to lead stylist Thomas Dunkin and the Sebastien Hair Team, the models sported perky chignons as they presented the collection. The collection, along with the hair, evokes timeless elegance and unabashed glamour while speaking to the girl who’s flawlessly fun and full of life. The wistful elegance of the clothes pairs well with the very polished yet still flirty aspect of the chignons.

As you can see the hair is twisted at the front and tightly pulled back for a secure slightly undone bun. The chignons have a smooth, sleek polish to them. Try Sebastien Light Whipped Creme Conditioning Whip to get your hair smooth and ready to be manipulated. Accenting with a pretty clip, will add polish to this very flirty take on the simple “Fashion Bun” we’ve been seeing lately.

You can see with this one, they pulled out a few wisps to make it seem slightly undone.

You can easily emulate the effect of these chignons with a ponytail by twisting the sides (as seen on the model above) and leaving the ponytail loose.

For more on Sebastien hair products you can check out their website.

What do you think of this look? Are there any miracle products that make styling your hair a breeze?



Sneak Peek at Spring 2011 Hair Trends

Spring is time to renew your look while planning ahead for the more active times in the sun. In a few minutes you will be ready to transform into your new spring/ summer 2011 hairstyle. Whether you chose to wear the classic ponytail, modern chignon, top knot, wet look or curl/ wave this season is about naturalness and versatility in hair.

At The Fashionable Housewife, we have the details on each Hairstyle along with how-to’s and tips to get the best look for your face shape this fall.

We have exclusive tips from celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson from TLC’s What Not To Wear!

Star Hairstylist Recommendations:

“My favorite trends that will be hot for this spring are ombre highlights. I also think we’ll see at lot more pixie cuts and for those with shoulder length hair will rock sexy waves.

To get these waves be sure to spray Ted Gibson Build It Spray on damp hair. Blow dry hair in 1-2 inch sections using a round brush. Then section by section, curl your hair using a large barrel curling iron; this will create stylish waves. Set with Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hair Spray and you’re red carpet ready! Celebrities who rock waves include Mila Kunis, Beyonce and Jessica Alba.”

Photo Credit: http://www.tedgibsonsalon.com

Here is a quick outline of all the top trends this season. Later this month, we’ll give you the details on how to create each hairstyle!

Spring / Summer 2011 Hair Cuts

This seasons hair cuts allow easy styling while offering the option of put together or less put together. We see hair of all lengths offering styling variations. No matter what your hair desire, your cut should compliment your individual style.

The Bob

    Jessica Stroup (GQ after party)
    Dannii Minogue


    Jennifer Aniston (Allure)
    Katie Holmes (Elle)

Crop- Short looks

    Emma Watson
    Carrie Mullighan


Sun kissed hair color tailored to your skin tone for spring summer 2011. Either at home or with the professional, make sure to check out these websites;




For the confident women looking for a little extra attention…

Blonde Hair
For the women looking for fun…

For the women looking for a natural change…


Looking for the hottest hairstyles and hair trends for spring/ summer 2011? We have them all right here with detailed information on each style and how to make it work for you.

Hairstyling this season has options with a variety of textures. Choose a new look from the list of hair styles below.

  • Classic Ponytail
  • Modern Chignon
  • Top Knot
  • Wet Look
  • Curl/ Wave

Article by: Bill Schrlau

“Schrlau” is a freelance hairstylist working from Adam Broderick Salons & Spas in Ridgefield and Southbury CT on the East Coast. For reservations call 203-431-3994

Style Your Curls Like a Pro!

Working with your natural curls can get stressful and leave you with a less than frizz-free result. Luckily perfect party-worthy curls are within your reach.

Want to tame your curls like Tay-Tay? Keep reading!

According to pro hair stylist Craig Carter, who has worked with high-end designers like Donna Karen, Narcisco Rodriguez and Isaac Mizrahi, perfect curls are possible with the right prep work and products.

1. Shampoo and condition with products designed to fight frizz and smooth the hair cuticle. Drying or clarifying formulas will strip the curls of moisture and create a friendly breeding ground for frizz. Try shampoo and conditioners with the words “smoothing”, “moisturizing”, or “shine” in them. A lower concentration of Sulfates will also do the trick. These types of products will infuse the hair with moisture thus holding off frizz. Lanza’s Healing Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner would be a good choice for this to give your curl a smooth frizz-free head start.

2. Towel dry hair gently by squeezing the hair between your towel or better yet use a Turbie Twist to quickly dry without snapping your gorgeous strands. Rigorously drying the hair with a towel will ruin all of your hard work in the shower.  Allow the hair to reach 50% dry and then separate the hair in to 5 sections: bottom (below the ears), left side, right side, crown to the front, and crown to the top of ears. Saturate each section with a product designed to increase hair’s natural body and tame frizz, like Urban Therapy’s Curl Activator, which is a rich cream hair moisturizer (and available at drugstores for less than $5!).

3. Without touching hair too much, (which creates frizz), use a a hair dryer and diffuser to almost completely dry hair. This step usually takes about 20 minutes depending on length. Once hair is semi-dry, remove the diffuser and aim a strong air flow directly at the roots to separate and define curls.

4. When hair is completely dry, work fingers into hair for extra definition and finish with a light shine spray, like TIGI Bed Head Camera Ready. If you have cork screw  or S-shaped curls, gently mimicking the shape of the curl with the product will help your style last longer.

Bonus Beauty Cheat: Not every curl is as tight as its neighbor, especially if there has been any extensive heat damage in one area more so than others. Personally, I think rocking slightly undone curls is hot right now. But, if a few wayward curls are too loose for your liking, you can gently guide them into shape with a medium barrel curling iron to knock ‘em back in line. Happy styling ladies!

How do you curly girls battle frizz? And what products and techniques do you ladies use to get perfect curls?

Photo: CelebSalon

Fall 2010 / Winter 2011 Hair Colors

Fall 2010 Hair Color

Changing hair color, for most of us, is the easiest way to keep our current look updated without changing the cut. For fall keeping your hair color healthy and current is as easy as cooling and deepening the pre-existing tones.

You can still do your overall base color at home! However if you are working with any dimension, accents, or highlights you will need to schedule those salon visits now. For those of you really willing to learn how to do it all your self, check out tips on Herbal Essence. Clairol also has a huge selection of colors and styling tools to help you.

Red Hair

Reds this fall, keep it cool. Add cool tone highlights/ accents to create an updated look. We recommend a natural red, still bold, still strong, but natural. Clairol Herbal Essence Color, 048.5 Spicy Ginger-deep Intense Copper or Clairol Balsam Lasting Color Locking Creme System, Dark Auburn 613 are two beautiful shades for this fall. We also like Clairol Haircolor, Auburnin’ Hot – Auburn 35.

Blonde Hair

For those of you who love your blonde, no worries, cool it down with a few strategically placed low lights. To keep the look natural deepen the blonde just a little to keep it looking natural. Here are some natural looking blondes for fall. We recommend Clairol Hydrience Haircolor, Seashell 010 or Clairol Hydrience Haircolor, Sand Dollar 012. For those of you with color in your hair book an appointment with a professional for a partial high light & glaze.

We also like Clairol Hydrience Haircolor, Sunrise 004 or Clairol Hydrience Color, 014 Bamboo. For those of you with color already in your hair try an Herbal Essence Highlights Kit.


For fall Brunettes deepen the base color and keep some of the summer brunette tones as a highlight. The best way to do this is to have a professional work their magic. If you are doing this on your own and feel confident, section out some hair into foils with conditioner and use the darker color on hair not in foils. Then use another color on the hair in foils to get a shiny/ healthy color. We recommend Clairol Balsam Lasting Color Color Locking Creme System, Darkest Brown 616 1 system or Clairol Balsam Lasting Color Locking Creme System, Dark Ash Brown 614.

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Fall 2010 / Winter 2011 Hairstyles

Fall 2010 Hairstyles

Looking for the hottest hairstyles and hair trends for Fall 2010? Look no further! Here at The Fashionable Housewife, we have all the info on the latest hair trends, right here with detailed information on each style and how to make it work for you.

Hairstyling this season definitely has a purpose with a theme aiming towards natural texture. Mix it up this season and choose a brand new look from the list of hair styles below.

Flat Ironed Chignon

The chignon is polished and can be worn tight or loose to the head. It’s a totally fashionable look that is easy to re-create and wear for daytime or evening. This look was shown at the Calvin Klein Fall 2010 show and looked great on all the models. To get this chic look, just flat iron the hair, pull the hair into a low ponytail while making sure to keep the hair smooth, and finish by folding hair back into itself and securing with bobby pins. Use a light hold hair spray to keep flyaways at bay.

Classic Bun

The bun itself is clean and contemporary – not just for ballet class! The Classic Bun is perfect for all occasions as well as everyday wear. A great example of the classic bun was see on the BCBG Fall 2010 runway. The look is great for everyday wear and yet is contemporary enough for formal occasions and evenings out on the town. To style the classic bun, start by securing your hair in a ponytail with an elastic, either high or low, depending on your preference. Then simply twist your hair and hold it tight while wrapping it around the base of your ponytail (where the elastic is). Secure it with another elastic in a shade that is similar to your hair color and finish off with a few bobby pins. We recommend getting small and large bobby pins for extra security. Finish with a light hair spray to preserve your look. For fun, try accessories to create personal style and glamor.


The Pompadour is a beautiful formal look, especially taken from Fendi’s Fall 2010 show. Gel and other hair products with a stronger hold will work well in creating this hairstyle. Start by washing hair with a volumizing shampoo. Towel dry and then blow dry volume into your hair with your head upside down being sure to lift that root area. Use a volumizing mousse if you have one handy. Secure the hair up into the crown area, carefully backcomb everything up and smooth the hair a little. Finish by twisting the hair and securing with bobby pins. Don’t forget a light spritz of hair spray to hold your sexy style!

Retro Curls & Waves

Retro inspired hairstyles are going to be really hot for Fall 2010. Keep styles loose with deliberate direction and take cues from the Dior Fall 2010 runway. At Dior show, the ’30s-inspired waves were reminiscent of the Hollywood glamour of Jean Harlow. Timeless and sexy for sure! For longer hair, try softer looks like Farrah Fawcett waves. They are a great look for an everyday style or something quick before a night out with your girlfriends. To create this easy look, simply section the hair into 2 inch sections and carefully apply a medium hold texturizing product. Using a small curling iron, carefully curl the hair. As you work toward the top of your head, loosen the curls up a bit or switch to a larger curling iron. When you are finished curling all your hair, just pull and push the curl to make it look slightly tousled and then spray with a light hold hairspray.

The Ponytail

For those of you wanting to show off your stunning features or just wanting to keep things simple, the ponytail is for you this season! This look was shown at the Louis Vuitton and Max Azria runways for Fall 2010 and is probably the easiest trend for this season. To get the look, simply gather all of your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. After the ponytail is secure, spray with hairspray or use a small amount of hair gel into your hands run your hands over the hair in the same direction you did when gathering it into the ponytail. This will keep the look sleek while easily taming all the flyaways.

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