The Entrepreneur Revolution

This is, without doubt, one of the most exciting times to be living and working. The 21st century millionaire looks very different to the millionaires of the past. No longer do you have to be male, from the ‘right’ family, and running a multi national organization to be a millionaire. The person who walked past you yesterday on the street, the person in front of you in the queue to get your morning coffee this morning could likely be one of today’s entrepreneur millionaires – or on the way to becoming one.

And, guess what? They are not all men!

Welcome to the entrepreneur revolution. A ‘job for life’ has not existed for many years now, but most people are having a hard time catching up with that fact. The portfolio career has come into its own. This revolution is perfectly positioned to tap into everything that women do exceptionally well, quite naturally and unconsciously and without any stress.

Why? Because we were born to multi task in our sleep, our default communication style is one of collaboration and sharing, our natural characters are empowering and inspiring, we automatically see the best in everyone, we know how to operate on minimum sleep and maximum distraction and still get the job done, and we have creativity and vision coming out of our pores.

The Body Shop was devised over a cup of tea around the kitchen table, and look what happened with that idea!
By its very nature, the entrepreneur revolution is the perfect fit for the 21st century woman. The woman who has given up the ridiculous vision of previous generations of being super woman, rather the woman who knows what she wants, appreciates her value and power, is prepared to ask for what she needs, is able to stand in the centre of her own magnificence without blame or guilt and has the ability to change the world whilst changing nappies at the same time!

Welcome to our time! And it’s about time frankly! Enough with waiting in the wings for our curtain call, we can do our own calling thanks very much! However, we can live our lives our way whilst keeping our bras on – it would be a disaster for all concerned if I took mine off! We no longer have to mimic male testosterone driven character traits to be successful. We can now embrace our fabulous female character traits with pride and know with every cell of our bodies that we will succeed, flourish and blossom as a result.

We have the passion, the vision and the determination to make the most of this entrepreneur climate, we are in control of how business will run in the future and we are responsible for creating the healthy future for the women coming up behind us to step into.

No longer do we have to wait to be ‘seen’ as being good at our jobs to get the promotion and salary we deserve, as entrepreneurs we set our own salaries and always know we will be paid what we are worth.

All businesses will benefit from female entrepreneurs as we crate a catalyst for change wherever we go, we introduce the benefits of collaboration and inclusion that even the most established multi national organizations cannot ignore.

One of the tracks of my life is Sisters are doing it for themselves by Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin. That song was released a couple of decades ago, but now we are really living the message, with passion, conviction and power.

This is the time to step into the spotlight of your magnificence and shine. The world needs you!

Guest post written by: Katie Day

katie dayAbout Katie:

Katie Day is now on her 2nd book The Heart of Business continuing on from the The High-Heeled Leader: Embrace Your Feminine Power In Life And Work

Katie is currently working on some very exciting projects, as well as her new training program from her 2nd book. This very successful program around Unclogging the Arteries of Business and creating workability and love in the work place has been a big hit with small business as well as large corporate company’s.

Guest Post: Back-to-School with Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars

Take a Shine to These Back-to-School Shoe Saving Ideas

Celebrity Ballroom Dancer Cheryl Burke Reveals How to Send Your Children Back to School in Style

As children are preparing to return to school this fall, this season’s television celebrity dancing stars are also heading back to the studio dance floors.  I know I perform better when I look my best, so it’s no secret that children perform better in school when they look and feel their very best too. One way parents can help children put their best foot forward this fall – and to make the most of year’s clothing budget – is to make sure their shoes stay clean and new, and protected from the harsh elements – rain, snow, sleet, etc. Caring for your child’s shoes takes only a few minutes for long-lasting protection and savings that can last through the school year.

As a professional dancer, I always make sure my shoes are in tip-top shape – both on the dance floor and in my everyday life. Just because my shoes may look tired from last season – doesn’t mean I break the bank to replace them. There are simple, wallet-friendly steps I take to extend the life of my shoes – while ensuring they still look good. The best part is, they are easy and can be applied to almost any shoe so moms can follow my tips to keep their kids’ shoes in star condition this fall.

  • Save the Suede. If your child’s winter shoe of choice is the popular suede boot, it’s important to protect that investment and make sure they are ready for the upcoming cold weather. KIWI Shoe Care

    Suede Shoe Care Kit by KIWI

    has a line of protectors that work to create an invisible shield over shoes allowing them to weather the storm and stay protected against water and stains throughout the winter months. These are great products and I use them on all of my suede boots to keep them in good shape. It even works for backpacks and other types of bags.

  • Keep Sneakers White. Keeping sneakers clean is always tough – even if you just wear them to run or go to the gym, like me. We all know how dirty children’s sneakers can get from playing outdoors and how frustrating it can be when they look ruined – especially if they are brand new. KIWI Fast Acting Cleaner will keep your child’s sneakers in tip-top shape. It will quickly and effectively remove grass stains from sneakers to keep them clean and presentable – and can be used on multi-materials in all colors.
  • Change the Laces. Old, dirty laces can make a shoe appear to be in worse condition than it actually

    Cleaning Kit by KIWI

    is. Changing sneaker laces every once in a while helps to keep your child’s shoes looking fresh and new. Tie shoes with strong, abrasion resistant laces so that your child’s shoes survive more than just one season. Or, to bring new life to your child’s shoes swap out the white laces for a brighter color. I know I always loved fun, colorful laces when I was in school!

  • Shine it Up. Just like parents, kids need to keep their shoes looking shiny and new, especially when there is a special function at school like a concert or dance. With KIWI Express Shine™ Sponges and wipes, kids can easily and completely shine their shoes no matter how much – or how little – time they have. Plus, moms can keep wipes in their purse and car for last minute messes.

For additional tips on protecting and caring for your best shoes or for information on the KIWI products I use to keep my shoes in star condition, visit

Many thanks to Cheryl for these wonderful tips!  Cheryl’s photo  Kiwi product photos from

L.A. Stylist Mom Picks: Five Under $50 From Ruche!

L.A. Stylist Mom Picks: Five Under $50 From Ruche!

Rosey Adeline Cardigan $49.99

Espresso Large Hobo Bag $38.99

Mist Ruffle Tux Pocket Tank $36.99

Chenin Grape Scarf in Vanilla $22.99

Love Lace Navy Embroidered Tie Dress $46.99

I freaking love Ruche. It’s like the cheap Anthropologie, chock full of all things gorgeous and girlie and…reasonably priced! Most things are around the fifty-dollar mark, but you can find items for a bit more and (holla!) mostly less.

I think that my very fave has to be the Adeline cardigan for the sheer fact that it looks like a birthday cake, and who’s not a sucker for cake? (If you’re not, keep it to yourself.) Perfect right now with boots and leggings, it will easily pull double duty come springtime over your favorite dress with sandals. Did I mention that I heart it?

The Hobo is a no-brainer since it can easily house all the crap you keep insisting you can’t live without, including Pull-Ups and sippy cups for those of you who no longer need a full-blown diaper bag, but could still use the room. For forty bucks it makes sense, especially since its classic-hippie chic style won’t be passé any time soon. Get it.

I’m crazy about the detailing on the Pocket tank; teeny ruffles and bows are a Ruche signature, adding just enough eye candy to dress up an otherwise boring staple. It’s a versatile option with jeans or leggings over a long sleeved tee, and in the warmer months teamed up with a flowy cotton skirt. Did I mention that gray is the new black?

Ahhh the grape scarf, be still my heart. It’s just plain pretty, and the perfect match to un-mom a mom outfit of jeans and a tee. Nothing short of transforming, it’ll make you appear put together in lieu of put out on those pesky school morning drop offs…

Let’s not forget about this delicate dress in the surprise shade of navy – so much less obvious than black and way more modern. Although it appears to be fairly dressy, I’d wear it into the ground this summer with a pair motorcycle boots. You heard me correctly. There’s nothing I adore more than the dichotomy of an uber-feminine piece along side something tough, edgy, unexpected and above all? Chic. Ruche rules.

L.A. Stylist Mom has worked as a wardrobe stylist for celebrities, recording artists, television, and editorial for over 10 years. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and is available for consultation either in person, or online. She can be reached at, or via her website,