Teaching Your Baby to Love (and Respect) Water!

vintamina brena

Babies are naturally curious. They don’t know anything about the world around them, including the dangers. Here’s how to teach them a healthy respect for swimming pools, the beach, or just playing in the tub without being a buzzkill. From 6 Months To 1 Year Baby is just learning how to swim. The American Association […]

Tips For How to Hire a Private Investigator You Can Trust

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  If you watch old reruns of Veronica Mars, your choice of private investigator seems pretty obvious. But, what about in the real world? Here’s what you need to look for to get hooked up with an investigator you can trust.   Make Sure They’re Licensed! It sounds weird, but not all PIs are licensed. […]

5 Patio Pointers for Leisurely and Comfortable Living

5 patio pointers

Many homeowners consider their patio area to be one of the best parts of their house and somewhere that they feel really comfortable and relaxed in. A patio area can be a reflection the type of person that we are and a chance to showcase our interests and personalities. If you simply want a patio […]

The Entrepreneur Revolution

katie day

This is, without doubt, one of the most exciting times to be living and working. The 21st century millionaire looks very different to the millionaires of the past. No longer do you have to be male, from the ‘right’ family, and running a multi national organization to be a millionaire. The person who walked past […]

Guest Post: Back-to-School with Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Burke

Take a Shine to These Back-to-School Shoe Saving Ideas Celebrity Ballroom Dancer Cheryl Burke Reveals How to Send Your Children Back to School in Style As children are preparing to return to school this fall, this season’s television celebrity dancing stars are also heading back to the studio dance floors.  I know I perform better […]

L.A. Stylist Mom Picks: Five Under $50 From Ruche!


L.A. Stylist Mom Picks: Five Under $50 From Ruche! Rosey Adeline Cardigan $49.99 Espresso Large Hobo Bag $38.99 Mist Ruffle Tux Pocket Tank $36.99 Chenin Grape Scarf in Vanilla $22.99 Love Lace Navy Embroidered Tie Dress $46.99 I freaking love Ruche. It’s like the cheap Anthropologie, chock full of all things gorgeous and girlie and…reasonably […]