Can Donut Making be Fashionable?

When I got the opportunity to review 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked, I jumped on it!

When the book came in the mail, my husband was like “DONUTS?! What do donuts have to do with fashion?!!” I exclaimed, “Donuts can be fashionable! Somehow…

Okay, well maybe donuts can’t be fashionable, but we can MAKE them fashionably… Allright, maybe not that either…. but for crying out loud, at least they were YUMMY!

I corralled my brother in law into helping me make the donuts since he had a big deep fryer and he’s a professionally trained Chef. We flipped through the book and decided to make Chocolate Cake Donuts since it was our first time making donuts and the recipe sounded relatively easy.

We spread out everything we would need to make the donuts, including Dukan Diet Organic Cocoa Powder. (I know, Dr Dukan, donuts aren’t on my diet but I promise I only ate ONE!)

Now, it’s time to make a mess! I whipped out my KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer and went to town.

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Product Review: Febreze Wooden Wick Candles

It’s hard for me to do a product review of Febreze, because I’m kinda bias… I just absolutely love EVERYTHING from Febreze. I mean, they could make poop on a stick and I would probably at least give it a chance. Febreze can do no wrong in my book.

So of course, I was eager to try out their new Wooden Wick Candle.

The new Febreze Wooden Wick Candle brings the ambiance and sound of a crackling fire indoors. Available in a variety of Febreze Home Collections scents, this comforting candle burns for up to 80 hours! It’s their best candle yet.

I got the Anjou Pear Spice scent to review over a month ago. I didn’t think I’d like anything pear scented, but this is actually really, really nice.

There’s something cozy about sitting in front of a fire in the winter time. I live in the North East so I get to enjoy my fireplace at least half of the year up here. Thanks to Febreze, I can enjoy the sounds of a crackling fire any time of the year with their new wooden wick candles! The fabulous scents are just an added bonus.

I highly recommend Febreze’s new Wooden Wick Candle.

* The product for this review was provided to us free of charge for the purpose or product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit Air Freshener for Spring

Right now, sitting on my desk in front of me, is the new Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit Air Refresher from their new Destinations Collection.

It arrived the other day in a little box that was neatly wrapped in a BOBO Wrapping Scarf – an eco-friendly way to wrap gifts, that’s not only very pretty, but reusable! My daughter promptly stole the pretty green scarf and said it was her “super hero cape”.

Upon seeing the word “fruit” on a pink can of smelly stuff, I was afraid I was not going to be happy with the scent, especially since I’m so picky when it comes to smells. Thank goodness I was wrong! This stuff is amazing…

It’s a light, fruity scent that will make your whole house smell like Spring, even if it’s raining and gloomy outside!

The bottle describes the new scent as “Inspired by the winding canals of Thailand that are lines with dragon fruits, mangoes and papayas”. Personally I think it’s just a little can of awesomeness. They could have called this scent “AWESOME” without lying.

It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance that will remind you of your favorite tropical vacation. Being someone who hates winter with a bitter loath, I was delighted that a few sprays of this through the house and I was thinking of Florida and palm trees.

I’m so thankful that Febreze sent me this new scent to try out. I was already a huge fan of Febreze and a very loyal consumer, but getting to try out their new scents really remind me why I love them so much. Their products work great and I love how they smell. I can’t say that about any other air fresheners on the market.

What’s your favorite Febreze scent?

Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary

The Febreze Flameless Luminary is part of Febreze’s new Home Collection. It’s a scented room freshener disguised as a cute little piece of room decor.

When you buy the Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary Starter Kit, it comes with little decorative, scented shades you can change every to let a flickering light shine through. Replace your scented shades every couple weeks (or whenever you can’t smell it anymore). Febreze promises to have new scents and designs for every season of the year. I’m really hoping they have something spicy and warm like pumpkin pie flavor.

I currently have the Green Tea Citrus scent in my living room. It’s a crisp, light hint of citrus mingling with the robust aroma of green tea. While I love drinking green tea, I’m not crazy about smelling it… While the luminary is a fabulous idea, I’d really like to try another scent like Cranberry Pear or Pomegranate Mango. In the little pamphlet I got with my Flameless Luminary, it says the season scents will be Caramel Crisp, Orchard Cider and Vanilla Frost. I’m thinking I’m going to like the Vanilla Frost scent best, so I better stock up on it when I see it in the stores!

Febreze Flameless Luminary

The instructions were written for completely dummies so don’t even worry about this being complicated! You open a little packet, pull out the fragrance sleeve and slide it onto the the plastic pyramid base. When the paper sleeve is inserted, the base begins to flicker and release a warming glow. If you don’t want to waste the batteries, you can simple turn it off with the little on or off switch on the base. Just like most air fresheners, the Febreze sleeve starts out strong and slowly dissipates. It says to change them weekly, but mine lasted almost 3 weeks. I have allergies and am sometimes sensitive to strong scents, but I didn’t find the fragrance to be too strong or overbearing.

I think the biggest selling point of the Flameless Luminary is that it does not look like a room fresher like the stupid little Sense and Spray thingy. This completely blends into your decor like a candle or a knick knack. The only evidence you’ll find of it’s presence, is the pleasant fragrance in your room.

Other products in the Home Collection include the Scented Reed Diffuser, Soy Blend Candle and premium Room Spray. All are fabulous! I have the Scented Reed Diffuser in my walk in closet, the soy blend candle in my bathroom and the room spray in my kitchen. We’re a little bit obsessed with Febreze in my house…

The Febreze Home Collection is more than décor, it’s “a breath of fresh air!”

The Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary Starter Kit retails for about $15 and the Luminary Refills cost about $5 for 2 sleeves. You can find these Febreze Home Collection products online at and or in stores like Wal Mart, Target, and your local grocery store.

Forget Glade. Febreze Is Waaaaaaay Better!

I don’t know whether it’s just the glade lady that irritates me or the fact that she’s so obsessed with the way her house smells, but either way, I HATE Glade commercials.

To top it off, I’m not particularly impressed with Glad products either. Febreze is just way better in my opinion.

I’m not obsessed with the way my house smells, but I do have a Chihuahua, a toddler and a husband… so my house ends up smelling a little funky every now and again… My favorite solution is to grab Febreze Air Refresher and spray down the room.

I also have a Febreze Noticeables, Dual Scented Oil in Holiday Warmth and Winter Evening. Yeah, I know it’s a little unseasonal, but I liked woodsy scents and I bought a 2 pack…

And at the risk of sounding like that stupid Glade lady, it keeps the house smelling pleasant so when people walk in the front door they don’t smells dog and diapers…

I also have several Febreze Scented Candles throughout my house. Those are my favorite. I light them about 15 minutes before I am expecting company or in the presence of an obtrusive scent that has somehow made it’s way into my living space.

Since I like Febreze products so much, I’m thinking about trying the new Tide Liquid Detergent with Febreze Spring & Renewal, but not sure if I’ll like it. Have any of you ladies tried it yet? If so, what do you think??

Support Our Troops!!

Febreze has partnered with Family Dollar stores nationwide to send bottles of Febreze To Go to troops stationed abroad. The donation — a response to military requests — will freshen and eliminate odors on military gear and uniforms and bring the troops a refreshing piece of home.

You and your friends can help the effort by making your next Febreze purchase at Family Dollar. Through Veteran’s Day 2008, Febreze and Family Dollar will work in partnership with non-profit organization Operation Gratitude to send one 2.8 ounce bottle of Febreze To Go to a troop abroad for every Febreze item purchased at Family Dollar stores nationwide.

Febreze To Go Fabric Refresher uses the same unique formula that penetrates fabrics to eliminate odors – not cover them up – as the regular size Fabric Refresher, leaving a light, fresh scent. The Febreze donation serves to bring service members stationed overseas a refreshing piece of home by responding to a common product donation request. The compact, travel-size Febreze To Go can be used by troops to freshen and eliminate odors on virtually all fabrics, including military gear, uniforms, pillows and blankets.

Shameless Display Of Freshness

And we all know that our homes are a reflection of who we are! So any help we can get to help keep our homes clean and fresh is a good thing.

And when you think about it, it’s quite fashionable too!

So you’ll be happy to learn about a new offering from one of our fav companies: Febreze

The Febreze Fabric Refresher freshness you love is available in a bottle that blends with your home décor. Leave it out for easy-to-reach fabric freshness, any time. You won’t be able to resist a quick spritz here and there.

The Febreze Décor Collection is available in a multi-scented three pack or available for individual sale in three scents:

    Lavender Vanilla & Comfort
    Spring & Renewal
    Meadows & Rain

So not only will your home smell fresh and clean (even when it’s not) but it will stay looking neat and orderly with this discreet designer bottle.

I’ve got a bottle of the Lavender sitting on my end table right now…

And I’m not sharing. So go get your own >>