Can Donut Making be Fashionable?


When I got the opportunity to review 150 Best Donut Recipes: Fried or Baked, I jumped on it! When the book came in the mail, my husband was like “DONUTS?! What do donuts have to do with fashion?!!” I exclaimed, “Donuts can be fashionable! Somehow…” Okay, well maybe donuts can’t be fashionable, but we can [...]

Product Review: Febreze Wooden Wick Candles


It’s hard for me to do a product review of Febreze, because I’m kinda bias… I just absolutely love EVERYTHING from Febreze. I mean, they could make poop on a stick and I would probably at least give it a chance. Febreze can do no wrong in my book. So of course, I was eager [...]

Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary

Febreze Flameless Luminary

The Febreze Flameless Luminary is part of Febreze’s new Home Collection. It’s a scented room freshener disguised as a cute little piece of room decor. When you buy the Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary Starter Kit, it comes with little decorative, scented shades you can change every to let a flickering light shine through. Replace [...]

Forget Glade. Febreze Is Waaaaaaay Better!

I don’t know whether it’s just the glade lady that irritates me or the fact that she’s so obsessed with the way her house smells, but either way, I HATE Glade commercials. To top it off, I’m not particularly impressed with Glad products either. Febreze is just way better in my opinion. I’m not obsessed [...]

Support Our Troops!!


Febreze has partnered with Family Dollar stores nationwide to send bottles of Febreze To Go to troops stationed abroad. The donation — a response to military requests — will freshen and eliminate odors on military gear and uniforms and bring the troops a refreshing piece of home. You and your friends can help the effort [...]

Shameless Display Of Freshness


And we all know that our homes are a reflection of who we are! So any help we can get to help keep our homes clean and fresh is a good thing. And when you think about it, it’s quite fashionable too! So you’ll be happy to learn about a new offering from one of [...]