How To Get Back In Shape After Holidays Binging

Scared about the number you saw on the scale this morning?? Wondering how to get back into shape after the holidays? All that binging on cakes, cookies and pies left you feeling a little rounder than usual? Hoping you can get back on track after blowing your diet? We’ve got some QUICK AND EASY ways to get back in shape after the holidays!

Now, if you aren’t already making an effort to stay in shape and you aren’t on a diet OR exercising, then these tips and tricks below probably won’t do much for you. However, if you normally try to stay in shape, get exercise and are overall concerned about your health, then these quick and easy tricks will help you get back on track faster than usual!

1. Anti Cellulite Shorts

One of the fastest ways to drop weight (if you are already getting a little exercise and watching what you eat) is Anti Cellulite Shorts. How do they work? They help to increase your body’s core temperature which makes you sweat and rid excess water retention. It also helps to increase the rate at which you burn calories, making your exercise routine more effective.

I have personally tried and can recommend Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Shorts which retail for around $39.99 and come in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. They can be purchased on for $39.99, for $35.09 or for $39.99.

Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts Make Inches Disappear, quite literally. It says to wear them for 2 weeks to lose up to 2 pant sizes. I was super excited to find that I lost a whole pants after just THREE DAYS of wearing the Zaggora Hot Pants.

Zaggora Hot Pants are very similar to the Delfin Spa Shorts. Zaggora has a wide range of products from Short HotPants to Long HotPants and prices starting around $72.

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2. Slimming Tea

Holiday over eating can really get your digestive system out of whack… If you only gained a few pounds over the holiday season, you might really benefit from just “eliminating some toxins” from your system with something like Dukan Diet Slimming Tea. (You may experience more frequent bowel movements for the first couple of days after having used Dukan Diet Slimming Tea. This is simply an indication that the tea is eliminating “toxins” from the digestive system.) In another words, you’ll lose a few pounds! ;-)

Slimming Tea can be purchased on for $8.99 a box of 30 bags. Use my email address (dukan [at] sarahjean [dot] org) as your “referral” when signing up to receive a $10.00 coupon to use on your first order!

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My Super Duper Journey To Weight Loss

New year. New You! It’s time to wage war against your fat and put those muffin-tops and saddle bags to rest for good. Join us in losing 5 pounds this month!

I’ve been on a mission to eradicate adipose from my lower half for almost 2 years now. Half way into my pregnancy, despite my best efforts to not gain a huge amount of weight, I started looking like a blimp. Ugly stretch marks started to appear on my thighs, even though I slathered every anti-stretch mark cream and lotion available from my neck to my ankles at least 2 times a day. It didn’t work. Not only that, it made me feel like I did something wrong.

I tried so desperately to retain my perfect flesh as I watched it get ripped away from me as my body and belly grew bigger. By the time I gave birth, I didn’t even want to look at myself in a mirror, let alone be naked in front of one.

After months of trying to ignore how awful I felt about my body and just take care of my newborn, I finally decided I had to do something about it. My weight and the way I looked affected how I felt about myself so much, that it made going on with daily life extremely difficult.

This past Fall I started walking everyday, exercising, and was willing to try anything that might help. So I sent my squishy butt and saggy boobs to Mama Mio Bootcamp! After a little over a month on the program, I felt a huge change within myself as well as changes on the outside too. It really kicked me into high gear of taking my body back.

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For All Of You Ladies That Actually Exercise

I know, I know… It’s sometimes hard to find time to go for a walk or hit the gym after a long day of work, errands, picking the kids up from school, making dinner, cleaning the house, etc etc

But for those of you that do make a point to take out that hour to pay attention to your health, here’s a few things to help you make the most of your jog.

MBT Boost Sneakers in Rose

Available at: Zappos

1. First off, really consider investing in a pair of MBT sneakers. It’s the biggest favor you can do for yourself, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise. These unique sneakers make sure you are getting the absolute most out of every step you take, because it strengthens core muscles that walking, otherwise wouldn’t target. Expect to fork out between $169 and $300 for a pair, but you need to think of it as an investment in your health. You’ll find they are absolutely worth it.

For those of you in warmer climates and tighter budgets, go pick up a pair of $50 FitFlops.

2. When you get back from your jog (or your walk) you can feel exhausted and tired. If walking and jogging isn’t a part of your daily schedule it can be easy to get out of shape. I know if I go a couple days without walking, when I finally do go out, ly legs get all tingly and heavy feeling. When I get back, I slather them with [comfort zone] Vital Leg Cream-Gel or Leg Spray. Th cream-gel provides in intense cooling sensation that immediately relives the tingly, itchy feeling in my legs. The spray isn’t as intense, but is quick and easy to apply and feels heavenly on tired legs. I also like putting it on my lower back for temporary relief of sore muscles.

3. If exercise isn’t enough and your cellulite is still hanging around like your 35 year old son that just won’t move out, then try these great products from Bliss.

Bliss – Slim City Set

Available at:

You need fatgirlslim, a super potent cream that visibly diminishes those dastardly dimples. Turns out that some creams, really do work! This one features QuSome-encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick and targeted delivery of the skin-slimming stuff.

The second product you want is the the love handler to target your wiggly waist, tummy pudge and back fat? You can wage war on those not-so-hard ‘core’ areas with this genius gel, formulated for extended 8-hour caffeine release. With cooling mint oil and naturally-derived amino acid ingredients. I love the feeling of it after you put it on! It really feels like it’s working.

4. If you have small children, getting out for a walk can be even harder. And when you think about toting them in that stupid umbrella stroller, you probably feel like just staying home. I don’t blame you! But I have news for you sister… you ain’t getting out of it that easy!

Mutsy 4 Rider

Available at:

Introducing Mutsy!

I don’t leave home without my Mutsy 4Rider Light Stroller. You wouldn’t think that there would be a huge difference between a cheap Graco stroller from Wal Mart and a nice high-end stroller, but WOWEEE! HUGE difference. Bumps that once shook your poor infant into a coma seem like fluffy clouds passing by. It pushes sooooo easily and effortlessly, plus the handles are adjustable and putting it together is totally intuitive.

Plus it’s really easy to fold up and take with you in the trunk of your car (we have a mini-van). I really love mine and now that I’ve had and used such a fantastic stroller, I have no idea how I lived without it. It really is indispensable. The only bad thing I could even think to say about this stroller is the lack of a cup holder. lol

If you have to take your stroller any sizable distance and you can’t convince your poor husband push it, seriously consider getting a Mutsy stroller. You’ll thank me later…