Firmer, Tighter, More Toned Skin in 5 Minutes?


Yup. That’s just about exactly what my belly looks like right about now, but not for long! Post-partum belly’s are not one of my favorite things in the world. I had my third child one month ago and I’m hell-bent on getting back into shape. As if labor, childbirth, after-pains and lochia aren’t bad enough, […]

How To Get Back In Shape After Holidays Binging


Scared about the number you saw on the scale this morning?? Wondering how to get back into shape after the holidays? All that binging on cakes, cookies and pies left you feeling a little rounder than usual? Hoping you can get back on track after blowing your diet? We’ve got some QUICK AND EASY ways […]

My Super Duper Journey To Weight Loss

Woman Weighing Herself Wearing Cute Fun Girlie Socks

New year. New You! It’s time to wage war against your fat and put those muffin-tops and saddle bags to rest for good. Join us in losing 5 pounds this month! I’ve been on a mission to eradicate adipose from my lower half for almost 2 years now. Half way into my pregnancy, despite my […]

For All Of You Ladies That Actually Exercise


I know, I know… It’s sometimes hard to find time to go for a walk or hit the gym after a long day of work, errands, picking the kids up from school, making dinner, cleaning the house, etc etc But for those of you that do make a point to take out that hour to […]