The Fashion of Pantone

We are excited to share the lovely infographic below on “The Fashion of Pantone” that shows the last 5 years seasonal colors and how the shade was embraced by some of the most prestigious and well known designers around the world. It’s amazing to see the colors and remembering wanting to buy up everything in that color for that season. I’m really looking forward to getting more GREEN in my wardrobe

Pantone actually created a color matching system that helps manufacturers in different locations use the same color tones which help ensure that we are purchasing THE “it color” of the season no matter where we shop. I just love fashion!

The Fashion of Pantone – An infographic by the team at Farfetch

Which season’s color was your favorite? I’m looking forward to GREEN!

Fall Color Trend: Oxblood

Despite the somewhat ominous name, oxblood – a bold cranberry/burgundy shade – is one of the hottest hues for fall. This color plays well with gold, chambray and solids and can add a bit of mysteriousness to your existing wardrobe staples.

To ease into the trend, start by wearing a pair of oxblood heels with sleek skinny jeans and a blouse, or highlight your neutral pieces with a rich handbag in the shade. We’ve included a widget at the top of this post with style ideas for your perusal, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Here, some other ways to wear the trend:

  • Vamp it up with an oxblood nail polish. This color will look best on short, slightly rounded nails.
  • A pair of pointed booties over a pair of opaque black tights and a form-fitting dress is perfect for a night on the town.
  • Wear a scarf in this bold hue to help you keep fall’s chill at bay while looking super stylish to boot.
  • Fedoras or cloche hats are cute, comfortable and just a little bit mysterious when done up in this rich red shade.

Now that we’ve given you some style ideas to try this season, why not show off your fashion know-how by sharing a picture of how you rocked the trend? No picture? No problem! Just share with us in the comments how you plan to incorporate this fall color trend into your wardrobe.