Preparing for a Trip to the Spa and Salon

Preparing for a Trip to the Spa and Salon


A trip to a reputable spa and salon in Milwaukee can be just what the doctor ordered. After a stressful week or month, there is nothing quite like a relaxing spa service to clear your mind. To get the most out of your appointment, it is best to prepare for your upcoming appointment beforehand.


Eat Just Enough


You will want to eat just enough before your appointment. You don’t want to be hungry while you are at the salon, but you also don’t want to be so full that you are uncomfortable or need to spend time in the bathroom during your appointment.


Wear Comfortable Clothing


Whether you are going in for a salon service and will be sitting in the hairstylist’s chair, or are interested in a massage or facial, wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is your best bet. Your clothing should be easy to remove before a massage and should feel comfortable to stand and sit in. If you will be having your toenails done, wear pants or shorts because your feet will be propped up, so a skirt isn’t the best way to go.


Don’t Wear Makeup


Wearing makeup will only hinder the experience. Your massage therapist needs access to your face and wearing makeup will only make their job harder and can harm your skin. Instead, arrive at your appointment with clean, moisturized skin.


If you will also be getting a facial done during your appointment, then a facial should be completed after the massage. You will be lying on your face for a good portion of the massage, which is why it is better to have the facial done after you have enjoyed a relaxing massage.


Ask Questions


If you have any questions about the procedure or your stylist’s or massage therapist’s qualifications, just ask. Your favorite spa and salon in Milwaukee should be more than happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need to better prepare for your upcoming appointment. Your friends, neighbors, and coworkers can also give you a better idea of what to expect from the services you are interested in.

The Best Facial Masks for Skin Care

skin care productsWhen it comes to our beauty routine, we all know about choosing a cleanser and toner for daily use, a good exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, and a serum or cream to moisturize. But what is the most often overlooked yet critical component to having beautiful skin? It is the wonders and benefits that the best facial mask usage can bring us.

Maintaining a regular facial mask regimen is an amazing way to treat your skin to a variety of natural and organic ingredients. Clay and mud masks provide deep cleansing and purification, herbal masks help for an even complexion and breakout prevention, and masks with essential oils and butters hydrate and nourish the skin. A facial mask is an also excuse to lay back, deep breathe, and take a 20 minute meditation break from your stressful day. Here I will compare 3 such facial masks and discuss their benefits.


1.      Moor Mask

This great product is pure 100% herbal mud taken from the Lowland moors. It is a thick, jet black, wet mask that has a healing and calming effect on the skin. It does wonders for problem skin conditions or breakouts, and with a 21-day intensive treatment can completely clear and restore your complexion. It is a deep cleansing mask that leaves the skin soft and silky without having a drying effect. It can also repair skin problems such as damage caused from prolonged sun exposure and dermatitis. What I love most about the Moor Mask is that it feels so calming and silky smooth on the skin for a really relaxing facial.


2.      Vivoderm Anti-Aging Mask

This all herbal mask is mixed with yogurt or pure aloe vera gel to give the skin a great natural makeover and pick-me-up. It is lightly exfoliating and leaves the skin soft, tight, and radiant. It shrinks enlarged pores and makes dull skin tone much more vibrant. My favorite thing about the Vivoderm Mask is that is exfoliates and really improves my dull complexion.


3.      Renu Derma Green Clay Facial Mask

This mask is enriched with vitamin C, green clay, and aloe vera. It is a thick mask that dries completely on the skin. The results from this mask are just wonderful, as it leaves the skin deeply cleansed, feelingtighter, and firmer. The mask is intense – it opens up the pores, and is also a great anti-aging tool. What I love most about this facial mask is what my skin feels like immediately after washing it off – it is just so smooth, tight, and clean.

Using a bi-weekly facial mask regimen can be such an added bonus to your anti-aging, deep cleansing, and complexion-purifying skin care routine. Not to mention they are great to use while submersed in a warm candle-lit bubble bath infused with essential oils. But don’t just take my word for it – try out the best facial masks out for yourself. Get recommendations fora great facial mask rotation based on your age, skin type, and any specific skin problems. Good luck and stay beautiful!

Author: John Mathews


About the Author

John Mathews lives in Rome, Italy and is a self-proclaimed skin care enthusiast spending countless hours sampling and testing out which products really work for which type of skin. He runs the website that provides targeted full skin care routine recommendations for unprecedented results. He offers a yearly membership package to ensure that his customers each get the very best price available for top-quality skin care products.


The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach Debuts Eau Spa

Eau Spa

Are you looking for a place to get fancy? Take time out and pay a visit to Eau Spa located in The Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget…

The $30-million retreat offers a distinct setting for adults to engage in a magical spa experience with its variety of sensational beauty treatments and surprising touches throughout. Eau Spa’s debut completes the recent transformations of more than $100 million of the AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Five-Star Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach resort.

Eau Spa is a glamorous retreat that allows guests to engage in magical spa experiences with a variety of sensational beauty treatments and surprising touches throughout. You can indulge in extravagant services like an amazing Platinum and Diamond Facial ($400 for 75 minutes) or a Elemis Hawaiian Wave Four Hands Massage ($280 for 50 minutes). And if you’re getting married, there is a special little spa treatment for you too.

The Self-Centered Garden invites you to lose yourself and abandon the rules of adulthood within the open-air sanctuary where nature twines with manmade imaginings. Relax on gently swaying swing chairs while trailing your feet in a pool of shallow water. As sundials tick to the clock of another world’s time, sunbathe while reading a book or just languish on waterfall benches as a warm embrace of falling water erases stress and tension from neck and shoulder muscles.

Play at the Scrub and Polish Bar and create a personalized blend of aromatic herbs, soothing oils and gritty sea salts. Twelve of the 19 Spa Villas offer a private escape in the peacefulness of the rich, natural surroundings. Three opulent Couple’s Villas provide an intimate experience far beyond treatments, with lavish garden enclaves, oversized tubs and outdoor rainfall showers for an open-air spa experience to cleanse one’s spirit and quench a thirst for sensuality.

EauSpa1 EauSpa2 EauSpa3

I got the chance to review a little gift bag containing products used at the spa. My little goody bag consisted of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and a bar of soap, all in the Eau Spa signature scent which is Green Tea and Lemongrass.

I’m not a huge fan of anything green tea scented, but this was actually quite pleasant. I think the lemongrass and other natural ingredients really balanced it out and made for a heavenly sensory experience. The shampoo and conditioner was way nicer than anything I’ve seen come from a hotel! The bar of luxury soap lathered nicely and left my skin silky smooth and squeaky clean, without any residue or soapy feeling afterward (like some soaps do). And the body lotion was smooth and very moisturizing, not greasy at all. It soaked into my skin quickly and left a light scent which lasted long enough for me to forget why I smelled so good…

eauspa5After a little pampering with their fine products, I felt like I had my own little spa session right in my own tiny bathroom! It was no diamond facial, but it was definitely a nice little treat for this busy mom!

Their products were just lovely and if I ever become rich and famous, I’m definitely going there for an afternoon of pampering and luxury.

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So Potent, So Pure, You Could Just Kiss My Face!

logo-kissmyfaceNot that you’d want to, but you could!

I’ve been using the new Potent And Pure facial skincare system from Kiss My Face and loving just about every product in the collection. The Kiss My Face Potent and Pure facial care system is formulated with the highest quality and most effective ingredients that nature has to offer. They used only the most potent and pure extracts and organic or wildcrafted botanicals in abundant concentrations, so you’ll see the results you expect and more.

This system was created by combining the latest scientific research with beneficial botanicals, vitamins, extracts and minerals that are time tested and true. These are among the cleanest products available, great for sensitive skin and free of ingredients that clog pores. No parabens, phthalates, SLS, artificial colors and fragrances, and not tested on animals. What more could you ask for?

If you’re looking for a new way to pamper your face, this is it.

For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been using the entire Potent And Pure line. I start my morning off by cleansing my face with the Start Up, Exfoliating Face Wash. It’s gentle enough to use 2x a day, so I use it both morning and evenings. (I also use it with my Clarisonic Skincare Brush!!)

Then I use a light spritz of the Balancing Act, Facial Toner. You could spray it on a cotton ball if you wanted to, but I just close my eyes and spray my face with 2 or 3 squirts. It smells natural and pure, so it’s a pleasant wake-me-up that also helps close your freshly cleansed pores so no new dirt gets in there.

A little dab will do ya, when using the Break Out, Botanical Acne Gel. This super potent acne-obliterating concoction will make you cry if you use too much! Potent ingredients like tea tree oil clears up acne in just a few days and keeps new acne from ‘popping up’… haha pun not intended.

If I’m going to wear makeup (powder or liquid foundation) I prep my skin with a light layer of the Brightening Day Creme with SPF 4. I have found that it works really well under liquid foundations. It’s a really smooth cream that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Makeup won’t “slide off” or melt when applied on top of this super skin protector.

If you normally use a powder foundation, try the C The Change, Ester C Serum. It’s less moisturizing so your powder won’t absorb into it as the day wears on.

If you don’t have a problem with oily skin, I recommend using the Under Age, Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin.

Clean For A Day Cleanser For Normal to Dry Skin is best for you gals lucky enough to not have acne anymore. This cleanser is also great for getting waterproof eye makeup and mascara off.

At the end of the day, I wash my makeup off with the So Refined, Jojoba & Mint Facial Scrub. I love this scrub! It’s super gentle, yet it works great. It gets all my makeup off and leaves my skin fresh and clean.

If I have time, I spend 10 minutes with a light layer of Pore Shrink, Deep Pore Cleansing Mask over my entire face. This is probably one of my favorite products in the collection. It actually DOES shrink your pores! First pore-shrinking product I’ve ever used that actually worked…

I remove the mask with lots of warm water and the Start Up, Exfoliating Face Wash. Then I spritz on the Balancing Act, Facial Toner and let it dry while I’m brushing my teeth.

I close out my night time facial routine with Eyewitness, Eye Repair Creme all around my eyes and Intensive Repair Night Creme all over the rest of my face, as well as my neck. I rest easy knowing my face is protected and being repaired while I’m sleeping!

Buy the entire Kiss My Face Potent And Pure Facial Skincare System on Checkout easily with PayPal and new customers can get $5 off their order of $30 or more. Spend more save more! Get $10 ooff your order of $50 or more! Click here to start shopping.

ALDI Offers A Do-It-Yourself European Facial For Under $10!

lacuraThe slumping economy has definitely forced many women to take a closer look at how they can get the most bang for their beauty buck.

Whilst navigating my industrial sized shopping cart through my local ALDI, my eyes locked in on a very interesting display box. Could that be lip balm? In a tell-tale European-style package? It was! I swung my cart around and made a beeline for the Lacura display. Lacura is a line exclusively developed for ALDI discount food chain. All the products are made in Germany and the brand includes skincare and makeup. Granted, the line is not extensive, but it’s got basics that range from $1.99- $6.99. You can check out the offerings by visiting I decided to venture into this new line by picking up some “pampering” products that I had recently cut from my regular skincare lineup in order to economize. I purchased the Exfoliating Peeling Gel and the Hydra Complete Mask for $2.99USD each, and 2 three-packs of lip balm for $1.99USD each. Even though these products are dirt cheap, I was pleasantly surprised. And even if they didn’t wow me, ALDI offers a refund!

The Exfoliating Peeling Gel comes in a 2.54floz squeeze tube, with a flip-top cap. This may not be a factor for some, but the packaging is great for under three bucks! The name “Exfoliating Peeling Gel” is slightly misleading, because it’s really just a gel-based scrub. However, you’d mistake it for a higher-end scrub. After cleansing, I patted my face until damp, and applied a nickel-sized dollop. It doesn’t foam unless you get really vigorous, but I could immediately feel the scrub working. The beads are so tiny, I can barely tell that they’re round. I also believe that they are the plastic kind, not crushed nutshells or pits that other scrubs may use. There’s no scratching, but you can still feel it working. Amazing. After my experience with the scrub, I moved on to the Hydra Complete Mask. This is also in a squeeze tube and 2.54floz. I slathered on a thick coat and waited 15 minutes. Then I wiped it off with a wet washcloth (you can also tissue it off). I was left with smooth, glowing skin.

The mask was definitely hydrating, without being greasy. Last, but not least, was the lip balm. I bought the Sensitive formula, and the Pearl Shine. Each contained 3 tubes for $1.99USD. What a deal! Both are extremely smooth and moisturizing, with pleasant scent and taste. The only difference is the Pearl Shine offers just a hint of glimmer. NOT glitter. My experience with this line left me feeling like my money was well spent, and my skin looked like I spent the day at a European spa. I was able to give myself a European-Style facial for less than ten bucks! Next time I’m bargain shopping for groceries at ALDI, I’ll be sure to try some more Lacura products.

Read more about Lacura >>

Get A FREE Get-Glowing Mini-Facial from Origins

Origins Online (ELC)

I wanted to let you know the FREE Get-Glowing Mini-Facial from Origins just launched! From May 11th – 31st 2009, pamper your mom (late mother’s day present?), yourself and friends with the help of Origins skincare experts.

You can choose from a menu of treatments including Firm and Lift, Relieve Redness or Hydrate and Repair. Following the customized mini-facial, you can take home a sample of an Origins expert skincare product.

To book your appointment, call or visit an Origins store near you.

Click here to view the gift and send a virtual gift to your friend!

My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Ever wonder what other gal’s do to their faces before bed? If you haven’t really gotten into a night time skin care routine you might not know where to begin.

There are so many creams and facial moisturizers that claim to be geared for night time renewal, but do they really work and do you really need to use “night cream” at night? Not really.

Here’s my night time skin care routine:

1. First I brush my teeth with the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrushicon and Crest Vivid White Night, Fluoride Toothpaste in “Moonlight Mint”icon. If I have time, I’ll also floss with Crest Glide Dental Flossicon and swish a little Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash in Natural Citrusicon just for good measure.

2. I wet my face with warm water and then go to town on with my CLARISONIC® Skincare System. Depending on the severity of my acne that day or the dryness of my skin, I’ll use either Avalon Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel or the CLARISONIC Refreshing Gel Cleanser for Normal/Oily Skinicon. If my skin is extra dry or flaky, then I use Emerita Microdermabrasion Face Scrub with the Clarisonic.

3. After I pat my face dry, I apply Tea Tree Oilicon to any acne or acne prone area (chin, lower cheeks, etc). I let that dry slightly and then apply a light layer of moisturizer. Either Pangea Organics French Chamomile And Orange Blossom Face Cream or my favorite (which is discontinued) Biore Shine Control Moisturizer. My new favorite is the Beauty Company Nourishing Oil-Free Moisturizer.


4. Recently, I’ve started another habit of applying RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serumicon every night. I’ve only been using it for about 1 week now and you’re supposed to use it for 4 weeks to see results. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going!

5. While that’s drying a little bit, I check my eyebrows and pluck any stray hairs I find. I don’t pluck my eyebrows very much… Just mainly keep them tame. They’re pretty out of control most of the time and it would be a full time job to keep them perfectly groomed, so I’ve given up. I just try to make sure they’re not scaring people!

6. Lastly, I put a thick layer of Jafra Extra Care Cream on my lips and a dab under each eye and then I’m off to bed!

No special night creams. The only night time product I really use is the Crest Vivid White Night, Fluoride Toothpaste in “Moonlight Mint”icon. Looooove that stuff… Works really well too!

So there you have it. That’s my night time skin care routine! What’s yours?