7 Crafty Projects You’ve Never Tried With Your Printer

Have you ever thought about doing craft projects with your printer? Probably not! There are actually many different things you can do with your printer that you probably haven’t even thought of. Below find 7 craft projects you can try with your printer. I bet you already have some of the things you need right […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Electrician Before He Starts!


No matter how good you are at DIY, some jobs simply require a highly trained professional. Electricians are there for your safety and convenience, but before you invite anyone into your home to carry out difficult and often dangerous work, always ask the following five questions. 1. Are you qualified? This might sound like a […]

Early Holiday Prep: Perfect DIY Ideas For This Christmas

perfect diy ideas for christmas

With the smell of cinnamon in the air, a plentiful bounty of chocolate orange and piles of presents waiting to be wrapped, hidden in the airing cupboard, you know that Christmas is on the way. Besides assembling a precariously balanced gingerbread house (and reminding everyone to watch out for toothpicks whilst eating it, as they […]

Because Sometimes You Can’t DIY…

DIY disaster

We’ve all done it. We’ve scrolled through photos and articles about Kitchen Remodels and other home makeovers on Pinterest and here at BlogHer and thought “I bet I could do that.” Here’s a tip: don’t.  At least don’t try to go it alone—especially if you don’t have any contracting or construction experience yourself! Doing minor […]

Ideas and Hacks For Storing Your Makeup and Beauty Products

makeup Collage

The art of making yourself beautiful is not without its trials. Stained hands, mess on the carpet and keeping everything together are just a few of the hazards to overcome. That’s why we have put together a list of great ideas and hacks, which aim to relieve the stress of beauty mess. Sidestep Stains Orange […]

Take Control of your DIY Fears and Tile your Bathroom Floor This Weekend


To some homeowners, the very mention of DIY has them breaking out into a sweat and wondering whether to call in professional help rather than tackle a job themselves. It is certainly true that some DIY tasks would be best left to the professionals, but tiling your bathroom floor is a good example of a […]

Another Snow Day: How to Keep Your Kids From Driving You Crazy

another snow day

     It’s another snow day. You should be excited about the snow, but the kids are home with you all day. You love your children, but they’re a little hyperactive when there’s nothing to do. So, to keep yourself sane, and your kids occupied, here are a few things you can do with them […]

Must-Read: DIY Recipe to Reduce Cellulite


How many of us suffer from embarrassing and unsightly cellulite? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely get rid of it, but there are things we can do to temporarily minimize its appearance. Indie Lee, founder of the all natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co has shared one of her DIY recipes with us. This at-home scrub not only works […]

Fun DIY Fashion: Splatter Paint

splatter paint t-shirt

It’s not always necessary to get dressed up and look pretty… sometimes, it’s best to just go all out and wear something fun and fabulous! One trend that’s pulling ahead big time is splatter paint clothing. Sure, you can go buy the clothes, or make your own with a sewing pattern, but then what will […]