Online Shopping: 7 Strategies for Big Savings

7 Tips for Shopping Online

Buying online is supposed to be about finding better shopping opportunities and better prices. You need to go about it the right way, though, to make sure that you really do see these benefits. Here are 7 shopping strategies to help you make the best of your time shopping online.


With some products, you can buy in large quantities to save

Many online stores offer steep discounts to those who order their products in bulk. If you choose to bulk-order a product that you use a lot of – diapers or other baby care items, for instance – you’ll save plenty both on product and delivery costs. We love shopping places like Costco.

Look Around For The Lowest Prices

It’s far easier to compare prices and shop around when it’s online rather than at physical stores. Yet, to many people, the extreme ease of comparison shopping that online shopping allows only encourages laziness. A surprising number of shoppers look at no more than two well-known stores when making purchases online. It’s important to resist the temptation to click that Buy button, the first chance that you get.

Shopping On Impulse

The reason it’s hard to be responsible and shop around when buying online is that having everything you need to buy at the tip of a mouse arrow encourages impulse spending. It’s easier to hit Buy than it is to take an item to checkout at a physical store, wait in line and ring through a purchase.

Online shopping comes with some of the same dangers that shopping with credit cards is known for – the buying process is so quick and effortless that you don’t quite realize what you’re doing. With both it’s easy to buy more than you need. It’s important to guard against impulse shopping when you go online then.

Keep an Eye on Shipping Costs

The shipping facilities at a store can be an important part of the shopping experience they offer. Some even offer guaranteed next-day delivery ( has a great selection of such stores).

Shipping, though, can be expensive. Approximately half of all online shopping attempts are abandoned at the stage where the shipping costs are revealed. It makes sense that people would cut and run when they see the shipping costs involved – unless a shopper is signed up to a shipping program like Amazon Prime, shipping costs can be so expensive that any savings on attractively priced products are wiped out. Before you begin shopping online, you should set yourself a shipping budget for the month. It’s important to never exceed it.

You can get FREE 2 day shipping with memberships like Amazon Prime and ShopRunner.

Don’t Forget To Always Check For Coupon Codes!

There are more coupons available for online shopping than there are for shopping at physical stores. Before you pick one product over another at an online store, it’s important that you consult a search engine for the products that you can find the best coupons for. To savvy online shoppers, coupon availability is always an important factor in the product they finally decide to buy.

My favorite happens to be RetailMeNot.

Make Purchases Through a Cashback Website

Doing your online shopping through a cashback service can be a great way to save money. This is how cashback services work. A business decides to sign up as an affiliate to a shopping website. As an affiliate, they get a commission for every sale that they make for the shopping site. They then advertise to shoppers that when they shop with them, they get a share of the affiliate commission that they make – in the form of a cashback deal. These websites usually work very well. As long as you choose a well-known site like TopCashback or EBATES, you should make a great bit of savings.

Shop Like a Pro with Mobile Apps

Mobile shopping apps bring you all kinds of money-saving tricks. You get to find where the best deals are, get special offer alerts and so on. You can even have them help you monitor how much you spend. New mobile apps come up all the time – you need to be on the lookout and grab a few. I happen to love using apps for stores like RueLaLa and Zulily as well as shopping apps like ShopStyle.


GUEST BLOGGER: Elise Brooks prides herself on living well on a tight budget. She greatly enjoys blogging about the strategies and resources for smart money management in today’s households.

Great Gift Ideas For Every Family Member

giftsIt isn’t always easy to come up with good gift ideas for each and every member of your family. Each member of your family is an individual, and all have different and varied interests that you should think about in detail when attempting to find the perfect gift. No matter if it is for your son or daughter, your niece in college, or even your great-aunt or uncle, tackling the issue of finding the perfect gift solution can be easy if you just have a few good starting places in mind.

Think About Technology Lovers In Your Family

In this day and age, there is a great influx of technology that can be overwhelming in some ways. That being said, it is hard not to please with a gift of electronics, be it computers, video games, or even a great deal you found on an LCD television. Many stores often hold sales regarding these items, and they are real crowd pleasers, especially with the younger members of your family wanting a new iPod for their birthdays.

There are many large electronic chains that cater to these particular needs, and many coupons to be found for them. You may find websites online that suggest to use this coupon code from Best Buy for free shipping, so you should take full advantage of them. You may find the perfect gift for the technology lover in your family for an amazing price if you shop smart.

Sentimental Gifts Are Great Keepsakes

There are many options to make a gift very personal and sentimental for the member of your family that you are purchasing for. Nowadays, you will find that digital picture frames can be a very special and interactive way to remind your relatives of a happy event. You can often program these picture frames to support a slideshow, and enjoy some of the best moments of your life that you have spent with them. They will appreciate this as a very personal gift and undoubtedly remember that you took the time to find some of your favorite snapshots to commemorate those particular times.

Along the same lines, cameras or even just normal, framed prints can last a lifetime, and can mean quite a bit for those in your family that enjoy preserving all of those priceless moments.

Consider a Gift For The Whole Family

If you can’t decide on one particular gift for someone, think about a gift that the entire family can enjoy. Trips and vacation packages are a great way to utilize this idea. If your entire family loves video games, you can also invest in a video game system, and several games that the whole family can enjoy playing together. If your family is one that overall enjoys sports, perhaps tickets to your favorite team’s game will do the trick and please everyone. There are many options and it is best to think about what everyone in your family will enjoy doing together, so as to best cater to their interests and make sure they will all thoroughly enjoy themselves. Maybe it is something as simple as going to a movie together and having that quality time together one weekend out of the month.

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Extra information:

iPhone App V2 Press Release can be found here.


How the App Works:

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and this is NOT a sponsored post. Just in case you were wondering…

Saving Money on a Fall Wardrobe

Everyone enjoys looking fashionable, but not everyone has the money to purchase the latest catalog collection to stuff their closet. This fact causes some people to completely abandon their sense of fashion and to wearily shuffle through department store clothing racks until something decidedly mediocre catches their eye.

There are better ways to shop, obviously, and borrowing from the grocery store coupon craze, you can actually use online vouchers to save big money on your favorite fall fashions. You just have to approach the topic intelligently and learn to pick your spots.

Tips for Big Savings on Great Clothing

Use the Right Coupon

If you’ve yet to shop with free Coupon Codes, now’s the time. When browsing through the many coupons available to you online, you’ll find deals ranging from free shipping to 50% off of an entire order. There is an impressive range of coupons available for you if you only take the time to look.

Wait for the Store’s Sale

While still using the best coupon you can find, you also want to make sure it coincides with the store’s sale. For instance, if you wanted to save with coupons for Zulily, you would wait until Zulily held a sale. This way, you’re doubling your savings. You’re experiencing the store’s savings while also receiving the benefit of using an online voucher. This can turn an otherwise expensive shopping spree into a fun and affordable way to find fashion.

Be Frugal-Fabulous

There are personal touches you can add to clothing items to make them stand out and to compliment your particular style. Okay, so maybe you don’t want to take the Bedazzler and go rhinestone-crazy like a teenager in the 80s. But instead of purchasing an entire outfit for a high price, piece things together with different budget items and create an ensemble look that really fits your personal sense of style.

Shop for All Seasons

Something that just screams “fall” might be what you’re after, but consider buying pieces you can also wear during other times of the year if needed. This might not be the case with coats, with long sleeve shirts and pants can be worn practically any time of year,  and boots and scarves just might make a strong springtime statement with a different ensemble.

Overall, the general idea here is to save your hard-earned money without having to sacrifice on your fashion. It’s going to take some browsing and some good timing, but the end result might just be a fabulous fall wardrobe.

What are your money saving tips? Share with us in the comments below! 

BEST Memorial Day Weekend Sales & Coupon Codes!

There are some fantastic Memorial Day Weekend Sales happening right now, through Monday. I put together a quick list of the best sales I could find with corresponding coupon codes. I will add to this list if I find more so keep this tab open all weekend if you want to save some money!!!!

Get an extra 15% off at! Use coupon code GAPGROOVE. Hurry, ends 5/28!Click here to shop

Get an extra 15% off OR use your Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic card and save 20% off at! Use coupon code ONPLUSUP. Online only now through 5/28/12 Click here to shop

FREE Clinique Beach Bag with any $55 purchase. Offer valid while supplies last. Use coupon code SUNNY . Click here to shop

FREE Shipping on all purchases over $200 with coupon code SFASHOP at Offer valid 5/28–6/4. Click here to shop

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Take an Extra 50% Off ALL Red Tag Clearance Items with coupon code 555100 at! Hurry, Deal Ends 5/28 Click here to shop

Get 25% off sitewide at GoJane! Use coupon code Memorial25. Valid through 5/31/12.Click here to shop

Get up to 30% off at now through 5/28! Click here to shop

2,500 styles under $25 at! No coupon code needed! Limited time only! Click here to shop

Of course, each of these offers have their own restrictions and limitations that you can read on each of the sites listed above for additional details.

How To Shop Online And Save Money

If you aren’t using Ebates then you aren’t shopping online right! Ebates gives you CASH BACK for shopping through them! Sign up right now, just CLICK HERE. Sign up is easy, fast and free.

Right now, Ebates is celebrating their 13th Birthday and they want you to help celebrate with 13% cash back at bunch of great stores like BareNecessities, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Avon,, Cafe Press, eBags, Endless, Kohls, Macys, Nordstrom, and more! (Normally you get like 2% back on Old Navy, Gap, etc so this is really a big deal!)

If you shop Bare Necessities today, use coupon code BPOP2012 to save an extra 20% off your order and use ShopRunner for free 2 day shipping!

Use coupon code ONSAVE15 at Old Navy for an extra 15% off your purchase (on top of the 13% cash back you’ll get if you go through ebates!)

Now THAT’S how you shop online!!!!

Sign up for ShopRunner and get free 2 day shipping at all your favorite online stores like Bare Necessities,,, American Eagle,, Lord & Taylor, and other popular stores like BabiesRUs and ToysRUs! You can get a free 30 day trial too!

Sign up for EBATES right now and earn cash back on almost all of your online purchases!

And always check before I checkout on any site because I almost always can save more if I use a coupon code!

What online shopping tips can you share with us?!

Product Review: Hair Accessories from Sproos + Coupon Code

Recently, the lovely Melissa Matos from Sproos sent me a couple of hair accessories to try and review for The Fashionable Housewife readers. Her shop offers unique hair accessories that are high quality without the high price – plus, her products are just so darn cute!

She sent me the Cheetah’s Roar Bow Clip, ($13) which you can use to add a bit of pizazz to your look. Plus, it functions as more than just a hair accessory – you can clip it to just about anything to really show off your personal style. I clipped it to my handbag and got so many compliments while I was out running errands. I also like to wear it with a basic t-shirt and jeans, because it really helps dress up an otherwise basic outfit.

I was also sent the Girl With The Pearl Bow Headband, ($29.) Now, I’m not normally much of a headband girl – they tend to make me remember the painful, uncomfortable plastic headbands I used to wear as kids. However, this headband is not only elegant and very stylish, but it’s ridiculously comfortable to wear too. If you love bows, pearls and classic style, you’ll definitely love this headband.

Melissa was kind enough to create a coupon code just for The Fashionable Housewife readers. If you’re interested in these hair accessories from Sproos, use the code “Denise20” at checkout for 20% off your entire order. How’s that for a fantastic deal? With a variety of bow clips, headbands and flower clips to choose from, you’ll have no trouble at all finding things to fill your cart with. Happy shopping!