5 Pregnancy Changes Your Mom Never Told You About


Being pregnant changes you in a number of physical and emotional ways. Your mom is hopefully on hand to give you some much-needed support and tips on what to expect and how to cope with your changing body as your pregnancy takes shape. There are also some physical changes that mom may not have told […]

Firmer, Tighter, More Toned Skin in 5 Minutes?


Yup. That’s just about exactly what my belly looks like right about now, but not for long! Post-partum belly’s are not one of my favorite things in the world. I had my third child one month ago and I’m hell-bent on getting back into shape. As if labor, childbirth, after-pains and lochia aren’t bad enough, […]

28-Day Cellulite Makeover™ Kit Now At Ulta!


Summer is coming and there is no better time than now to start fighting back against the cellulite! Dermafactor’s new 28-Day Cellulite Makeover™ Kit targets cellulite from both the outside-in and the inside-out. About the Kit: The real problem of cellulite lies not in the bumps and lumps we see on the surface, but in […]

Must-Read: DIY Recipe to Reduce Cellulite


How many of us suffer from embarrassing and unsightly cellulite? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely get rid of it, but there are things we can do to temporarily minimize its appearance. Indie Lee, founder of the all natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co has shared one of her DIY recipes with us. This at-home scrub not only works […]

Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts Make Inches Disappear!


I recently lost a lot of weight on The Dukan Diet and very successfully managed to get back to my pre baby weight. And not my ‘before my second baby’ weight… my ‘before my FIRST baby’ weight. I now weigh the same as I did when I got married. Totally great… makes me super, super […]

Avon ANEW CLINICAL Professional Cellulite Treatment Reviews

anew cellulite

I just received ANEW CLINICAL Professional Cellulite Treatment from reps at Avon, so I can test and review their new cellulite treatment! I’m ALWAYS up to try out cellulite creams and treatments. I have used several that worked really, really well and I had almost no cellulite left to treat. And then I got pregnant… […]

The Best Lotions to Help You Stay Smooth


Summer sun demands our skin to be in tip top shape from head to toe, to help us pull off shorter hemlines and brighter hues. These summer lotions are perfect to add to any gal’s hydration routine. Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream Hands can show the evidence of aging and sun damage […]

CelluScience Review: The Cellulite-Fighting Pill


You may remember back in mid June I said I was going to start taking the Summer Must-Have: Cellulite-Fighting Pill. It’s been a little over 8 weeks now since I started taking CelluScience as directed. There was no noticeable difference at first, but I can definitely see a small improvement now. The back of my […]

Take 20% off celluFIGHT & 55% off Your Thighs!


Tarte CelluFIGHT™ Anti-Cellulite Self-Tanner is formulated with skinTIGHT™ complex , a proprietary anti-cellulite complex that firms and tones skin while improving elasticity. Plant and bio-nutrient extracts boost cellular metabolism shedding excess fat tissue. Caffeine helps stimulate blood flow immediately reducing “the orange peel” effect on problem areas such as waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. This […]

Thinner Thighs And Less Cellulite With One Product!

I used Nude Skincare Smoothing Body Refiner for a little over 2 months and it dramatically improved the appearance of my skin. This incredible body shaping formula not only smoothed out the cellulite and toned my skin, but it actually reduced the overall size of my thighs by 1 inch on each thigh. I used […]