Today’s Outfit: Avon Colorblock Dress

Today I am wearing Define Your Shape Dress in Blue from Avon Reg. $39.99, now on sale for $29.99!

Don’t just flatter your figure, enhance it! This is the perfect dress to instantly give you the look of that highly sought hourglass shape. Look slimmer, curvier, and sexier! Cotton/polyester blend with spandex for a comfortable fit. Best of all, machine wash and dry! Score!!!

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Today’s Outfit: Dansko Nat with Skull Skirt

Happy Halloween everyone! What are YOU wearing today? Are you getting dressed up in a costume or are you to busy dressing your kids up for Trick or Treat?

Today, I’m wearing a mid-length turquoise skull-print crepe skirt with a black cotton blouse, cinched at the waist with a braided leather belt. The outfit was designed around the Dansko Nat lace up boots.

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Easy Dramatic Eye Makeup Idea, “Cat Eyes” with Eyeshadow

Va Va Voom and with little effort? Yes, please! We love Ashlee Simpson’s dramatic, look at me “Cat Eye” look. What’s even more fun about it? Ummm, she didn’t use liner to create it. She used, gasp, eyeshadow!  To any man per chance reading this post, we apologize for our dramatic attitude towards eye make-up…. oh wait, we shouldn’t apologize for being fabulous!


Straight from we get some tips on how to create this look for our next festive night on the town: There are a couple of ways to go about this. The first is to draw the line with eyeliner, then use a crease brush (an eye shadow brush that comes to a soft point) and carefully draw on top of the swoosh. But if you want a thinner line, you need an eyeliner brush–preferably the pointy kind as opposed to the flat type. You just wet it a little first, load it up with shadow and draw a curved little line coming out of your outer corners.

Sound tricky? Well, it can be when it comes to getting both sides even, but these tips should help. Got some recommendations of getting fierce makeup? Share with us, gals. Sharing is caring!

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