Post-Baby Treat For Myself: Ombre Tie Dye Dress


If you haven’t noticed, we’re currently having a giveaway with Peachy Queen Boutique where you can enter for a chance to win a super cute lace skater dress in a gorgeous shade of mint green! Click here to enter! (Giveaway ends May 31, 2014) The lovely ladies at Peachy Queen were nice enough to send […]

Outfit Ideas: My Unique Signature Style

Through the years, you’ve seen from looking at my outfits that I have a unique style. I don’t normally replicate what other people wear and I have a style all my own. Some people love it, some people hate it. The thing you have to remember is that you can’t please everyone! When you get […]

Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Go Boho

Boho chic has been trending for a couple of seasons, and it’s back in force for Fall. It’s kind of the airy yin to the military trend’s no-nonsense yang.  So if the crisp, sharp aesthetic of that trend turns you off, you can put together artsy boho ensembles and still be totally 2010.  The key elements […]

Outfit Of The Day: Featuring Born Lewisa Boots

Velvet Leggings by thehousewife featuring Born Lewisa The Born Lewisa boots are shaping up to be super popular this season. I put together another outfit to give you some ideas on how to wear them. These MEMBERS ONLY Stretch Velvet Leggings are a perfect choice for the cold winter months. You can glam them up […]

Fall 2009 Fashion Trends: Luxe Hippie Boho


Feel the love with boho-inspired pieces this Fall. Looking like a hippie is “in” this season… as long as you look like a rich hippie! Look for rich paisley prints in multicolor, jewel or earth tones. Embroidered details give your outfit a homespun look. Flowy dresses, embroidered tunics, paisley prints and maxi dresses worn with […]

How To Wear A Maxi Dress This Summer


Do you have a fabulous Maxi Dress and now you don’t know what to wear with it? Well here are some outfit ideas to help you accessorize that gorgeous summer dress. The maxi dress creates a lot of width, so you need to have height to balance that width or a small frame that can […]

My Fashion Go-To Guide Of The Season


Every wonder how I put together so many cool Today’s Outfit? Well normally those are spur of the moment things I throw together just to get clothes on my body in the morning. I don’t put a huge amount of thought into them but they usually turn out okay, although there have been a few […]