Outfit Ideas: My Unique Signature Style

Through the years, you’ve seen from looking at my outfits that I have a unique style. I don’t normally replicate what other people wear and I have a style all my own. Some people love it, some people hate it.

The thing you have to remember is that you can’t please everyone! When you get dressed in the morning, don’t worry about what everyone else will like. Dress in whatever makes YOU happy! If you don’t feel great in whatever you are wearing, people will see that in your mood and your attitude. If you think you look great, that will radiate out of you and your confidence will show. That can help you at work, at play and in whatever you do throughout the day.

When I get dressed in the morning, I of course try to look GOOD in whatever I wear and make sure it’s flattering, but I don’t always dress according to the current trends.

Sometimes I’m glamorous…


And sometimes I’m frumpy goth…


Sometimes I dress like a typical mom…


And sometimes I dress like a teenager…


No matter how I dress, even if I’m trying to imitate a certain style, I still have a flair of my own… Most of my clothing is neutral colors and at least 45% of my wardrobe is black. I just discovered recently I only have like 2 pieces of clothing in my entire wardrobe that are RED! I have a red sweater (pictured above) and a pair of red shorts. That’s it! I definitely need to get more red into my wardrobe…

I would say my style is mostly bohemian in flavor, but sometimes I like to be glamorous, classy and sexy.

No matter what your style is, make sure you love it and you are comfortable in your own skin. Dress to flatter your shape and your body, but don’t always dress to please others. Be happy in your own skin and create your own signature style that expresses your one of a kind personality!

dr pepper

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Fall 2010 Fashion Trends: Go Boho

Boho chic has been trending for a couple of seasons, and it’s back in force for Fall. It’s kind of the airy yin to the military trend’s no-nonsense yang.  So if the crisp, sharp aesthetic of that trend turns you off, you can put together artsy boho ensembles and still be totally 2010. 

The key elements of this trend:

  • Patterns– particularly florals, Asian-inspired prints, and paisleys
  • Loose silhouettes– think kimono sleeves, tunics, dolman tops, etc.
  • Soft fabrics like chiffon and crocheted lace (worn casually)
  • Accessorizing with scarves and hats
  • Lots of denim (and not just as jeans)

And a couple of things to remember:

  • This look had its first heyday during the 70s (think Kate Hudson in Almost Famous and Ali Macgraw in Love Story).  So feel free to incorporate the classics of hippie style, including bell bottoms (since that uber-flattering silhouette is trending again) and platform shoes.  As always, just remember to keep it restrained, not costumey. 
  • Yay!  It’s a trend that’s definitely supposed to be fun.  Experiment with fringe, colored shoes, embroidered accents– a lot of things you might normally avoid.  Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, and you should have no trouble putting together a boho chic ensemble.   

I put together some quick outfit ideas via Polyvore. 

Restricted Paratrooper Boots at Piperlime.com, American Rag Ruffle Denim Shirtdress at Macys.com, Enamel Bangles at Target.com, Studio 36 Metallic Paisley Wrap at Sears.com, Lauren by Ralph Lauren Tapered Hoop Earrings at Nordstrom.com, and Gap Coated canvas tote at Gap.com.


And if you like this trend– but not enough to go looking for new outfits –consider using accessories to give your wardrobe basics a boho flair. 

Boho 3

Lucky Brand Handbag, Sweet Solace Leather Patchwork Hobo at Macys.com, Womens Shirred V-Neck Tees at OldNavy.com, Skinny Dark Wash Jeans at BananaRepublic.com,  Cord Blazers at OldNavy.com, Beaded Earrings at OldNavy.com, and
FRYE Ruby Ring Flat Skimmer Shoes
at Endless.com.


Outfit Of The Day: Featuring Born Lewisa Boots

The Born Lewisa boots are shaping up to be super popular this season.

I put together another outfit to give you some ideas on how to wear them. These MEMBERS ONLY Stretch Velvet Leggings are a perfect choice for the cold winter months. You can glam them up with a leather biker jacket, studded boots and black nail polish or you can go for a more bohemian look similar to what I put together above.

You could wear them with a floral blouse, a tunic or even a dress. Pair with a cozy cardigan and bronze/copper colored jewelry for a down-to-earth outfit. I especially like how the boots look with the yellow leather handbag from Kohls.

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Fall 2009 Fashion Trends: Luxe Hippie Boho


Feel the love with boho-inspired pieces this Fall. Looking like a hippie is “in” this season… as long as you look like a rich hippie! Look for rich paisley prints in multicolor, jewel or earth tones. Embroidered details give your outfit a homespun look. Flowy dresses, embroidered tunics, paisley prints and maxi dresses worn with boots, also give the rich hippie feel. Be careful not to overdo it with too much at once though. For jewelry, try a pair of dangling chandelier earrings or simple gold hoops with your outfit or add a stack of thin bangle bracelets to your wrist. You might try to layer two or three thin necklaces, but again – choose one or two area to focus one, not all three at once, otherwise you run the risk of hippie overkill. Lucky Brand Jeans have a great selection of boho inspired clothing and their online sales aren’t too shabby. Free Peopleicon is another great brand for bohemian inspired pieces.

Outfit Ideas
If you are wearing the hot trend of distressed jeans with boots, try pairing a simple rich brown suede hobo bag with your outfit and tie a paisley print scarf around your neck or around the shoulder strap of your bag. The key is to not overdo it so you don’t look like you walked out of “Woodstock” or the Broadway production of “Hair”.

Looking for stores to find accessories for your rich hippie look? Try H&M stores for scarves, earrings, and purses. For tunics, tops and maxi dresses, check out Urban Outfitters. Brands like XCVIicon, Free Peopleicon and Edunicon have great boho inspired pieces. For footwear, check out Zappos.com for a huge variety of styles. Lucky enough to splurge? Then you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of classic brown Frye Boots. You can wear these with jeans, dresses, skirts and the workmanship / quality of them will certainly give you your money’s worth.

Makeup Ideas
Play up your eyes with a smoky shadow and liner. Maybelline Expertwear Quadsicon tell you exactly where each shade goes. Use just a light flush of color on your cheeks (berry, rose, pink) and a nude lip color for your lips, or, better yet, one of those lip colors in “your shade of lips but better” colors. What that means is to find a shade of lipcolor that is one shade darker than your own natural lipcolor. A color that will enhance your lips. You don’t want a strong lipcolor since you are playing up your eyes with this look.

Look to celebs like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan for outfit inspirations. Both ladies seem to have the rich hippie look down pat. Also spotted wearing this trend: Kim Kardashian, Rachel Zoe, Demi Moore and Vanessa Hudgens to name a few.

The rich hippie look is a fun weekend look to experiment with for Fall 2009! Will you be trying this trend?

How To Wear A Maxi Dress This Summer


Do you have a fabulous Maxi Dress and now you don’t know what to wear with it? Well here are some outfit ideas to help you accessorize that gorgeous summer dress.

The maxi dress creates a lot of width, so you need to have height to balance that width or a small frame that can handle it. If you are short, choose some bohemian style wedges that will add a little height so your dress doesn’t drag on the ground.

Madden Girl Women's Fiiona Wedge Sandal

Madden Girl Fiiona Sandal – $19.95
Rampage Women's Quartz Sandal

Rampage Quartz Sandal – $19.95
Coconuts by Matisse Women's Smokin Sandal

Coconuts by Matisse Sandal – $24.00
Pazzo Women's Lovey

Pazzo Lovey Wedge Sandal – $29.90

If you are tall, choose fabulous flats like gladiator sandals or bohemian style sandals with embellishments or cool straps for an instantly chic look!

R2 Women's Nicoya Flat Sandal

R2 Nicoya Flat Sandal – $39.95
R2 Women's Gemma Strappy Flat Sandal

R2 Gemma Strappy Sandal – $39.95
Madden Girl Women's Bleaker Woven Sandal

Madden Girl Bleaker Sandal – $49.95
Nine West Women's Hades Flat Sandal

Nine West Hades Sandal – $69.95

For cooler days or breezy summer nights, throw a cute denim jacket on top of your maxi dress for a casual twist. Accessorize with an eclectic necklace or bracelet. Go chunky if your maxi dress has a bohemian flair. If it’s smooth and form fitting, try something more delicate like a Tahitian Pearl Necklace.

Bold Bohemian Prints, and New Hemlines for daytime in Summer.

This season, flirty silhouettes laden with rich hued tribal prints and bold patterns are showing up everywhere. There is a twist to the look however; many are pairing their boho dresses with sweet cardigans and nixing flats for chunky heels or gladiators. A good boho print can be great for the office (toned down with a sensible cardigan or blazer), date night or lunch with the ladies. Bohemian looks of old were somewhat sexy  and sultry, accented with leather jackets and biker boots. This season we’re aiming for sweet and eclectic with chunky heels and soft colors to take it down a notch. Also there’s a ton of mixing and matching of the cultural prints. African and Oriental prints are marrying happily together whether it be mixing and matching as dresses and belts or tops and skirts.

Skirts and dresses are also seeing new hemlines this summer. Gone are the butt-cheek skimming baby doll dresses of the past seen worn to the grocery store. Save those for the beach only– as a cover-up. This summer the lines go just below mid thigh and are offset by a nearly naked heel or sandal. The intent is to still showcase the sexy legs while retaining our sweet demeanor (and minimize wardrobe malfunctions) while the sun is out. At night we pull the bait and switch with the newest crop of super sexy, short shorts paired with a gloriously glamorous gladiator heel and flowy top.

Try these awesome picks to amplify your summer style, and as always they are under $100 for each item!

print dress 68.00   ardenb.com


Flowy top   19.80   forever21.com


cuffed short  19.80  forever21.com


American Eagle wrap cardigan  24.95 sale ae.com


Victorias Secret Gladiator Sandal  98.00 victoriassecret.com


These are just a few staples I’m excited about this season, what are yours? Discuss!!

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My Fashion Go-To Guide Of The Season

Every wonder how I put together so many cool Today’s Outfit? Well normally those are spur of the moment things I throw together just to get clothes on my body in the morning. I don’t put a huge amount of thought into them but they usually turn out okay, although there have been a few disasters…

Lately though, I have been consulting The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style: How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own book.

If you’ve ever stood in your closet, looking at all your clothes, and couldn’t decide what to wear, then this book is absolutely a must-have for you! It contains tons of photographs of pieces that work together so you can create multiple looks out of one item. It also shows you how you can use one item all year long, you just have to pair it with the right things.

For me, this book is indispensable. I have about 50 mini post it notes sticking out of the top, side, and bottom of the book, bookmarking the outfits I want to try. A few of the styles featured in the book include Euro Chic, Mod, American Classic, and Bohemian.

I’ve had so many women email me and tell me that they are in a fashion-rut and just don’t know how to get out. Well I finally found the solution! After reading this book, you’ll never have an excuse to pull out your mom jeans or that jogging suit because you just “don’t know what to wear”. This book will help you get into the habit of being able to spot items in your own wardrobe that will go together. Combinations that you may never have even considered are right under you nose and this book will help you pull it all together in record time.

Buy The Lucky Guide on Amazon.com for $19.80 or you can get it on Overstock.com for $19.60icon but it’s got a different cover for some reason… Same ISBN number though…

Or you can look for The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style on eBay.com

Doesn’t matter where you buy it, just get yourself a copy of this book asap!