Today’s Outfit: Avon Colorblock Dress

Today I am wearing Define Your Shape Dress in Blue from Avon Reg. $39.99, now on sale for $29.99!

Don’t just flatter your figure, enhance it! This is the perfect dress to instantly give you the look of that highly sought hourglass shape. Look slimmer, curvier, and sexier! Cotton/polyester blend with spandex for a comfortable fit. Best of all, machine wash and dry! Score!!!

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4th of July Sales: 50% off Sale

4th of July Sale

Have you heard about It’s an online retail store created for you. Your store (called your Personal Shop™) is where you’ll find clothing matched to your measurements, your body shape and your preferences.

One problem shared by women of all ages and sizes is finding clothes that both fit well and flatter our body shapes. Now you can be one step ahead of the game by shopping on and finding the perfect clothes for YOUR body shape!

Right now, you can save 50% when you buy two or more sale items! Click here and use coupon code JULY4TH Offer expires July 5th!

The Beauty Double-Bind: Part 1

Image From the ‘Dove Real Beauty’ Campaign

“When I looked in the mirror, it was like cutting my body up into different pieces and evaluating the pieces, as if it was some sort of thing … I would really focus on different parts and then rip those parts apart, being hypercritical. It was a violent way to look at my body. ” From the book “Sacrificing Ourselves For Love”

There once was a zen master who acquired a new student who was very eager to learn. The new student explained that he wanted to learn all that there was to learn and to know the very secrets of the universe. As the zen master scratched his beard inquisitively, he replied to the student, “Very well. I will teach you all you need to know, and we will have a tea ceremony every day precisely at 4pm, and your presence will be required”.

That sounded fair enough to the student and he was overjoyed to be under the instruction of such a wise man. The zen master and his student had tea precisely every day at 4pm. Each day, the master held a long, gnarled walking stick in his hand. And, each day, after the tea was poured, the master announced, “If you drink the tea that you have been given, I will beat you with this stick”. The student looked terrified. “Conversely, if you do not drink the tea set before you, I will also beat you with the stick”. Now the student WAS terrified. Either way, the student would receive a beating with the master’s stick. This is certainly not what the student had signed up for, nor was it his idea of learning. But, he trusted the master’s plan.

On some days, the student surmised that since he was going to receive a beating, he’d at least enjoy the tea, and he drank up. And he always received a beating after he drank the tea. Other days, he was so anxious about the impending doom, he lost his appetite and didn’t drink the tea. He still received a beating.

One day, the student decided that he was plain fed-up with the way he was being treated and he had the bruises to show for it, too. He thought about walking out on the zen master and finding another teacher, but he just didn’t have the courage to do it. Would he receive an even bigger beating if he left? The student felt stuck and victimized. The unfortunate student could feel his anger welling up in his throat.

That day, as the tea was poured, the student seethed and would not break the master’s gaze. He was attempting to stare the master down. The student eyed the walking stick and braced himself for pain. After the tea was poured, the master reached for his stick, with a dour, serious expression, and raised his stick forebodingly in the air.

In an instant, the student sprang to his feet and wrangled the stick away from the master. He took the stick and broke it in two pieces and threw it away, all before the master’s eyes. All of a sudden, the student filled with intense fear– he had just broken the master’s stick. Now, he was REALLY going to get it.

But, to the student’s surprise, the master’s eyes lighted up and a large smile broke the master’s dour expression. The student looked puzzled as his own fear started to subside. The student didn’t understand why the master would smile. What did it all mean?

The master looked his student in the eye and said, “You are now free to go. You have now learned ALL that you will ever need to learn”. And with that, the student went on his merry way, never to see the zen master again.

The story above, which I have edited from another text, illustrates what is called the “double-bind situation”. A double-bind situation is a situation or circumstance where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You’re in a catch 22. You SEEM to be trapped. But, the story of the stick teaches us that, truly, there are no real double-bind situations if we can just FIND THE STICK and have the courage to TAKE IT AWAY.

The current beauty standard that women are supposed to live up to is a classic double-bind situation. You see, we are told to be thin and to have a flat stomach and slender thighs. But, the flat stomach is supposed to be accompanied by a DDD bra size and a round behind. Now, most women who are extremely thin do not have such a body type naturally. Then there are the girls with natural DDD breasts and round behinds. They usually do not have extremely slender thighs and wash-board stomachs. To acquire a flat stomach and slender thighs, they would need to enlist the help of tummy tucks and liposuction. And did I mention that their DDD breasts also have to be perfectly perky, round, and defy gravity all at the same time? Did I mention that the stomach also has to be a six-pack and perfectly muscular? Did I mention that the woman’s behind must be round but cannot have any fatty tissue on it?

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DESI Jeanswear with Lipoconstruction – Jeans for ALL Body Shapes, Including Pear Shaped Bodies!

desi_kickingCan you imagine slimming down one size without surgically removing excess fat or dieting? Introducing DESI, the jeanswear collection that not only trims and slims the body in all the right places but also moves comfortably with the body’s every movement.

DESI, a division of Dish Jeans Ltd. has been conceived to respond to women’s plea for a jean collection that would make them look and feel good no matter what their shape may be. Plus, the collection has been designed with “no bag/no sag” technology providing women with the sleek and stay-trim body they have been searching for in a jean.

Donald Johannesson creative director for Dish Jeans calls the process by which he gets these slimming results “lipoconstruction.”

“First of all, the actual construction and cut of the jean lifts the butt and tones the belly. Then, by using a revolutionary stretch fabric which uses a fiber that has polyester and lycra spun together, the wearer is further assured of a smooth silhouette that will retain its true shape all day long without the usual growth found in most other stretch jeans! And this collection is so resilient and comfortable it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to even exercise in a pair.”

The DESI Jean can remove up to 1 ½” in the tummy area through the construction of the front pockets. Need the butt lifted without surgery? DESI can accomplish this by the angle of how the back pockets are placed and the cut of the back crotch shaping. Next, by eliminating excess fabric in the back of the thigh the butt looks smaller, higher and more rounded.

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PZI Jeans: Finally, Jeans That Fit!

Well, at least I hope they fit!! I just ordered a couple pairs of jeans from to see how they fit. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, but I just got an email with a coupon code for 20% off, so I figured now would be the time to buy.

They promise great fitting jeans for curvy girls. I think it’s great that companies are finally making jeans for Pear Shaped women. Even though I recently lost 20 pounds and wear a size 4, I still don’t fit into regular jeans and would consider myself more of a pear shape than an hourglass shape. I’m pretty sure childbirth permanently widens your hips and no matter how much weight you lose, your hips are never going to be the same. They are just wider than they use to be and don’t want to go back. At least I have found this to be true for me… I have a very slim waist, only about 25-26 inches around. But my hips are another story entirely measuring at about 39 inches around… If I had to compare my body to a celebrity for reference, I would probably say I look a lot like Kim Kardashian. Yes, big butt an all!! (I love you Kim!!)

    Kardashian claims to wear a size 27 jeans, but I’m pretty sure that’s in super stretchy jeans or she’s wearing PZI Jeans!!!!

My butt isn’t quite that round and… out there… and I have trouble squeezing into a size 27 jeans. I have a pair of True Religion jeans in a size 28 that I can’t even get above my thighs… (omg I can’t believe I just admitted that in public…)

With measurements like mine, I really can’t fit properly into “regular” jeans (ie. Old Navy, Gap, Lucky Brand, Levis, etc) just don’t fit quite right. If they fit around my hips, then the waist gaps a lot. And if the waist fits, well then I have to look around back to make sure I didn’t rip my pants… And I can’t even think about wearing jeans with no Spandex. It’s pretty much impossible for me to wear jeans with no stretch unless they are like 2 sizes too big for me. It’s not even about comfort… I can’t move in pants that don’t have any stretch to them. I don’t know how all of you other ladies can do it!!

Today I purchased the Pewter Skinny Jeans which were $79 and the Ebony Jeans that were on sale for $54 (down from $89). I also managed to find some cute Capris in grey that were on sale for only $10 (down from $59)!


Pewter Skinny Jeans

The total came to $116.41 with the 20% off coupon and you get Free Shipping when you spend $100 or more. I hope they ship soon because I could really use some new jeans that actually fit!

PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4-16, with inseam options of 31”, 34”, 36” and 38” to eliminate inseam alterations.

I’ll post pics of the jeans when they arrive and let you know what I think!

The Best Swimsuits for Pear Shaped Bodies

Pear shaped bodies are the most common body shape and the least catered to. We’ve put together some helpful information so you can look your best this summer!

Don’t hate your bottom half, remember that you are blessed to have such a slim upper half and don’t be afraid to flaunt it! Printed tops with embellishment or details will draw the eyes upward, away from your lower half.

v280097Look for swimsuits with mix and match separates so you can get a decorative top and plain black bottoms. It’s a well-known secret to wear black on whatever part of your body you want to hide. Then look for white swim tops with padding or other breast-enhancing features to create balance.

If you want to be extra modest, choose a swim skirt or skirted swimsuit bottom in a dark shade. Be careful not to buy any bottoms with ruffles or extra material as this will add to your bulkiness. Slim-fitting, straight skirts are much better. Remember that extra material may make you think you are hiding problem areas, but it’s actually letting people know what you are most self-conscious about.

A swimsuit with ruffles on top and a simple bottom will bring balance to your body. I recommend a cute 2 piece like this one – pictured right.

If you need something a bit more concealing then that, try This Delta Burke® Flowery Night Plus Size Lingerie Strap Swimdress has adjustable cinched sides and tummy control built in that smoothes and flattens, all while hiding your rear and thighs. Another nice choice is Marigo® Boca Bow Plus Size Skirtini Swimsuit that has a feminine v neck that frames and flatters the face. Plus the empire waist gives a flowly look to hide the tummy and rear.

You can get 10% Off your order by clicking here and using coupon code 10off.

The Future of Jeans: When Fashion Meets Function

We have an exclusive coupon code for 20% off of PZI Jeans by using coupon code PZIKMR20 on the PZI Jeans web-site.

What Are PZI Jeans?

Launched in 2002, the trend-setting Atlanta-based company is re-shaping the denim world through its innovative quality and distressed stretch denim. The industry is saturated with brands targeting the junior market; however few denim lines market directly to the missy customer who desires on-trend styles without compromising comfort. PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4-16, with inseam options of 31”, 34”, 36” and 38” to eliminate inseam alterations.

Finally, some jeans that might
actually fit me correctly!

When women are asked what they like most about their favorite pair of jeans, surprisingly comfort is in a distant second. PZI Jeans, a premium denim and related apparel brand designed to fit the woman with a streamlined waist, fuller hips, and curvy bottom, provides women the ability to enjoy their lifestyle by wearing stylish jeans with comfort.

So essentially, these jeans are designed for women with a pear shaped figure. That means if you have a butt like Kim Kardashian, then these jeans are for you.

PZI Jeans are affordably priced at $79 and up. You can find many styles on clearance though for $29-$49.

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