New Baby? Five Tips To Feng Shui Your Nursery!

I’m not due until mid May, but I’m definitely nesting right now! I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to store my cloth diapers this time, what’s the best laundry detergent for baby clothes (which I will post about soon) and how to get organized before I’m too fat and tired to do anything!

TishaI was lucky enough to get some very helpful tips straight from Feng Shui Consultant and Interior Designer, Tisha Morris who recently released her latest book titled, Mind, Body, Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time.

Mind Body Home is geared to educate us on the energetic connection made between you and your home. Whether you believe in “Feng Sui” or not, her helpful tips offer an easy and comprehensive path to creating a holistic home. Whether you have a new baby on the way (like I do!) or you simply want to start over fresh for the new year, this book will help you improve the stability of your health and relationships just by changing some of the things in your surroundings. Tisha uses Feng Shui methods to connect every aspect of the home, from the basement to the roof, to the physical and mental state of the mind and body. Mind Body Home is available for purchase on

Mind Body Home Book Cover

Five Tips to Feng Shui a Nursery

Because babies are developing all five senses, they are extremely sensitive to the energy of their environment and are therefore quite the feng shui enthusiasts. In fact, good feng shui engages all five senses. For babies, it is important to engage the senses, but to not overwhelm them. In doing so, the nursery should feel safe, peaceful, and nurturing. Here are some tips to create the ideal nursery environment.

Engage the Senses:
Play soft or classical music in the nursery is recommended.Include textured items for the baby to touch and feel. Use gentle and natural aromatherapy in the nursery, such as lavender in an oil diffuser. Use a mobile above their bed is recommended to give them a sense of something around them as opposed to vast open space. Clearly, mobiles serve other functions as well, such as developing eyesight.

Reduce the Clutter:
Although a baby may not be able to see clutter in the room, he or she can pick it up energetically. In fact, their sixth sense is the strongest, which makes them extremely sensitive to their environment. Although babies like small spaces, the room shouldn’t feel crowded due to clutter. It is important therefore to have the baby nursery neat and organized. In other words, it shouldn’t be a room that is also used for storage or other functions. Do not store items underneath the crib, except for soft linens. (This goes for adult beds too!)

Practice Organization Early:
Despite their actions at times, children love organization. It gives them a sense of boundaries and therefore safety. Organization is a learned behavior that is picked up at early ages so set a good example early. Have designated places for clothes and toys. As your child gets old enough, start teaching them how to pick up after themselves and where certain items go. They will start to feel an ownership over their belongings and a sense of taking care of themselves that will continue to benefit them as they get older.

Choose a Soft Color Palette:
Stick with soft pastels and avoid primary colors. Colors emit a lot of energy, particularly the wall color of a room. The bolder the color, the more energy it emits into a room. The softer the color, the calmer it will be on a child’s energy. Since the primary function for a nursery is sleep, use colors that promote sleep. Pastels, such as soft yellow, blues, and greens, and monotones are calming to the nervous system.

Choose Furniture Mindfully:
Avoid large furniture items that give the appearance of towering over the bed. Babies want to feel safe, protected, and cradled, but oversized furniture can feel overbearing. Also avoid furniture pieces with harsh corners. Also be conscious of the history of the furniture that you place in a nursery. For example, an antique crib from the Civll War era carries with it the energy of its past. Consider the energy contained in family pieces and whether that it is positive or negative energy that you want carried forward for your child.

I don’t have a nursery for the new baby since we only have three bedrooms in our house AND we co-sleep with our babies anyway. (Oh don’t act so shocked, you knew I was a little crunchy!) However, I am working towards making a nursery “corner” in my bedroom this time around. Hopefully I can employ some of these tips to make my bedroom more inviting and welcoming for the new baby. Luckily, I redecorated my bedroom last year (with the help of Target) and now have a calming yellow and gray theme in my bedroom that I absolutely LOVE. I think that will be perfect for the new baby. :-)

Home Decor: Zest Things Up In The Bedroom

Ready to get zesty?

As you know I recently gave my master bedroom a room makeover for under $200. I really spiced things up with a gorgeous blend of yellow and gray which is a super trendy color combination for home decor right now.

Although the yellow bedspread was an amazing improvement over the brown and red theme, I’m still not satisfied with my work. I spent a lot of time over the weekend browsing Pinterest, looking for ideas and I think I finally figured out what I need to do!

Picture this…

I paint the wall behind the bed yellow, so a stencil of birds or something in white, and put a shelf aver head (as seen above) and put black and white pictures of different sizes all along the shelf.


The other things I considered was doing peel and stick wallpaper (as seen below) on just the wall behind the bed…

Them, I was thinking I could get a cool gray headboard like this one…

Either way I think that will really improve the overall bedroom makeover. The boring beige walls with just a couple of bird pictures aren’t exciting enough. I really like lively home decor and this just isn’t exciting enough for my taste. I feel like either way I need to do something BIG to the wall behind the bed wither with paint, wallpaper and/or a headboard. I think it will ZEST things up in the bedroom! ;-)

What do you think? Can you offer any advice for my bedroom makeover?

kraft logo

Kraft Italian Dressing only has one goal in mind… tantalizing your tastebuds. And we’re always looking for new ways to help you amp up your zest appeal. Like what you see? Let our Zesty Guy show you even more ways to spread a little zest at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kraft via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kraft.

Home Decor: Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

I recently took my bedroom from winter into spring with a room makeover for under $200. What was once dark and dull is now filled with springtime and sunshine! I really spiced things up with a nice blend of yellow and gray – a hot color combination for home decor right now. The birds are pretty cool too…

Truth be told, I’m not totally satisfied with my room yet. It still needs something. I’m thinking of something a little more exciting… something a bit more zesty perhaps.

While I like the three bird pictures on the wall behind the bed, I’d really like something more exciting. I was thinking I would make my own headboard. I’ve seen them do it on TV before and I’m pretty sure I can do it… But I headed to my local fabric store and found that the material I wanted was $15.99 A YARD! At that price it would be over $50 just for the material and then I would still need to buy plywood, batting, etc to make the rest of it. Now we’re looking at $100! For that price, I could buy a pre-made headboard at a discount store.

I’m sure I will figure something out though. I really think a headboard would really complete my new look.

Meanwhile… I was able to score a $0.99 discounted swatch of yellow material that was just the right size for me to reupholster a tiny stool in my room! In the next store, I found a houndstooth throw on sale for $7 (down from $55!) which I threw over my burgundy rocking chair to make it blend into my new decor and match my curtains a bit better.

target threshold curtains - yellow gray theme

Is it perfect? No. Is it my dream decor yet? No. But it totally made a huge improvement in that corner of my bedroom for under $10! Can’t beat that.

I totally know how to spice things up, don’t I?! ;-)

Now, I just wish I could get Zesty Guy to help me with my “bedroom makeover”… Have you seen those commercials? O.M.G. Ooh la la…

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Kraft Italian Dressing only has one goal in mind… tantalizing your tastebuds. And we’re always looking for new ways to help you amp up your zest appeal. Like what you see? Let our Zesty Guy show you even more ways to spread a little zest at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Kraft via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Kraft.

Home Decorating – Luxury Bedding 300-TC Sheets

You’re probably thinking, “HA! Luxury… I don’t have the money for “luxury” sheets.” Let me assure you, I know you can afford these and you’ll want to as soon as I tell you about the wonders of these 300-TC Sleep Tite sheets from

First off, they are on sale right now starting at just $49.99 for twin size and ranging up to $89.99 for king size. They are currently available in sage green, ivory, light blue, chocolate and mauve.

range of colors

I got king size in chocolate brown to review in my master bedroom. (I got these before my spring bedroom makeover so the brown matched my Damask duvet and shams perfectly.)

brown and red damask bedroom theme

I was really interested in these sheets because of the advertised “stay put” construction that boasts to tightly fit every mattress from 7″ to 20″ deep! Now I normally have trouble finding sheets that will fit and stay on my bed because I have a 18″ memory foam mattress with a 2″ memory foam topper. Suffice to say, these sheets fit PERFECT! I had no trouble getting them on because of the stretchy, roomy fitted sheet.

sleep tite sheets

sleep tite sheets

I wish ALL sheet were made like this. It’s genius. I’ve purchased much more expensive sheets and had them not even fit my bed because of how deep my mattress is. I can’t wait till these sheets come in more color options because I will definitely want to buy more.

stretchy magic sheets

Sheets come in twin, full, queen and king, 5 different color options, an affordable price, and of course, they are a perfect fit!

Buy Them: – On Sale from $49.99 – $89.99

* The product for this review was provided to us free of charge for the purpose of product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Dress Up The Season – Spring Bedroom Makeover

Target.comI teamed up with Target to show you how easy it is to makeover a room in your house with their Threshold Collection for around $200!

I browsed the Threshold Collection on and was amazed at the huge variety of items to choose from! Gorgeous bathroom collections, amazing curtains and lighting, too-many-beautiful-dishes-to-pick-from in the kitchen department and whenever I got to the bedroom collections, I fell in love… Decor overload!

I decided my bedroom was definitely going to be the room to get the makeover! I had redecorated my bedroom around 4 years ago when I went from a light blue/beachy, Cape Cod style theme to a more dramatic and elegant Damask and Stripes theme that was comprised of a dark red and brown color scheme. I absolutely loved it when it was finished and it’s probably my favorite room in the house, but… it is very dark and wintery feeling. So I decided a Spring Makeover was exactly what my bedroom needed.

Then I headed to Pinterest and searched for the type of bedroom decor that I had in mind. I quickly pinned a few ideas I liked and then I found my inspiration room…

gray yellow inspiration bedroom

I picked out all the items I wanted to create my perfect spring bedroom on I originally had planned to order online, but some of the items I wanted were only available in stores. I stayed up till nearly 1am making a list of the items I was going to get and the next day, my mom and I headed to my local Target with my two toddlers in tow.

Upon entering the Home department, I was sooooo distracted looking at all the other items in the Threshold collection that it made me want to makeover every room in my entire house!! Everything was even more amazing and tempting in person than it was on the website. I swooned over lamps, kitchen items, decor and the wide array of curtains.

Lucky my mom went with me or I would have left with half the store in my cart! She helped me keep to my list and get only the items I needed for my Spring Bedroom Makeover. I filled 2 carts up with the items I wanted and headed for the checkout. I got everything for just a little over $200. Can you believe it?!

On the way home, I found a brand new Goodwill store and stopped to check it out. I found a couple more items to go with my new bedroom decor that I picked up for less than $10! WINNING!!

Here is my wintery, dark bedroom before the spring bedroom makeover…


* Pictures taken with Acer Iconia W510 thanks to #tabletcrew #inteltablets

And here is my gorgeous, summery bedroom after it’s Threshold makeover…

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Hästens Floor Model Sale

So California readers, are you kicking around any resolutions for 2013? How about “get better sleep”? Way better than “organize my garage,” right? Well, why not head over to the Hästens’ annual showroom sale for a slice of Swedish-perfected sleep at unbelievable prices?

You aren’t dreaming (at least not yet)! Hästens’ annual floor model sale begins December 27th. Hästens is offering their showroom beds; and offering existing ones for extraordinary prices. Hästens makes beds like no other ­ by hand in Sweden, using pure natural materials.

In a Hästens bed:
*you fall asleep faster with a higher quality of sleep.
*you add years to your life, 8 hours at a time.

@ The Following locations:

Beverly Hills
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At Hästens, our passion is sleep. It is our mission to change the world through sleep. So, to deliver the best sleep to the world, we create the Best Bed. And as Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, we’ve been perfecting it since 1852.
The vision of giving the world the best sleep, and therefore the best bed, allows for no shortcuts. We use only the finest natural materials in our beds. Sustainably resourced horsehair, cotton, wool, flax, Swedish pine and steel provide the ultimate in comfort, support, quality and durability. For our efforts in environmental sustainability, Hästens is exclusive among bed manufacturers by being the very first to have our beds awarded Swedish Swan environmental certification.
It is because of our natural materials that Hästens beds can offer deeper, natural sleep. Sleep in a Hästens is more restorative and rejuvenating. It brings you natural energy, an improved mood and a more youthful appearance, each night and every day. The benefits of sleep extend into your improved life through greater health and happiness.
After 160 years, Hästens continues to maintain distinction in the industry through focus on quality craftsmanship, natural materials and exquisite design.
This is Sleep.