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Bring Out Your Eye Color

Want your eyes to be the first thing people see? Make your eyes pop with eye shadow that brings out the best of your eye color!

I have brown eyes (see picture) so I usually go with purples, coppers, golds, and browns. I haven’t been brave enough to try green yet! I really like how the purple looks with my brown eyes, but I’ve put together a list of the best eye shadows to go with other eye colors too!


  • Bold purples and greens bring out the best in brown eyes. Sweep a light purple right under the brow and a darker shade of purple on the lid. Wet the tip of a slanted brush and sweep over the dark purple eye shadow and carefully edge it into your lash line. The same technique can be done with green. For a more subtle look, try copper, bronze, champagne, apricot, brown, or beige.

  • Light and deep denim blue shades enhance the blue in your eyes. Apply a soft brown coffee color all over lid. Then blend deep denim or navy blue color into the crease. Gently sweep a light blue on brow bone. You can also use other shades like taupe, gray, silver, violet, purple, deep blue, and even black.

  • Different shades of jade enhance the beautiful green in your eyes. Purples makes it pop. Apply violet or dusty purple shade all over lid. Then blend a deep jade or turquoise shade into crease.
    Lastly apply a light jade green color on brow bone. Other colors that work well with your eyes are brown, apricot, purple, deep greens, gold, and bright purples.

  • Light and deep toffee or brown shades enhance the hazel in your eyes. Apply a light blush pink all over lid. Then gently blend a deep toffee color into the crease and sweep a light hazel color on brow bone. More colors to try are gold, pink, rose, plum, mauve, and burgundy.

  • Colors that look good on everybody are navy or charcoal base to define and a powder-blue shadow for highlighting. This affect brightens your brow bone so any eye color will pop! You can always use silver or gold sparkly eye shadow to make any look edgy.
  • Have questions? Disagree with me? Leave a comment!

    Acne Trouble

    Got acne trouble? No fear!

    Most people think acne is only for teenagers, except for those of us that battle it on into adult hood. Sometimes acne even shows up during pregnancy, no matter what your age. Are you dealing with an ongoing acne problem or know someone who is?

    I’ve been dealing with acne breakouts since I was 12, but unlike most girls, I didn’t grow out of it completely. It has been an embarrasing and fursterating experience to say the least. I even tried that big name product “Proactiv” and that actually made my acne WORSE.

    Nothing has been able to make my acne go away completely, but I can tell you a few things that definitely helped improve my skin.

  • The biggest contributing factor to my acne breakouts, is stress. If I am emotionally unbalanced, or something is bothering me, or I just have a lot of things to get accomplished in a short ammount of time, I get a breakout three days later. I don’t know if it is common, but I have found that lowering the ammount of stress in my life reduces my acne greatly. I do relaxing excersises, Yoga, bubble baths, and tea to calm myself down.
  • Second biggest problem is the water I wash my face with. If I continually wash my face with ‘hard’ water, it dries my face out. Then I have to moisturize it to compensate, which sets me into a cycle of acne breakouts. When I wash my face with soft water for an extended period of time, it actually improves my acne breakouts tremendously. Water with bleach in it does wonders for my skin!
  • Third thing I found that helps is cycling through various acne products. If I use the same line of products on my face for more than a month or two, my skin almost get’s immune to it and it stops working. Right now I cycle between these three sets of products:

    1. Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy – $28.59

    2. Murad Acne Complex Kit – $29.95

    3. Avon Clearskin Line – $4.29-5.99 per product

    My favorite product EVER is Avon Clearskin Invigorating Cleansing Scrub! I have one tube next to the sink, one in the shower, and one that I take with my on trips and vacations. I could not live without this stuff! It has tiny micro particles that scrub away imperfections and pore-clogging dirt. Because it’s a cleanser it sweeps away oil and bacteria too. Best of all it has the refreshing scent of eucalyptus that makes your face feel all tingly. Plus your face smells great afterwards! Even if you don’t have serious acne, this product is just a great exfoliant.

    I hope that at least one of these products will work as well for you as they do for me!

  • Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

    Ever wish you would wear Manolo Blahniks like Carrie Bradshaw? If you are a Sex And The City fan, you might remember her gorgeous silver D’Orsay Pumps that were stolen in episode #83 “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”?? Well, heaven knows you probably can’t afford the “real ones”, so I went on a hunt to find some fakes!

    Here is what I came up with:

    Silver Margot Heels

    Silver Sedaraby D’Orsay
    Available in Silver, Black, Red, Pink
    $59.99 – 69.99

    (Visit Bella Belle Boutique for different sizes)

    Now you can look just as fabulous as Carrie Bradshaw for only a fraction of the price! Happy shopping!

    Sexy Little Housewife

    If you’re married, and especially if you have children, chances are you don’t run around the house in lingerie anymore, right? Your poor husband! Besides, flannel pajamas are more comfortable right? Wrong! Lingerie can be comfy for everynight wear if you find a style that is right for you. That’s why I’m here!

    Do hubby a favor and step it up a notch. You don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to wear something a little sexy! There are plenty alternatives to oversized t-shirts and boxer shorts out there. Take advantage of them!

    Here are a few items I found that could be right for you:

    Cotton Knit Chemise
    (4 sizes/4 colors)

    Terry Smocked Babydoll

    White Satin Chemise

    And here’s something for conservative folk:

    Cobalt Blue Satin Pajamas

    Check out these eBay store for more:

  • Daddy’s Little Girl
  • Just What You’re Looking For
  • Lingerie World
  • Nautical Stripes

    The hottest thing this spring/summer season seems to be Nautical / Beach themed clothing. The ever so popular striped shirt is at the top of the list when it comes to this trend. It’s a simple, yet chic look to wear.

    Here are a few affordable shirts to choose from:

    Cotton Ribbed Halter

    Victoria’s Secret Halter

    Stripe Bow Tie Top

    Black & Grey Striped Shirt

    Wear your nautical striped shirt with a pair of denim or white jeans with a pair of espadrilles, ballet flats, or Keds. Accessorize your outfit with a great little nautical inspired necklace with something like an achor or starfish on it. Look for these and other items on

    Staple Items

    The one thing that every fashionable housewife needs in her closet is a great structured blazer! A great blazer can make any frumpy outfit look pulled together and chic. If you’re just running to the grocery store and you have your kids with you, chances are you won’t have time to dress up! You’ve probably been running around the house all day in those jeans and t-shirts I told you to throw out. If you still insist on wearing them, just throw on a great little blazer and you are set to go!

    Here are some great affordable blazers for you to check out:

    Light Blue Blazer

    Denim Blue Stretch Blazer

    Black Pinstripe Jacket

    Pinstripe Deconstructed Jacket

    Want more affordable blazers? Check out the links to the right under “Shopping” or search eBay for “Blazer”.