Designer Handbags

Ever wanted a designer handbag, but can’t image spending thousands on just a BAG? Well now, you don’t have to.

At Handbags Wholesale . com you can get designer inspired look-alikes for a fraction of the cost. They have handbags that looks just like Gucci, Prada, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and more. And most bags are around $15!! Affordable and fashionable!

Whether you are searching for designer inspired handbags or designer replicas, Handbags at Wholesale is your one-stop shop! Featuring the highest quality wholesale handbags and purses at the lowest wholesale prices. Their store is updated weekly with new arrivals, wallets, and backpacks, so be sure to check back periodically! Offering hundreds of items to choose from, you are are sure to find what you are looking for at the lowest prices.

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Trend Alert – Wrap Dresses

The hottest spring/summer trend this season is wrap dresses! All the best dressed celebs are wearing them. From Kelly Ripa to Mischa Barton, wrap dresses are all the rave. They are comfy and chic and best of all, quite affordable!

Here are a few great wrap dresses for your consideration:

Blue Wrap Dress
from Vintage Amore
only $15.00

Woven Wrap Dress
from Forever 21
only $27.80

Silk Wrap Dress
from Posh Shop
only $9.96

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Getting Out Stains

Now again, I’m not the expert housewife here, but I got another question from a reader on how to get out tough stains.

I don’t roll around in the grass or drip BBQ sauce on myself very often, so stains aren’t a huge problem in my house (for now). But my husband is a bit clumsy sometimes and I have to get coffee stains out of his clothes!

For fresh and old stains, I use OxiClean® Versatile Stain Remover. I mix a scoop full into a bucket of warm water, completely submerse the article of clothing containing the stain, and let it set overnight. Then in the morning, the stain is usually gone. If not, I take it out of the Oxiclean-water mixture and sprinkle the dry Oxiclean onto the shirt and rub it in a bit until the stain is gone.

For anything white, I do the same thing, but add a little bit of Clorox bleach.

Another thing I have used that works great is the Clorox bleach pen.

And I think that’s about it. Like I said, I don’t have many stains to get out. I am pretty hooked on OxiClean though… It works really, really well. I even used in on my wedding dress to get out some dirt stains around the hem. So far, I haven’t found anything it can’t clean, but I’m sure there are a few stains it would have trouble on. It says you can use it as a detergent, but I usually only have one piece of clothing that is stained, so I just wash it sperately in my sink.

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Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Who wear’s size 8 shoe and is looking for a pair of Aerosoles Ledger’s???

Well I found the coolest pair yet. They are bronze people! I wish they were my size because I would buy them in a second. (I wear 6 – 7)

Snatch up these beauties before someone else does. They currently have 2 days left, so hurry!

On eBay with a starting bid of $24.99

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Nail Polish

I want to take a minute to tell you guys about one of my favorite nail polish lines. Hollywood based company OPI is the world leader in professional nail care.

A Beautiful, well-groomed nail is an important part of your overall look. Attractive nails and hands enhance your appearance, whether you spend your days in a kitchen or in a boardroom. A basic manicure takes between 25-45 minutes.

For those of you that don’t know how to give yourself a great manicure, there are artificial nail services, such as tips, acrylics and gels. The cost is pretty reasonable, it only takes about an hour, and the results are definitely worth it. When you go and get a professional manicure, they usually a use an expenssive, good quality nail polish like OPI

If you can do your own manicures, try one of the many beautiful colors that OPI has to offer. You can preview the different colors they have by going to their “Try It On Studio”.

OPI is always introducing new colors and collections. Some of their current collections are:

The Mexico Collection features bright, bold colors inspired by the Mexican culture.

The Chicago Collection offers 1940′s style nail colors ranging from bleached, barely-there tones accented with acidic tints, to black, gunmetal greys and sumptuous dark violets in shades of red and blue that are jolted by beams of electric color, for a seductive, irresistible look.

The Designers Series introduces their new Exclusive ProWide™ Brush. This new flat brush is precisely designedso that the specially-shaped bristles align in a stack, creating a smooth, flat surface. This revolutionary new design allows the brush to hold more Nail Lacquer, spread it more quickly and evenly, and deliver a smooth, streak-free application. Apply Nail Lacquer by stroking the flat side of the brush along the nail, from cuticle to tip. An extraordinary fusion of couture and technology, The Designers Series by OPI is a line of twelve Nail Lacquers so unique and exceptional, it is meant to be savored by only the most exclusive audience.

The Classic Colors goes back to basics, bringing out the best of your favorites shades and colors. Preview the shades by tones or by name. From brown tones, to red tones, to pink tones, you are sure to find the color for you.

The Princess Charming Collection features a touch of soft, chic color in sheerly magical new shades for nail and lips, that look fabulous ever after. Beautiful gold, pinks, and beige tones that are feminine and elegant.

The Bright Collection is OPI’s newest collection and offers bold, vivid, beautifully bright shades for fingers and toes! It’s an entire spectrum of super bright colors. As much fun as a brand new box of crayons, but even better because you can wear them! Colors like Atomic Orange, Flashbulb Fuchsia, and Blue My Mind are sure to brighten up your summer. And they just added 12 new colors to the Bright Collection. Check it out >>

Visit for more information on where to purchase or check eBay for the colors you want.

I Scored A Francesco Biasia Handbg For $20

I went shopping with the hubs yesterday morning. I had been begging to go to Goodwill Store for a long time, and he finally agreed to bring me there!

I went with a list because there were some specific things I wanted to pick up like a spring/fall jacket for my husband, a dress coat blazer type thing for him too, and I wanted to find a white blazer for me. Needless to say, I didn’t find what I was looking for. However, I was able to hunt down some great summer shirts for him. Two of them are 100% silk and really classy!

I also found a Mossimo bathing suit that I thought was kinda cute and was only $3. I looked high and low for a nice dress, but didn’t find what I was hoping for. I ended up with a little strappy burgundy dress and a black shirt dress (like my denim one).

When I had just about given up, we headed for the cash registers. And then I saw the handbags!!!!

I’ll tell you, this was probably the best Goodwill store bargain EVER. I found a Francesco Biasia burgundy leather handbag!! This bag is easily a $300-400 bag and I got it for $20! Isn’t is beautiful???

Then I found this cute little Rosetti purse for only $6. I guess it’s supposed to look like a Coach bag, but it’s really not…

Look at the secret compartment!! Isn’t that neat?! Perfect for sunglasses or ‘feminine products’.

It has nice leather straps and it came with a matching wallet and coin purse!

So all in all, I am pretty happy with my little mini shopping spree. Especially since I got everthing for so cheap!

That was my last shopping day though. We need to save up our money for when we move in August!! :-D