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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Just For New Moms


For The Nursing Mom Give the gift of Lily Padz to the nursing mom! Being a mom is hard enough, but add bulky, unflattering nursing pads to that and the new mom is left feeling like a hot mess. Luckily, Lily Padz has designed a revolutionary product that changes everything. Made from 100% medical grade […]

Baby’s Baptism: The Significance of the Christening Gown


A christening gown, also known as a baptismal gown, is a dress-like garment that a baby of either gender wears when they are baptized into the Christian faith. Although it’s not required that your baby wear one of these gowns, they have wonderful symbolism and might make the baptism even more meaningful for you and […]

The Ultimate Mid-Atlantic Tree Care Guide


Those in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US do more than see green. They go green, growing and nurturing added tree life. Eastern White Pine, Oak, Flowering Dogwood, and other varieties are prosperous in the region due to the commitment to growing and caring. For example, a nurturer must consider where to plant particular specie. […]

Would You Become A Nurse Practitioner?

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As the baby boomers age, the number of people with multiple chronic conditions will most likely grow from 8.7 million today to almost 37 million by the year 2030. These baby boomers will need caretakers, but there is a going to undoubtedly be a shortage in caretakers by this time. Solution? We need more nurse […]

Family Fitness: Healthy Foundations for Life

Families can stay healthy by working together to support each other, but not all families do. For many people, “healthy” means a life of drudgery, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I find ways to make being healthy fun so my kids appreciate our healthy lifestyle and will hopefully continue on a road […]

Working with Wallpaper: Choosing the Best Patterns for Your Home

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Image Credit: York Wallcoverings Trellis Wallpaper from Amazon Wallpaper is enjoying a huge resurgence and is available in more patterns than ever. Not all of these patterns will work in your home, so you have to consider what’s out there carefully to select a good fit. A few simple tips come in extremely handy in […]

Recipe to Make Your Own Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

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Are you tired of being a slave to the drugstore, having to purchase antiperspirant deodorant every couple months that you know is laden with questionable chemicals? There are plenty of all natural alternatives to conventional deodorant out there but they can be pricey and most of them are made with ingredients you probably already have […]

Produce Phobias: Overcoming Fruit Fears and Vegetable Revulsion

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Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables – do you have it? Many people are averse to veggies, but they’re a major source of nutrition, and one of the only ways to protect yourself against diet-induced malnutrition. So, how do you get more veggies into your diet without angst or anxiety? Here’s how.   Experiment Be […]

Improve Memory & Enhance Cognitive Function with “Smart Pills”


Smart Drugs to Improve Memory Intelligence is highly valued in most societies throughout the world. Given the chance, most people would be delighted to increase their memory, cognitive function, and their ability to perform well in school or at work. Science is answering this desire with smart pills that are designed with ingredients that have […]

Caring for Our Caretakers: What You Can Do

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  When a loved one is stricken with cancer, or simply reaches the twilight years of life, it remains a common practice for family members to step forward and serve as caregivers. In many cases, adult children take time out of their lives to care for their elderly parents. For many adults, the decision to […]