6 Top Gym Bag Essentials For Women


6 top gym bag essentials 1. Water Enhancer (Amazon.com): Rehydrate yourself with a refreshing and tasty Stur All Natural Water Enhancer. It’s available in 5 flavors and the perfect addition to your gym bag or purse! 2. BB Cream  ($21.99, walgreens.com) Try Lumene Bright BB Serum for an instant skin pick me up so you [...]

11 Quick-Fix Fashion Tips for the Busy Mom

11 Quick-Fix Fashion Tips for the Busy Mom

Image credit   The term ‘fashion’ immediately sets alarm bells ringing in your mind. You expect all those great outfits that your favorite style icons wear to be unaffordable. But do you know that even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, repeats her fashion, mixes and matches, and shops at mass stores? But she remains [...]

Getting Ready for 4th of July Weekend!


(Img Source: www.thetwistband.com) I’m going to be getting ready for 4th of July weekend with a few Red, White and Blueberry Cocktails (pictured above). I found the recipe for these yummy cocktails on The Twistband blog. The recipe calls for silver tequila, 1 small watermelon, juice of 2 limes, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 liter club [...]