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I appreciate that some of you find my articles interesting and wish to share them with your friends on forums and discussion boards. There are many ways you can share but copying is not the right way to do it! We have social media sharing buttons on every article for your convenience! If you copy and paste our articles or republish them as your own, you’re infringing on my copyright. (It’s like taking and using my CAR without asking. NOT COOL!) I really do not appreciate my pictures posted at your site without my permission too even if there is a link back. There is no value add for me; please remember that I took time to generate my content and the whole idea is to have people read my content HERE ON THE BLOG!

If you like my blog and you feel you could be a great addition to our team, please EMAIL ME. Don’t go and start your own blog, give it a similar name (ie. The Chic Housewife) and copy the whole entire idea of our website. Seriously, we are so tired of seeing copycats ripping off our blog. I have worked so hard and for many years on this blog and I don’t appreciate people starting blogs with similar names, stalking my posts and writing about the same things I am and copying my blogs motto and slogan almost verbatim. C’mon! Be original!! Those of you that ARE doing this right now, I am watching you, collecting information and I WILL be bringing all of it to my lawyer. Copyright infringement is NOT COOL. You’re going down.

Please note that all material on THE FASHIONABLE HOUSEWIFE is copyrighted and republishing a big chunk of my blog post or posting it in full is NOT permitted under any conditions. However, you are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work as an excerpt or under fair use (not exceeding 10%), and to make derivative works under the following conditions:

Non-commercial Usage:
You may NOT use the work on this blog for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the blog owner – Sarah-Jean Ballard. Commercial purposes includes blogs which derive income from google adsense, textlink ads, paid posts and affiliate links. Excerpts are permitted if the work is attributed, with a DO FOLLOW LINK to this blog or entry and NOT a replacement for content.

Fair Use:
Fair use of this blog includes use of excerpts with attribution. A fair use excerpt is considered not to exceed approximately 10% of the post content, with an attributing link to the original content. Fair Use does not include permission on blogs designated inappropriate by the copyright holder.

Use of feeds from this site are for strictly for non-commercial purposes. Republishing content from this site via feeds is permitted as titles and excerpts, as part of Fair Use, at the discretion of the blog owner. Scraping, using feeds as a replacement for content, is not permitted under any conditions without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Requests for translation of any content on this blog, exceeding Fair Use excerpts as outlined above, is not permitted. You may only translate an excerpt with a link back to the original article.

Fair Warning:
Because my work is taken and shared without my permission on a regular basis, I am getting more than a little annoyed! When you steal content from this blog, you are not only hurting the blog but you are negatively affecting my ONLY source of income! If you steal our blog posts and republish them on your own blog, we WILL hunt you down and I will report you to the relevant authorities. I will not rest, I will not SLEEP until the content is taken down. That is a promise.

Don’t steal.

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