Totally Obsessed with Somatique Moisturizer

somatique products

I am totally obsessed with Somatique Moisturizer ($44)! I opened the jar, thinking I was just going to be trying yet another moisturizer and was immediately taken away to a dreamy land… Their website says nothing about this moisturizer having a fragrance, but my sensitive pregnancy-nose detects the creamy cocoa butter, coconut, raspberry and rose within. It’s just absolutely heavenly. I find myself looking forward to my facial routine JUST so I can open that jar and smell it contents.

Not only does is have an extremely appealing fragrance, it works wonderfully. I didn’t get any breakouts, like I normally do when suddenly switching to a new moisturizer. It penetrates deep into the skin and soaks in quickly so you can easily wear makeup on top, unlike some moisturizers that you need to wait at least 5 minutes before you can put on liquid foundation.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this moisturizer and it is definitely one that I would buy over and over again.

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Indulge In Chocolate, Without The Calories!

Ever been on a diet where you just HAD TO HAVE chocolate, but managed to keep yourself under control and not give in? Well next time, you can give it… to FarmHouse Fresh’s new decadent Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask!

chocolate sundae

This rich and creamy mask smells just like a chocolate sundae, I’m not even kidding you! I was seriously skeptical, but upon opening the jar and taking a whiff, I was whisked off to a chocolatey dream land.

Made with 98%-Natural Vitamin And Enzyme-Rich Cocoa, Coconut Oil & Honey, this decadent mask soothes and softens your skin while Coenzyme Q10, Ginseng & Live Carrot Cell Extracts work their magic at reversing free radical damage and bringing your skin back to life. JUST what you face needs after this long, harsh winter.

close up

chocolate mask detail

chocolate sundae

“The Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask is the perfect re-boot for your facial cleansing routine. The dark cocoa base smells delicious, and leaves you velvety smooth, soft and clean,” states Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh® brands. “More than a whimsical treat, this fragrance-free and anti-oxidant rich formula is designed to repair the effects of free radical damage without over-drying skin, and helps maintain collagen levels and improve skin texture.”

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to try? Certainly piqued my interest!

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Day 2 Giveaway – SIX Skincare Products from Edimi & Michael Todd True Organics

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

6 Advanced Skincare Products from
Edimi & Michael Todd True Organics

beauty prods

ONE winner will receive 3 beauty products from Edimi Advanced Skincare and 3 products from Michael Todd True Organics! A winning combination of truly advanced and high quality skin care products that will get you started off on the right foot towards better looking, more radiant skin.

Introducing Edimi

edimi logo

Edimi is renowned for bringing advanced skincare and expertise to consumers through luxury spas and salons worldwide. Led by Dr. Tick, scientists have developed products with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind. Edimi continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring herbs, botanical actives and certified organics.

“Healthy skin is achieved by eating a healthy diet and practicing proper skincare,” says Dr. Tick. “Edimi’s goal is to provide natural skincare solutions to common skincare issues.”

Find out more at

Introducing Michael Todd True Organics

michael todd

Marrying nature and science, Michael Todd True Organics created recipes that resulted in effective organically based skincare solutions for all skin types. Whether your needs are to treat dry, blemished, aging, oily, sensitive, sun-damaged, pigmented or normal/combination skin, Michael Todd is committed to improving skin health by developing the highest quality of products and raising the bar once again in formulation and ingredient technology.

“Mother Nature has given us superfoods that play double duty,” says Lewis Hendler, founder of Michael Todd True Organics. “Consider the avocado as the overachiever of beauty superfoods. It’s rich in protective antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which help keep skin plump and smooth. Our Avocado Mango Mask unclogs pores, reduce bacteria, and nourish and heal on and below the skin’s surface. Our products represent a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits we use. The result is an unsurpassed skincare experience that enhances and protects the skin for years to come without the use of potentially harmful ingredients so common in many other brands.”

Find out more at

Both lines of products sound absolutely amazing! I’m excited that one you lovely ladies will get to win 3 products from EACH skin care line! Details on how to enter below…

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I’m Positively Radiant with AVEENO Intensive Night Cream

Have you ever seen The Fashionable Housewife sans makeup? Well things are about to get interesting…

me and Aveeno

Well my night time routine is something I actually look forward to now that I’m using a new night cream. I’m loving the Total Soy Complex in AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT Intensive Night Cream that I got from the Influenster program.



The AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® Intensive Night Cream, formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex and vitamin B3, helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration, uneven tone and blotchiness, revealing healthier-looking skin.

I love the texture and it applies so smoothly. It’s not oily and heavy like most night creams. It’s just very moisturizing and creamy – the perfect balance. I cleanse my face with Avalon CoQ10 Cleansing Cream (which I am OBSESSED with) to remove the makeup and mascara, then I pat my face dry with a clean washcloth and apply the night cream all over my face and neck. I then follow with Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream. Bliss!

What is your night time routine consist of?

DISCLAIMER: I received Aveeno product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

BB Beauty Balm Cream – What’s The Best?

Are you looking for the best BB cream for oily skin? Which BB cream brand is the best? Have you been searching for the best rates BB cream in the US? Well, we tried a bunch of Beauty Balm Creams to see which ones rated the best in our book!

1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

UD BB cream

At the number one spot is Urban Decay! It is hands down the best BB cream tinted moisturizer I have ever tried. Period. It is the perfect shade, blends into skin seamlessly while minimizing the appearance of pores, lines, wrinkles and redness instantly. It even promises significantly firmer, more lifted skin in 8 weeks. Hell, I don’t even care about that part! I just LOVE how my skin looks after I put this on. It’s the main component of my 5-minute 5-product beauty routine. It’s a must-have for ALL skin types! I highly recommend it!!!!

Get it: – $34

2. Miracle Skin Transformer BB Cream

miracle skin bb cream

Really not in second place at all, this is truly another favorite of mine and I would buy it in bulk if it were just a tiny bit more affordable! This five-in-one formula is designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect skin in a single step. It goes on smoother than any other BB cream I’ve tried, looks totally natural, protects your skin with SPF 20 and leaves your face looking refreshed, rather than weighed down. I also like this one because it’s available in 8 shades!

Get it: – $48

3. Stila Stay All Day® 10-In-One Beauty Balm

stila bb cream

I like this one because it has a touch of shimmer to it that illuminates the skin and gives you an amazing “glow” that looks natural – not sparkly. It’s an all-in-one, high-definition, age-defying beauty balm that is packed with broad-spectrum SPF 30 and ready for action. This would be my “date night” BB cream pick because the added touch of shimmer that illuminates skin is my idea of “dressing up” considering my busy-mom lifestyle. I found that this one was also good for oily skin and did not clog my pores. Bonus! I recommend this one for sure.

Get it: – $38

4. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

clinique bb cream

If you have mature skin (35+) and you are looking for a double-duty BB cream that will not only make you look great today, but help improve your skin for tomorrow, then you will want to try Clinique’s Age Defense BB Cream. I am a huge fan of almost ALL CLinique products and this one is no exception. Expertly shaded to match so many skin tones and yet, it’s available in three shades, just in case you want to get picky. Goes on smooth, hide fine lines and feels light as a feather. Perfect for the spring and summer months. I definitely recommend it!

Get it: – $37

5. Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel

perfekt skin bb cream

Last but certainly not least is this multitasking all-in-one vitamin enriched, sweat-resistant and water-resistant skin perfector that is a lot like a BB cream. It glides on skin effortlessly to instantly improve your skin tone all while reducing redness and helping to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. It’s one of my favorites but I have to put it in spot number 5 because of the price alone! It’s $57.50 for just 1 oz!!!! Still, it’s one of my favorites and I recommend it for all skin types.

Get it: – $57.50

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this post I received to review and some I purchased on my own. I only write about products I personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Get Fit Quick Just Like A Celebrity

Post-Oscars, are you wondering how you can get a perky chest like Catherine Zeta Jones, a waist like Jennifer Lawrence, and legs like Kelly Rowland? We got some tips for you that will help you get fit quick just like a celebrity!

Mama Mio has some awesome products such as Boob Tube, Get Waisted and Lucky Legs. I have personally tried and LOVE all three of those products and can attest to their awesomeness. Boob Tube helps tighten and tone saggy breasts (Use in conjunction with Skin Tight for an at-home boob job!), while Get Waisted has caffeine and other natural ingredients that help stimulate your body to tone the area. Lucky Legs is a must for the summer months when you need to bare those gams.

mama mio products

Here is what Mama Mio has to say about these products…

·        Boob Tube: Go from saggy and crepey to firm, sexy and supple. Boob Tube is amazing because the quality of your skin changes so quickly.

·        Get Waisted: Dramatically increases the destruction of fat leading to a tighter, less wobbly tummy

·        Lucky Legs: A mini-spa treatment that glides on to instantly cool and ease weary limbs from knees to tippy toes. Leaves a super-subtle sparkly-shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step.

These Mama Mio Products range in price from $19.50 – $56.00 and can be purchased at

I recommend using Get Waisted in conjunction with Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Capris!!

You’re thinking… “Seriously? Anti-Cellulite Capris?” Yeah, I’m not kidding around. These things have become a essential part of my life and I can’t imagine living without them. I’m literally wearing a pair of them, right now.

What are Anti Cellulite Shorts, you say? Let me tell you all about these little miracles…

delfin spa shortsThey are fitted shorts (or capris) that feel a lot like a wetsuit (that you would wear when scuba diving). These babies are not your average workout wear that wicks away moisture… Quite the opposite! These help to increase your body’s core temperature which makes you sweat like mad and rid excess water retention. It also helps to increase the rate at which you burn calories, increases your metabolism and makes your exercise routine more effective. Um, is that the Hallelujah chorus I hear? Yeah, I thought so.

I have personally tried and can wholeheartedly recommend Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Shorts which retail for around $39.99 and come in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. They can be purchased on for $39.99, for $35.09 or for $39.99.

Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts Make Inches Disappear, quite literally. It says to wear them for 2 weeks to lose up to 2 pant sizes! No, that was NOT a typo! I was elated when I tried them out this past summer and lost a whole pants after just THREE DAYS of wearing them. Read more about Delfin Spa Pants >>

Another item you might take into consideration as bikini-season approaches…

There is a new product on the market that promises to not only reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost energy, but it will also rev up your sex drive and make you look and feel DECADES younger! Um, yeah, sign me up for that boat!

Here is the latest news on the Anti-Aging product that is sweeping the nation…

fountain of youth

A recent article on favorite celebrity gossip site Radar Online listed “The 10 Most Flawless Faces Of Awards Season,” highlighting the creamy complexions of beauties like Ann Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Helen Hunt. Then the always-hip site revealed a little secret to its readers: “But you don’t have to be a celebrity to look younger and achieve flawless skin.” Rather than touting a new skin cream or cosmetic, however, it joined the ranks of media moguls like The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN, and The Dr. Oz Show, who’ve all been running features on human growth hormone (hGH) therapy. hGH therapy is rapidly becoming the hottest new “it” treatment among Hollywood A-Listers due to its touted ability to reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, boost energy, rev up sex drive, and make you look and feel decades — not years, but DECADES — younger.

With all the attention SeroVital-hgh has been getting, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find. It’s currently available at select Ulta stores, and will be available on a limited basis at prestige retailers across the U.S. If you can’t wait, try ordering it directly from the manufacturer at or 1-800-544-2671. Use promo code SERO18 at checkout and get free shipping.*

And last but not least, if you need to lose weight, we HIGHLY recommend The Dukan Diet! I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks on The Dukan Diet and finally got my pre-baby body back!

The Best Facial Masks for Skin Care

skin care productsWhen it comes to our beauty routine, we all know about choosing a cleanser and toner for daily use, a good exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, and a serum or cream to moisturize. But what is the most often overlooked yet critical component to having beautiful skin? It is the wonders and benefits that the best facial mask usage can bring us.

Maintaining a regular facial mask regimen is an amazing way to treat your skin to a variety of natural and organic ingredients. Clay and mud masks provide deep cleansing and purification, herbal masks help for an even complexion and breakout prevention, and masks with essential oils and butters hydrate and nourish the skin. A facial mask is an also excuse to lay back, deep breathe, and take a 20 minute meditation break from your stressful day. Here I will compare 3 such facial masks and discuss their benefits.


1.      Moor Mask

This great product is pure 100% herbal mud taken from the Lowland moors. It is a thick, jet black, wet mask that has a healing and calming effect on the skin. It does wonders for problem skin conditions or breakouts, and with a 21-day intensive treatment can completely clear and restore your complexion. It is a deep cleansing mask that leaves the skin soft and silky without having a drying effect. It can also repair skin problems such as damage caused from prolonged sun exposure and dermatitis. What I love most about the Moor Mask is that it feels so calming and silky smooth on the skin for a really relaxing facial.


2.      Vivoderm Anti-Aging Mask

This all herbal mask is mixed with yogurt or pure aloe vera gel to give the skin a great natural makeover and pick-me-up. It is lightly exfoliating and leaves the skin soft, tight, and radiant. It shrinks enlarged pores and makes dull skin tone much more vibrant. My favorite thing about the Vivoderm Mask is that is exfoliates and really improves my dull complexion.


3.      Renu Derma Green Clay Facial Mask

This mask is enriched with vitamin C, green clay, and aloe vera. It is a thick mask that dries completely on the skin. The results from this mask are just wonderful, as it leaves the skin deeply cleansed, feelingtighter, and firmer. The mask is intense – it opens up the pores, and is also a great anti-aging tool. What I love most about this facial mask is what my skin feels like immediately after washing it off – it is just so smooth, tight, and clean.

Using a bi-weekly facial mask regimen can be such an added bonus to your anti-aging, deep cleansing, and complexion-purifying skin care routine. Not to mention they are great to use while submersed in a warm candle-lit bubble bath infused with essential oils. But don’t just take my word for it – try out the best facial masks out for yourself. Get recommendations fora great facial mask rotation based on your age, skin type, and any specific skin problems. Good luck and stay beautiful!

Author: John Mathews


About the Author

John Mathews lives in Rome, Italy and is a self-proclaimed skin care enthusiast spending countless hours sampling and testing out which products really work for which type of skin. He runs the website that provides targeted full skin care routine recommendations for unprecedented results. He offers a yearly membership package to ensure that his customers each get the very best price available for top-quality skin care products.