Choosing The Perfect Bra For Your Holiday Outfit

choosing the best bra

Would you ever do something like… go out in public without a bra on? I hope not! But when I’m at home, hanging around or doing housework, I prefer not wearing a bra. I love the feeling of being free. When I go out though, I always wear a bra! I feel more complete. Your […]

SQUEEM Perfect Waist Belly Binder for Postpartum Bellies

squeem magical lingerie

I can’t believe I had my third child 5 months ago! It’s gone by so fast. I got right back into my usual routine around 6 weeks after baby was born and that was partly thanks to my SQUEEM Perfect Waist. Does Squeem waist cincher work? The answer is YES! After having my third child, […]

Bare Necessities Introduces Dita Von Teese Signature Lingerie Collection


Dita Von Teese Signature Lingerie Collection is now on!!! Bare Necessities will be the only retailer to carry Dita’s full size range- styles will be available up to 44 band and E cup!!! No other retailer will offer the breadth and depth of Dita’s line that we will be available on As many […]

Editor’s Picks: 3 Comfortable, Affordable Bras

vanity fair Collage

With so many bras on the market, it can be a daunting task to try to find one that is not only comfortable, but affordable too. Well, no worries. We’ve done most of the hard work for you. Below are the top 3 most comfortable AND affordable bras we have found so far. Now all […]

Head To Kohl’s Fantastic Fit Event for Free Bra Fitting!

kohls perfect fit

From now till April 9th, Kohl’s is having a Fantastic Fit Event in select stores. Click here and select your state to see a list of the locations near you and the dates you can visit that store for a FREE PROFESSIONAL BRA FITTING! Apparently 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Seriously […]

Must-Have Essentials for “That Time Of The Month”

jocket undies

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to wear sexy,lacy undies while you are on your period. Not only do you not feel real sexy during “that time of the month” but you don’t want to risk ruining your Hanky Panky’s. My weapons of choice when Aunt Flo comes to visit? Check them out […]

Essentials of Buying the Correct Plus Size Bras

plus size bra

When buying plus size lingerie, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of fitting. Proper fitting is the key to comfort when it comes to lingerie, especially if it plus size. Many designer brands are now looking into the aspect of combining high quality design as well as comfort when it comes to […]

How To Dress Your Curves – Proper Bra Fit

proper bra fit

The Importance of the Right Bra Fit Many women see buying a new bra or two as a bit of a chore. For a lot of us it also involves a bit of guess work – bra sizes can change over time with age and weight loss or gain as can our individuals needs regarding […]

Zaggora Hot Pants Review – Lose 2 Jean Sizes in 2 Weeks!


Last week I mentioned I was reviewing Zaggora Hot Pants. I wore them for 3 days and noticed immediate results! Not only did I lose one whole pants size in the first 3 days, I literally lost noticeable inches from around my waist, hips, butt and thighs. I didn’t wear them every single day for […]

Trend Alert: Tattoo Nylons Tights


Lots of my friends have tattoos and those of us that don’t either can’t commit to one design or are just too chicken to do it. People tell you things like “Can you imagine what that thing will look like when you are 80 years old!” lol So those of us that are un-inked are […]