Must-Have Essentials for “That Time Of The Month”

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to wear sexy,lacy undies while you are on your period. Not only do you not feel real sexy during “that time of the month” but you don’t want to risk ruining your Hanky Panky’s.

My weapons of choice when Aunt Flo comes to visit? Check them out below…

jockey undies

What are these wonderful beauties? Say hello to Jockey Elance Hipsters that will be your new BFF.

Comfy? You betcha!

Great coverage? Oh yeah!

Wash and wear well? Definitely!

Pads and pantyliners stick well to them and these undies stay in place which means your maxi pad stays in place! Nothing worse than having to fish one of those things out of your butt crack, right ladies? Oh yeah, we’re getting all real up in here today, yo!

You can find Jockey Elance Hipsters at Bare Necessities for $19 for 3 pairs!!!! (And you can find a ton of other comfy undies there too!)

Also available from:,, Kohls, and of course directly from And if hipsters are your ‘thang, check out their briefs, bikinis and french cut styles. Myself, I prefer to have my butt covered properly!

As for Kotex, you know you can find their products just about anywhere and everywhere. I prefer U by Kotex pads and U by Kotex Curves pantyliners for a multitude of reasons which I won’t go into and gross everyone out. Let’s just say, they work very well, are comfortable and effective!

u by kotex pads

Buy them at, Walgreens, Target and most other mass retailers. Plus, right now you can get FREE Goody hair elastics when you buy U by Kotex at Target. Only at Target though! Text ‘KOTEX’ to ‘TARGET’ to get your coupon!

However, I haven’t been using maxi pads as much lately since I discovered the Diva Cup


What the heck is it?

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. Wear The DivaCup for up to 12 hours without leaks or worry. [learn more...]

Costing around $25 on for the Diva Cup Model 1 (Pre-Childbirth) and $27 on for DivaCup Model 2 (Post-Childbirth), compare that to the amount you will spend on maxi pads or tampons in a year….

I’ve had mine for about a year and after I got the hang of it, I definitely loved it. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it after improper positioning left me dissatisfied. I double checked the instructions and asked the advice of a friend who also uses the Diva Cup and by my next cycle, I was a pro. I’m convinced this is the way to go now. Way cheaper, way more comfortable, no leaks, and totally worry free. What more could you ask for? Well, I guess no period at all or only periods when you wanted them… or at the very least not getting bloated on your period?!

If your period makes you insanely, freakishly bloated (I can’t be the only one, right?) you might find that those sexy jeans aren’t working out so well for you… Don’t worry, just grab a pair of these…

 Spanx Skinny Britches® Super Mid-Thigh Shaper

The Spanx Skinny Britches® Super Mid-Thigh Shaper slim and trim everything you can fit into your favorite jeans are just look a bit less bloated in whatever you wear during your period (or anytime you feel bloated!). I have at least a dozen different Spanx products and I could NOT live without them. Seriously, biggest lifesaver ever.

Also considering checking out this book I just started reading that has some helpful tips in it:

stop bitching

Stop Your Bitching…naturally! The Step By Step Guide to Balance Your Hormones & End PMS & Menstrual Cramps (30 Day’s of Tips To Stop Your Bitching…. naturally!)

End PMS & Period Cramps Forever! Tired of suffering every month? This book gives you all the information you need to change your body and feel great all 30 days of the month.

Author Cathy Margolin explains your body’s hormonal cycle in easy to understand language and gives you the tools to balance your hormones throughout the month naturally! Menstrual cycles and period cramps should not be debilitating. The emotional high’s and low’s that come and go with your “Period” are explained and you can now be IN CHARGE of this cycle.. rather than the victim. Learning simply steps to balanced hormones is fun and easy and you will see the difference in the first month.

What are your favorite go-to items for “that time of the month” and how do you cope??


How To Get Back In Shape After Holidays Binging

Scared about the number you saw on the scale this morning?? Wondering how to get back into shape after the holidays? All that binging on cakes, cookies and pies left you feeling a little rounder than usual? Hoping you can get back on track after blowing your diet? We’ve got some QUICK AND EASY ways to get back in shape after the holidays!

Now, if you aren’t already making an effort to stay in shape and you aren’t on a diet OR exercising, then these tips and tricks below probably won’t do much for you. However, if you normally try to stay in shape, get exercise and are overall concerned about your health, then these quick and easy tricks will help you get back on track faster than usual!

1. Anti Cellulite Shorts

One of the fastest ways to drop weight (if you are already getting a little exercise and watching what you eat) is Anti Cellulite Shorts. How do they work? They help to increase your body’s core temperature which makes you sweat and rid excess water retention. It also helps to increase the rate at which you burn calories, making your exercise routine more effective.

I have personally tried and can recommend Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Shorts which retail for around $39.99 and come in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large. They can be purchased on for $39.99, for $35.09 or for $39.99.

Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts Make Inches Disappear, quite literally. It says to wear them for 2 weeks to lose up to 2 pant sizes. I was super excited to find that I lost a whole pants after just THREE DAYS of wearing the Zaggora Hot Pants.

Zaggora Hot Pants are very similar to the Delfin Spa Shorts. Zaggora has a wide range of products from Short HotPants to Long HotPants and prices starting around $72.

Read more about Zaggora Pants >>

Read more about Delfin Spa Pants >>

2. Slimming Tea

Holiday over eating can really get your digestive system out of whack… If you only gained a few pounds over the holiday season, you might really benefit from just “eliminating some toxins” from your system with something like Dukan Diet Slimming Tea. (You may experience more frequent bowel movements for the first couple of days after having used Dukan Diet Slimming Tea. This is simply an indication that the tea is eliminating “toxins” from the digestive system.) In another words, you’ll lose a few pounds! ;-)

Slimming Tea can be purchased on for $8.99 a box of 30 bags. Use my email address (dukan [at] sarahjean [dot] org) as your “referral” when signing up to receive a $10.00 coupon to use on your first order!

[Read more...]

Look Slim & Trim Under Your Holiday Dresses

Do you have that perfect little black dress but need a little something extra to make you look completely fabulous? How about some shapewear to go under that already perfect dress?

Shapewear easily redefines your body shape for a sleek, smooth look that is sure to wow them. We put together a boutique of our favorite shapewear pieces from for your convenience so you can get a slimmer, sexier silhouette in all your holiday dresses this season.

So what are you waiting for? Have your cake and eat it too! Just don’t forget your shapewear!

Shop and don’t forget to enter our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza for a chance to win a Pajama Set from (worth $84)!

Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts Make Inches Disappear!

I recently lost a lot of weight on The Dukan Diet and very successfully managed to get back to my pre baby weight. And not my ‘before my second baby’ weight… my ‘before my FIRST baby’ weight. I now weigh the same as I did when I got married. Totally great… makes me super, super happy. However………. I don’t look like I did when I was 18 anymore! Hmm, go figure… Amazing what growing two brand new human beings in your body will do to it.

So needless to say, I have some…er….. rough edges? Few stretch marks… little bit of cellulite… no boobs…. but I can’t complain too much. I could look a lot worse!

Thankfully, I found Delfin Spa Bio-Ceramic Shorts to help in my fight against gaining back extra pounds and combat all that cellulite.

Delfin Spa’s Cellulite Reduction System is an effective and convenient means to reduce visible cellulite and leg circumference. The system comprises Bio-Ceramic lined neoprene shorts and specially formulated Anti-Cellulite cream. Delfin Spa’s Anti-cellulite cream utilizes a combination of natural plant extracts to lessen cellulite, improve micro circulation and assists in reduction of retained liquid.

Delfin Spa’s Bio-Ceramic shorts act as a thermal agent to improve the penetration and efficacy of the Anti-Cellulite cream. They are comfortable to wear and thin enough to wear under clothing while going about your daily activities. The bio-ceramic material is the key to Delfin Spa shorts not being bulky as it reflects your body heat back into you.

I wear them almost everyday now. I had friends and family comment on warmer days “How can you stand wearing those?! Aren’t you got and sweaty under there?” lol Um, yeah… that’s the point! And now that it’s freezing here, I find the extra layer helps keep me warm. Admittedly I don’t sweat as much with these on when it’s cold, obviously, but I hope they are still working!

I use these as my secret weapon to help whip me back into shape if I’ve been cheating on my diet for a few days… (Sshhhh, don’t tell Dr Dukan!). They help reduce water retention (hence the sweating) which is especially helpful during “that time of the month” when you are more likely to retain extra water and bloat. I really feel like these shorts help me fight back.

Increased heat and molecular stimulation enhances the effectiveness of your exercise by increasing blood flow and accelerating your metabolism so you can burn more calories. Bio Ceramic shorts also improve the effectiveness of any anti-cellulite cream by making it penetrate deep into the skin and the cellulite. These shorts are a great option to wear during yoga class too.


This summer I tried a similar pair of exercise shorts as these and they worked just as well, but Delfin Spa shorts are HALF THE PRICE! (They are on sale right now for $51.99 and they come with Anti Cellulite Cream (6 oz)!!!!)

Bonus! These come in Extra Small (which is the size I got) and the other ones I reviewed do not, which made them eventually fit quite baggy on me making them completely ineffective. You want these to fit like a glove… like a wet suit… very form fitting, in order to get the benefits from wearing them.

Purchase these shorts and other anti-cellulite products on

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Zaggora Hot Pants Review – Lose 2 Jean Sizes in 2 Weeks!

Last week I mentioned I was reviewing Zaggora Hot Pants. I wore them for 3 days and noticed immediate results! Not only did I lose one whole pants size in the first 3 days, I literally lost noticeable inches from around my waist, hips, butt and thighs.

I didn’t wear them every single day for 2 weeks like I was supposed to, but I did wear them for at least 14 days within a 3 week period. I absolutely contribute some of my weight loss success with The Dukan Diet to be partly due to the Zaggora HotPants.

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Dukan Diet Personalized Weight Loss – Day 30

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since I started the Dukan Diet! It doesn’t seem like I have been on a diet that long. “Time flies when you’re having fun!” ??

Today is my biggest success so far. I finally reached 115 pounds!!!!!!!!!!

Please join me in a happy dance at this time…

I was all happy this weekend because Saturday (day 27) and Sunday (day 28) I weighed in at 116.6 lbs both days. Yipeee! Then all of a sudden yesterday, Monday (day 29) I got on the scale and it said 117.6 lbs! ACK! I thought for sure I’d hit another horrid plateau right before my goal! Luckily today, God rewarded my efforts and I weighed in at 115.4 lbs!

Stop! Wait! Hear that? Yup… it’s the Hallelujah chorus.

Weight Loss Chart

Starting Weight: 128 lbs
Goal Weight: 114 lbs

(FYI! In case you are new here and haven’t read my older posts, please take note that I am PETITE! I am 5′ 21/2” tall. I weighed between 100 and 110lbs most of my adult life before having children. My doctor has approved my weight loss goal of 114 lbs.)

Attack Phase:

  • Day 1 – I weighed in at 127.8 lbs (12 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 2 – I weighed in at 125.0 lbs (10 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 3 – I weighed in at 124.2 lbs (9 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 4 – I weighed in at 124.2 lbs (9 lbs over goal weight)

Cruise Phase:

  • Day 5 – I weighed in at 123.2 lbs (8 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 6 – I weighed in at 123.2 lbs (8 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 7 – I weighed in at 124.0 lbs (9 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 8 – I weighed in at 124.6 lbs (9 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 9 – I weighed in at 124.0 lbs (9 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 10 – I weighed in at 123.2 lbs (8 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 11 – I weighed in at 123.4 lbs (8 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 12 – I weighed in at 122.0 lbs (7 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 13 – I weighed in at 121.8 lbs (6 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 14 – I weighed in at 121.6 lbs (6 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 15 – I weighed in at 121.6 lbs (6 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 16 – I weighed in at 121.8 lbs (6 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 17 – I weighed in at 121.8 lbs (6 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 18 – I weighed in at 120.8 lbs (5 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 19 – I weighed in at 120.6 lbs (5 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 20 – I weighed in at 120.2 lbs (5 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 21 – I weighed in at 119.6 lbs (4 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 22 – I weighed in at 119.2 lbs (4 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 23 – I weighed in at 119.2 lbs (4 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 24 – I weighed in at 119.2 lbs (4 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 25 – I weighed in at 118.2 lbs (3 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 26 – I weighed in at 117.2 lbs (2 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 27 – I weighed in at 116.6 lbs (1 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 28 – I weighed in at 116.6 lbs (1 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 29 – I weighed in at 117.6 lbs (2 lbs over goal weight)
  • Day 30 – I weighed in at 115.4 lbs (.04 lbs over goal weight)

Once I get down to 114 lbs or less, I can start the “Consolidation Phase”.

(Click here to read about the 4 Phases of the Dukan Diet.)


My goal this entire time was to get under 120 lbs before my best friend’s wedding on July 21st. I not only got under 120 lbs but I might just make it to my goal weight of 114 lbs by the end of the week, which is just in time! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

I made another recipe from the The Dukan Diet Cookbook: The Essential Companion to the Dukan Diet today that I actually bothered to photograph for you gals. I actually altered the recipe a bit so it’s not exact from the cookbook, but it’s pretty close…

I present to you, my Salmon Tuna Cakes!

Now that’s just totally Pinterest worthy, ain’t it?

Not only did I get my two kids (5 years old and 23 months old) to eat it, but I got my super, SUPER picky husband to eat it too! I put soy sauce on mine, my husband ate his with horseradish sauce and the kids ate their’s with ketchup. Yum!

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ShaToBu Shaping Tights Have Shapewear Built In

ShaToBu™ Shaping Tights instantly slim and tone your thighs, rear and mid section giving you a slimming look without the hassle of wearing shapewear under your tights. Not only do these tights have the shapewear built right in, but they provide the same muscle toning and calorie burning benefits of the ShaToBu shapers that provide a light workout for more toned legs and derriere long term!

I usually hate wear tights because they are so uncomfortable and I have to keep pulling them up and fiddling with them all day long. Such is not the case with these expertly designed tights. I wore them all day long and was happy to find that they retained their shape, stayed in place and made me look 5 pounds thinner! Can’t put a price tag on that…

Retail: USD$ 28.00

Availability: and