Dangerous Curves, Dangerously Addicting-Introducing Gwynnie Bee!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for TFH, but I’m back in action and super excited to share something AWESOME with you guys!

About 2 months ago, I saw a Facebook ad, then an ad on a blog, then a YouTube review…ALL about Gwynnie Bee! The ad promised me an unbelievable experience that is like Netflix for clothes-catering to sizes 10-28. How could I resist?!

I shot the (amazing, fast, friendly) support team an email and started a 1 month free trial so that I could share my thoughts with all of you! My trial is nearly up, but I plan to stick with this company for a loooong time. After this post, I’m sure you’ll understand why!  *Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how YOU can try Gwynnie Bee FREE for 30 days!


After you sign up, start “closeting” items you covet. As far as I know, there is no limit! I do know that you must closet a certain number of items before your first package ships. Within 2-4 days, your clothes arrive with a HAND-WRITTEN note! Awesome, right?! Who does that anymore?! If they don’t fit, use the pre-paid envelopes enclosed to ship them back for a different size or garment. If they DO fit, wear them as long as you like! If you love it, you can email GB and they will give you the option to buy the garment at a discount! Exchange as many times as you like. No shipping charges-EVER!

Thick. Curvy. Full-figured. Whatever you call it, embrace it! If you’re anything like me, you feel that women with a little “oomph” to their figure tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion. Amen?! Well, to entice you a little more, here are a few of my favorite items currently on Gwynnie Bee! They get new items in every week, so you never know what you’ll find! (Rumor has it they’re in the works for carrying pants soon!)


Valentina Illusion Dress


First up, the Valentina Illusion Dress. Can we just gawk at this baby together?! IT. IS. PERFECT. (Just go up a size if you don’t like super snug fits!) This dress has everything. Lace, a sweetheart neckline, ruching to flatten your tummy…you’re GOING to turn heads! Not for the faint of heart! I really love this dress for a nice date, wedding, opera. I hope to re-closet it for the holiday season!


mktopNext up is this super soft, super comfy Michael Kors top. Normally, I’m not the type of girl who could or would pay $70 for a top, but after wearing this designer piece, I understand how fantastic the quality is! This top has ruching on one side with a tie-super cute! There are little silver “MK” beads on the end, which got my friends talking and curious about Gwynnie Bee! This top works great with shorts, jeans, and even slacks for casual Fridays at the office. The cut isn’t constricting at all, flatters the bust but still gives you breathing room-BONUS!



This next dress got me a lot of attention. I promise I’m not exaggerating! The Cult Of California Bat Wing Dress is amazing! The slip underneath is shorter and it screams sex-appeal while the flowy dress is creates a more romantic vibe. Add a bright belt and heels for a fun pop of color! This dress is perfect if you’re like me and self-conscious about your arms. This dress also has a high-low hem which is super on-trend!


asosHere’s the Asos Skater Skirt with a belt (included). Also comes in black. It’s long enough for the office but fun enough for an evening on the town. I haven’t received this item so I can’t comment on the fit, but I hope to get it soon in either color! This is a staple piece. You need this. Seriously. You do.



Remember how I said GB constantly gets new items in? Here’s an example. This piece came out TODAY and I’m in love! I’m ready to buy it and wear it till it falls apart! If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of mod prints and chevron. This shirt also hits the color blocking trend-the back has a black panel at the top! I really hope the Gwynnie Bee fairies grant me the wish of having this in my closet SOON!


 -   –   –   –   -

As much as I’d love to share more of my favorites, half of the fun is exploring your style, taking chances and waiting for your shipments! I wasn’t paid to this review and all beliefs are my own! I just love cute and comfy clothes that fit well and I want to share the wealth!

Have you heard of Gwynnie Bee before? Have you tried other subscription services?

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Try Gwynnie Bee FREE for 30 Days!

Wanna give it a whirl?! Sign up today!




Essentials of Buying the Correct Plus Size Bras

When buying plus size lingerie, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of fitting. Proper fitting is the key to comfort when it comes to lingerie, especially if it plus size. Many designer brands are now looking into the aspect of combining high quality design as well as comfort when it comes to plus-size lingerie and bras are no exception to this trend. However, before opting for a particular size of bra, one must also consider cup size, fitting as well as volume. Depending on the type of coverage and volume, the size of the bra might differ from a person’s expectation. Finding high levels of comfort in plus size bras is very important for the buyer.

plus size braThe size and volume of a bra are quite different and can differ from one brand to another. While for a particular type of size and design of bra from one brand might offer full coverage another brand might not have adequate coverage for the same particular type of design and cup size. Therefore, it is always better to be sure of the fitting while opting for bras with larger cup size and volume. Squeezing into a smaller size might seem attractive but it can turn out to be highly uncomfortable. Therefore, spending or opting for the correct size is essential when it comes to bras.

Another important aspect with respect to bigger bras is to ensure a wider strap. The width of the strap of a bra should be proportional to the size of the bra as well. Although the underwire and the band of the bra offer support, it is important that the strap of the bra is wide as well to minimize the weight on one’s shoulder. Narrow straps on a bra of plus size can leave behind marks on the shoulders. Moreover, this extra pressure on the shoulder due to narrow straps will lead to further discomfort.

In addition, narrow straps on bras of plus size is similar to a disaster about to happen. Malfunction or breakage is a common issue with such straps and therefore, it is important to opt for additional support or wider straps when opting for such bras. Opting for bras, which offer double back wraps will eliminate such risks and will add to extra comfort. The greater the support one gets from their bra the greater comfort one will experience. The correct size and support is essential for any good lingerie and for the plus size ones, it is of utmost importance.

Opting for a bra, which is machine washable, would be a good choice since washing them should not turn out to be a hassle. Moreover, one must also ensure that the material and the structure of the bra do not cause any kind of unwanted bulges. If the underlying bra causes unwanted bulges then the dress worn on top of it will not be holding on to its structural or design integrity. Overlooking the design aspect should never be an option when shopping for plus size bras and one must always try to find variety of designs. To learn more, click here.

Fashionable Plus Size Leather Cropped Jacket

At Jessica London, you’ll find a massive inventory of on-trend and fashionable plus size clothes that are affordable and designed for someone just like you. With sizes 12 – 32, you can find the perfect fit for you without compromising on style!

Jessica London offers the modern plus-size woman a large variety of classic feminine apparel designed to fit and flatter sizes 12 to 32. Their collections include everything from perfectly tailored suits for work, plus fashionable outerwear, stylish tops, sweaters and denim. Their large dress shop is filled with flattering silhouettes for every special occasion you come by. Complete your look with a pair of shoes from Jessica London’s large selection of wide widths and fashion forward styles. Each Jessica London item offers true fit, true value and true style. That’s their motto!

One of our favorite items they have right now is this fashion-forward Leather Shrug that is available in red, gray and black.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and a perfect addition to your Fall and Winter wardrobe, regardless of where you live. It’s fully lined and made of a supple, soft leather that will keep you comfortable and warm. I just love the style of this stylish cropped open leather jacket and the tuxedo-style back with slit is super chic. Longer in the back than in front for a figure flattering fit no matter what your size is. It’s available in sizes 12 – 28 and retails for $189.99 although it is on sale right now (10/30/2012) for $139.99.

Sign up for Jessica London emails today and get a 40% OFF coupon in your inbox! Click here to sign up today!

Visit www.jessicalondon.com today to find your fall must-haves!

Moonlight Serenade Offers Plus Size Intimates

Ladies, we totally know that not every woman is a slender size 2 (Lord knows, I’m not!) so we were totally excited to share with our curvier readers, the new Moonlight Serenade Intimates Collection.  Since finding something that makes us feel sexay can be challenging at any size, it truly is a treat to have you take a gander at the plus size collection that features camisoles, lingerie, robes and more.

No matter the occasion — a romantic evening, honeymoon or relaxing night at home — every woman wants to look and feel sexy.  www.moonlightserenadeapparel.com, a new designer line of plus-sized lingerie, was created for women sized 14-20.

Moonlight Serenade Designer, Kara Oguschewitz spent many years designing for top-name international clothing brands and now brings her own vision, craftsmanship and romantic style to legions of women who she feels get a short shrift from designers. “Everyone should love their body, and part of that is finding beautiful colors, shapes and patterns to accentuate your figure and personality,” Kara says. “So many plus-sized manufacturers have a one-size-fits-all mentality that offers less in color, cut and creativity for women who want and deserve more.”
The current selection of lingerie from Moonlight Serenade includes flattering shapes in camisoles, chemises, fuller-length gowns, and robes. They are created from georgette, chiffon and charmeuse fabrics, available in tastefully blended and playful prints, including floral, paisleys, stripes and solids. Vibrant color combinations like fiery red, delicate pink, powder blue and fuchsia, as well as deep burgundy, violet, rich black and brown in opaque, sheer and burn-out woven fabrics accented with glitter, sequins, silky ruffled skirt edges, and flat and lace-styled trims. Ladies, I have seen their items in person and just because they cater to the plus sized fashionistas doesn’t mean that they forgo quality and super sassy-ness. All styles are fitted with adjustable bra straps or back spaghetti-ties for added bust support. Deep V-neck styles, halter cuts and tank-top designs are fashioned with subtle and pretty centered bows and drawstring ties. At the end of the day, these garments are perfect for those ladies who want to be comfortable but exude sexiness at the same time! I totally recommend checking Moonlight Serenade you guys. Moonlight Serenade Apparel designs are available in sizes 14, 16, 18 & 20 and are affordably priced from $25 to $44.


Plus Size Models And Body Image For Women

Beauty Cannot Be Defined By the Number On Your Tape Measure!

Plus Size Models Can Lead the Way
To A New Body Image For Women

Model Katie H.

When I was a teenager and well into my twenties, my life was ruled completely by the number on the tape measure. I remember that I was always trying to reach that perfect magical number: 36-24-36. I worked out 5 times a week. I ate salad for lunch everyday. I cut carbs. I obsessively counted every calorie and lived on small tubs of fat-free yogurt for breakfast. Many times I went to bed so screaming hungry that it felt like my stomach was going to eat it’s way OUT of my body just so it could get to the fridge and find some food.

I truly do not know how I managed to will myself to sleep every night with such incredible hunger pains in my stomach. And, after all that, I never reached 36-24-36. At the height of working out and restricting calories, I reached a size 4, but my measurements still remained 38-29-40. I felt defeated. I felt fat. I felt forever ugly. Because in my mind, you could only reach beauty by fitting your body into that magical 26-24-36 number. As long as I had such a wide waist and big hips, I would always be second rate, a “beauty wannabe” but never truly pretty. And this thought drove me to more hours at the gym and weight loss products such as Hydroxycut. One night after calorie restriction, lots of HydroxyCut, and a hour on the treadmill, I fainted off on an Elliptical Trainer in a university gym. That was embarrassing when all those strangers crowded around me to help but it didn’t deter me one bit.

Crystal renn 300x285 Crystal Renn, Plus Sized Model Gets Thin

Model Krystal Renn

Looking back, I still can’t believe I was that thin and toned. At the time I felt huge, but looking back at pictures, I can’t believe I once looked that good. Because, at the time, it was the 1990′s and the height of the heroine-chic look and the Kate Moss pre-pubescent girl look. My dress size was a size 4 and I still felt terribly self-conscious.

Model Liis Windischmann

But, luckily, in about 2007, we started to see a noticeable use in magazines of images of plus-sized models. And they were being featured in mainstream fashion editorials. These fashion editorials had always been the domain of ultra-thin models. So, there was a small breakthrough.

Model Erin Tinsley

I remember in college and in my twenties, people would make comments like, “Oh, so and so, is pretty for a fat girl”. There was always that qualifier that so and so was fat. No one could just say, “So and So is so pretty”. It was as if they were surprised that someone who had curves could also be pretty. Because curves ultimately disqualified all women from being beautiful. Only waif-like girls could be beautiful.

Model Katie H.

I remember when the Sir Mix-A-Lot song “Baby Got Back” came out. And the video was hilarious. But, he made his point, loud and clear, without mincing words, that he wanted a girl with luscious curves. That was in 1993 and I would blast that song and dance around the room.

Model Katy Jensen

But, it still took a while for that message to really start taking hold in popular culture. Really, it took almost 15 years for magazines to show that a round behind was coveted. Because when I was younger, I was trying EVERYTHING to get rid of my rear end. But, now tad-dah, my rear end is suddenly “in” and now women are undergoing plastic surgery to get butt implants. No joke!! Luckily, we can thank J. Lo., Beyonce, and Shakira for helping change the beauty standard. These women weren’t going to accept comments like, “Yeah, she’s hot but she needs to loose about 20 pounds”. Heck no! They capitalized on their curvaceous bodies and allowed those very bodies to sky-rocket them to fame.

Krystal Renn Posing As Early 20th Century Artist Freida Kahlo

And, this is definitely a move in the right direction because beauty should not be so narrowly defined. And plus-sized models should no longer be categorized as “plus size” when they are featured in magazines. It should be that they are featured in Glamour or Vogue to the same extent that extra thin models are featured. We should be able to look through these magazines and see a reflection of all women, to some extent.

What I mean is, they should find models that represent all of the different demographics that women represent, and portray each of these women in the most beautiful light possible.

Because wouldn’t it be great if the next generation of girls had less inherent body-hatred as they grow up? Wouldn’t it be great if women were just considered beautiful because women are inherently beautiful, and they are beautiful in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and at every age.

Model Tara Lynn

So, if any magazine editors happen to be reading this post, I am pleading with you to show women in magazines who represent average women as the beauty standard. And let me define the word “average”. What I mean is average height and average weight.

Model Barbara Brickner

I am in my thirties now and I have had two children. I lost my pregnancy weight after both of my children. But, after my second son was born, I have entered a yo-yo dieting cycle. Whereas I used to be able to lose weight and maintain my weight, I am no longer able to do that. I lose my pregnancy weight and then I gain it all back as soon as I go on a weight maintenance program. My son is only 2 years old and I have bounced between 155 pounds to 125 pounds and back THREE TIMES NOW. It is becoming extremely frustrating because each time I start my diet again, weight comes off more slowly and it seems like I am getting hungrier. And even though I am not skinny, I am still as interested in fashion and looking pretty as I ever was.

And it would be great if magazines showed women who are my size so I can get ideas about what looks good on my body type.

I am not stick thin and I want clothes that flatter me. The last thing I want to look like is a frump. So, please, please feature models of average weight or bigger, because my body will no longer allow me to be as thin as I was prior to having children.

And, I can’t speak for you other ladies, but as hard as I try, I can no longer look like this…


And I can’t look like this either…

You know, my body just won’t go there. But, aside from that, really, is this the look that we want to show to young girls? And do we really want more women dying from eating disorders every year? Does showing women this thin on the cat walks really help society?

Then there’s the issue of impressing men. Do men really want to have their wives and girlfriends and the mothers of their children to look like that?

The definitive answer is NO.

How can I say that, you ask? Well, Microsoft released a short article with the list of the top 10 searched women in the entire world for 2010. Who do you suppose was the most searched woman in the entire world for 2010?

Was it Heidi Klum? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, Heidi, you didn’t even make it into the top 10 of 2010!!!!!

Was it any ONE of the Sports Illustrated models? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was it then…?!!!!

Drum roll please….

It was…..


That’s right, it was Miss Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian was the most searched woman in the entire world for 2010.

And, I am going to have to go out on a limb here and say that she was searched because people find her extremely attractive. I doubt they were searching her because they find her body hideous.

Nope, it seems men were searching photos of her because they think she’s smokin’ hot. And women were likely searching her photos in secret because deep down they might just want to celebrate the fact that they have a body, like Kim’s, that is not rail-thin.

So, the bottom line is, magazine editors, if you are listening, please, please, feature more women in 2011 that represent women who are actually able to eat a french fry here and there.

What do the rest of you women think? Am I off base? What would you personally like to see more of in magazines for 2011? Who do you believe is under-represented in magazines?

Women, sound off! I want to hear your opinion!


Sarah Polyakov

Best Fashionable Swimsuits for Women Over 40 & 50

End of June Plus Size Summer Swimsuit Clearance!

Prices as low as $9.98!!

SwimsuitsforAll.com is offering an amazing clearance sale for the end of June that includes Plus Size Swimwear. With over 30 swimsuits priced at $9.98 and above you are sure to find one that you love. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING!

June 28th – 30th!

Click here and shop today at SwimsuitsforAll.com.

Here are some fashionable swimsuits for women over 40 & 50 that will flatter your figure and cover up the bits you want to hide, all while being totally stylish!

Aerin Rose Plus Size Underwire Tankini Swimsuit $49.00

Twist Front Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit $36.00

Delta Burke Plus Size Swimdress Swimsuit $49.00

Beach Belle Sweet Thing Halter Skirtini Swimsuit $39.00

Black Halter Tankini Swimsuit $36.00

Beach Belle Chlorine Resistant Swimsuit $29.00

For more tips on how to dress your figure, go to Swimsuitforall.com and visit their “Fit and Flatter Solutions” and choose from their helpful list:

    * Enhance Your Bust
    * Hides Your Hips
    * Long Torso Swimwear
    * Minimize Rear & Thighs
    * Slim Your Tummy
    * Support Your Bust

It is extremely important to get your swimsuit in a color that will flatter your skin tone. Choose colors in brilliant blues like bright blue, cobalt blue, teal, navy and deep, dark pinks like magenta, fuchsia, coral and purple. And of course, black is always flattering as it hides the tummy area quite well. Be careful with white and other light colors as it can emphasize big hips, saggy tummies and large back ends. It can be flattering if you have a bit of a tan and a slim figure though.

Anne Cole Black Onyx Two Piece Halter Tankini SwimsuitAs far as fabric is concerned, be careful with anything too shiny as it will show bulges, cellulite and rolls. Prints like floral, paisley, leopard, swirls or anything inconsistent can help hide flaws and imperfection. You can also try hiding your tummy area with a swimsuit with ruching (like this Anne Cole Black Onyx Two Piece Halter Tankini Swimsuit) or slightly-textured fabric (like this Anne Cole Mozambique Heathered Metallic One Piece Halter Swimsuit).

One important thing to keep in mind if you have a larger chest, is that you need a swimsuit that will provide proper support. Women over 40 tend to have larger breasts that require more support, especially if you’ve had children or breastfed in the past. Tube tops, strapless swimsuits and skimpy triangle bikini tops that tie around the neck and back are not going to cut it ladies! When shopping for a swimsuit, use the same care you would if you were shopping for a new bra. If you are large-busted (Sizes 34C and up) look for tops that provide good support with built in bras, padding to hide nipples and thick straps to provide decent support.

Take an additional 15% off swimwear starting at $19.99. Click here and use coupon code 15MORE. *Restrictions apply.

Beauty Can’t Be Measured Merely By Your Dress Size

One of my favorite singers, bar-none, almost wasn’t. That’s right. Her career almost never got started at the ripe old age of sixteen. She was sent to an audition at a famous singing hall because of the sound of her voice. A voice that was so sweet it sounded like angels carrying spoons of dripping honey. But when she showed up at the audition, the stage manager took one look at her, her dress size, and her face, and exclaimed, “You just won’t do! You don’t have the right look”.

Do you think I am talking from one of the current starlets from Hollywood who has starved herself down to a size zero and had her face re-arranged like notes on a keyboard by Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons? It may sound as if I could be referencing any number of them, but I am not.

The singer I am referencing is the mighty, the angelic, the amazing, the ethereal, the sassy, and the jazzy Ella Fitzgerald. No one can skat like Ella. No one can swoon a toon like Ella. And Ella almost WASN’T because of the way she looked. Now, my caveat here is that this was a multi-ethic panel of gentlemen passing judgment on her, not just one lone producer. Sure, these gentlemen wanted to hear singing like Ella’s, but they were looking for a face and body to accompany it that was more akin to Miss Josephine Baker, who was, at the time, the raging toast of Paris.

Josephine Baker, circa late 1930′s.

Still, as fate would have it, even though a young Ella was attempted to be turned away from that audition, she surmounted the opposition and she SANG. And boy did she sing, and “ain’t we glad she did?” because that night was history in the making, and was a precursor of what was to come. I have sung jazz as a hobby ever since high school, and I can say my number one influence and teacher, by the way of remastered CDs, is Ella Fitzgerald. Though long gone, she impacts everything about my singing in the present.

Ella Fitzgerald, circa 1950′s

This is one of the most striking stories of how beauty can influence, and did influence, our society. When I first read that story of how Ella almost wasn’t, I simply went blue in the face. It was like thinking about the possibility of ‘if the Beatles hadn’t met’, and therefore did not spend long dreary days practicing, in rainy, drab Liverpool, England. The Beatles are my all-time favorite band, and the possibility of them not being, is simply unthinkable.

[Read more...]