Essentials of Buying the Correct Plus Size Bras

plus size bra

When buying plus size lingerie, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of fitting. Proper fitting is the key to comfort when it comes to lingerie, especially if it plus size. Many designer brands are now looking into the aspect of combining high quality design as well as comfort when it comes to [...]

Fashionable Plus Size Leather Cropped Jacket

red shrug

At Jessica London, you’ll find a massive inventory of on-trend and fashionable plus size clothes that are affordable and designed for someone just like you. With sizes 12 – 32, you can find the perfect fit for you without compromising on style! Jessica London offers the modern plus-size woman a large variety of classic feminine [...]

Moonlight Serenade Offers Plus Size Intimates

Moonlight Serenade2

Ladies, we totally know that not every woman is a slender size 2 (Lord knows, I’m not!) so we were totally excited to share with our curvier readers, the new Moonlight Serenade Intimates Collection.  Since finding something that makes us feel sexay can be challenging at any size, it truly is a treat to have [...]

Plus Size Models And Body Image For Women

Beauty Cannot Be Defined By the Number On Your Tape Measure! Plus Size Models Can Lead the Way To A New Body Image For Women Model Katie H. When I was a teenager and well into my twenties, my life was ruled completely by the number on the tape measure. I remember that I was [...]

Best Fashionable Swimsuits for Women Over 40 & 50

End of June Plus Size Summer Swimsuit Clearance! Prices as low as $9.98!! is offering an amazing clearance sale for the end of June that includes Plus Size Swimwear. With over 30 swimsuits priced at $9.98 and above you are sure to find one that you love. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING! SALE IS [...]

Beauty Can’t Be Measured Merely By Your Dress Size


One of my favorite singers, bar-none, almost wasn’t. That’s right. Her career almost never got started at the ripe old age of sixteen. She was sent to an audition at a famous singing hall because of the sound of her voice. A voice that was so sweet it sounded like angels carrying spoons of dripping [...]

A Fashionable Year in Review


A Fashionable Year in Review 2009 marked a year of great fashion firsts for the plus size woman AND the plus size community.  If it hasn’t been declared already, 2009 marked the turning point for the Curvy Revolution- if I may call it so. As we turn the corner to a New Year in plus [...]