Say “Goodbye” To Bugs With Insect Shield Clothing

insect shield clothing

We moved out of city and out into the boondocks back woods of New Hampshire almost 5 years ago. So hard to believe it’s been that long! It took a little bit of adjusting to get used to the fact that a grocery store was now a 35 minute drive from our house rather than […]

5 Ways to Nudge Your Guy to up His Style Quotient

long sleeve shirts for guys

  Do you think your man is not fashionable enough? Is he getting into a new job and you want him to create a great impression at his future workplace? It’s time then to give him a quick style update! Contrary to the popular belief that brushing up a man’s style needs tremendous effort, there […]

Winter Gift Ideas to Keep Your Man Warm and Toasty

winter gift ideas for men

  It’s winter time in the land down under, but don’t raise your man’s feelings of discontent. Give him a gift in the winter to remind him that your feelings are as warm and toasty as a number of gifts you present. Wrap your head around these warm sentiments made especially for your ‘snow man.’ […]

Today’s Outfit: SEAPLANE Men’s Fun Shirts


We are all about SEAPLANE Shirts right now! How can you not love them when you see how cute my boys are in their Birdie Num Num shirts! Be sure to check out their Kickstarter and help support Seaplane! Then go enter our Seaplane Giveaway… Enter To Win A SEAPLANE Men’s Shirt for Father’s Day […]

Father’s Day Gift Idea: SEAPLANE Men’s Fun Shirts

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re having an awesome giveaway with SEAPLANE SHIRTS right now! Click Here To Enter! Just in case you DON’T win, take a moment to go check out Seaplane Shirts with Father’s Day in mind because these unique and fun shirts would make a GREAT gift! Why look ordinary when you […]

Enter To Win A SEAPLANE Men’s Shirt for Father’s Day

seaplane giveaway

We’ve teamed up with THE coolest shirt company on the planet – SEAPLANE! They have been generous enough to offer our readers a chance to win ONE (1) of their highly coveted and FUN dress shirts, just in time for Father’s Day! Why is Seaplane so cool?? They make just a couple dozen shirts of […]

Fashionable Husbands – What To Wear This Winter

paladium boots

Lately, I’ve spent more time keeping my family well dressed than I have myself! I guess that is just what happens when you’re pregnant… Yoga pants become the norm, anything but slippers hurt your feet and buying new shoes for your hubby is more fun than trying to cram your swollen feet into a pair […]

Menswear from the Twilight Premiere


There’s a reasonable chance you’re one of the millions of people who stood in line for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse this weekend.  I haven’t been yet, but that’s just because I’m still in the process of wearing down my husband’s resistance. My best hope of enticing him is the 21+ screenings at our nearby theatre, where he can sip cocktails without being surrounded by swooning […]

Best Tag-Free Basic T-Shirt for Men from

jockey mens tees

Jockey® Classic Tag-Free Crew Neck T-shirt This everyday essential crew t-shirt is tag-free and has a relaxed fit that wears well under dress or casual shirts making this a great choice for your hubby. You can cut back on laundry and make clothes last longer by wearing a comfy tee like this underneath. It will […]