Fashionable Husbands – What To Wear This Winter

Lately, I’ve spent more time keeping my family well dressed than I have myself! I guess that is just what happens when you’re pregnant… Yoga pants become the norm, anything but slippers hurt your feet and buying new shoes for your hubby is more fun than trying to cram your swollen feet into a pair of stilettos. Yup, that’s where I’m at.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a HARD time finding boots for my husband this season. You just can’t find them anywhere for under $200! What the heck? After a lot of searching, I found these Palladium Pampa Sport Boots from Bank Fashion for around $130.

paladium boots

Palladium Pampa Sport Boots feature a vintage style brown leather upper, khaki canvas trim pabelling, plus a padded cuff and lace and eyelet fastening system. These boots are complete with signature branding and a chunky textured outsole that will appeal to any man. My husband loves these because they are comfortable, easy to adjust and manly looking. A nice change from the ugly pair he got at Wal Mart 10 years ago….

Price: $130

Get It: Bank Fashion


Finding a coat that my husband wants to wear is almost as hard as getting a teenager to wear a coat… He wears a chunky knit sweater in the middle of January because he hasn’t found the “perfect” coat. Personally, I think this one would be awesome…


This Voi Jeans Alaska Parka is warm AND stylish! It features a black woven cotton exterior with detachable faux fur trim hood, large square stitch quilted exterior and padded design. This jacket has a button overlay to the zip closure, plus multiple pockets and branding to complete this stylish coat.

Price: $140

Get It: Bank Fashion


My husband is pretty picky about his jeans too… (I taught him well?!) As far as fit, function and price go, he prefers Old Navy and Gap jeans.


Throw on a pair of waffle knit thermal long underwear under any pair of jeans to make them winter-ready!

Price: $60

Get It:

Blacksocks introduces the Sockscription!

I don’t know about the rest of you wives out there, but I have (on several occasions) had to pry hole-ridden dress socks from my husband’s mighty kung foo grip. The excuses are always “ but these are my favorite!” or “I haven’t had the chance to go out and buy new ones!”. No matter how much time is available in the day, sometimes it slips his mind that it’s time to get new socks (which he hates going out to buy).

Well a new company called Blacksocks offers “sockscriptions”, a way to always ensure he has a nice pair of fine quality socks at hand.

The story of this company is quite innovative:

After graduating from college with a marketing degree, BLACKSOCKS co-founder Samy Liechti began his career at an advertising agency. One afternoon, he was invited to go to dinner with Japanese business executives that same evening. He ran home to put on proper business attire and grabbed two black socks (or so he thought) from his sock drawer. Feeling good about his career, his corporate attire and the opportunity to have dinner with important clients, Samy was ready to impress his bosses, peers and Japanese colleagues.

A Japanese Custom: Remove Your Shoes

After a successful business dinner, the party was moved to a Japanese tea house, where it is customary to remove your shoes. Samy looked down and a feeling of dread and doom enveloped him. The two socks did not match. Worse yet, Samy’s big toe was sticking out of the faded fabric. There was a large hole in the right sock. He spent the rest of the evening sitting cross-legged, attempting to hide his foot. So much for business etiquette. In the eyes of his bosses and Japanese clients, his status declined – to the bottom of the sock pile. He was just a young, inexperienced executive, with no real style.

As the conversation continued, Samy could only think of one thing. Why wasn’t my sock drawer stocked with matching socks? How did this happen? As the evening progressed, he became more obsessed with this major humiliation. Then he thought of the solution.

The sockscription!

I for one was impressed with the quality of the socks. My husband tends to be pretty rough on his socks, wearing them on our hardwood floors, chasing after the cat in them, etc. He usually has holes in them by the next week. After two weeks of multiple washes and wears, the socks hold up the same as the first day he got them. No holes, no extra stretching, no thinning!! I’m impressed with the fabric quality and recommend them to anyone who’s husband is rough on his dress socks.






The featured product for this review was provided to me, at no cost, for the sole purpose of product testing. All Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way. I am not receiving monetary compensation for this review.

Menswear from the Twilight Premiere

There’s a reasonable chance you’re one of the millions of people who stood in line for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse this weekend.  I haven’t been yet, but that’s just because I’m still in the process of wearing down my husband’s resistance. My best hope of enticing him is the 21+ screenings at our nearby theatre, where he can sip cocktails without being surrounded by swooning teenaged girls. 

I actually have very mixed feelings about the Twilight saga, though.  I certainly find it enjoyable, but it’s a guilty pleasure at best.  And considering how many young women look up to Bella, I’m uncomfortable with her dependence on Edward.  All that suicidal carrying on because he broke up with her in New Moon was a bit much.    

But there’s one bit of the Twilight-verse I can unabashedly praise: the fashions the men were sporting at Eclipse‘s LA premiere. 


Let’s not talk about Kristen Stewart’s Elie Saab minidress.  It’s a mistake, just like one-sleeved garments are always a mistake, but I’ve had similar missteps.  Just look at the guys!  They’re both in timeless two-button suits and slim ties that would be at home in the Kennedy era, and I love how the silhouette is interpreted in such a body-conscious, modern way.   

Robert Pattinson’s maroon is not for everyone, but I think it works for him.  And Taylor Lautner is absolutely impeccable.  He’s projecting more grace and class than many stars twice his age.  (Unfortunately, I’m clearly turning into an old lady, because my first thought on seeing him was “His mama must be so proud.”  Sigh.)

My husband and I are part of a casual generation and we live in a casual part of the country, so he goes weeks without wearing a suit.  I’m wondering now about trying this slim suit, skinny tie look on him.  It’s limiting in a way since you can’t add too much color or pattern in the tie.  (Cary Grant-esque polka dots, for one, are not an option.)  But I find it really handsome, fresh, and modern. 

What do you think?  Does your husband/ bf wear suits often?  If so, what kind does he typically wear?  And are you ever involved in that decision? 

Lucie Amberg is also a contributor to Powder Room Graffiti

Photo from, which also has extensive Twilight coverage– just in case you’re interested.   

Best Tag-Free Basic T-Shirt for Men from

Jockey® Classic Tag-Free Crew Neck T-shirt

This everyday essential crew t-shirt is tag-free and has a relaxed fit that wears well under dress or casual shirts making this a great choice for your hubby. You can cut back on laundry and make clothes last longer by wearing a comfy tee like this underneath. It will keep your partner’s expensive dress shirts clean longer!

The reinforced collar and lightweight material offers long-lasting shape and breathability. You can rely on this tee for complete comfort with every wear. My husband loves these tees and says they are super soft and hands down, way more comfortable than Hanes and Fruit of The Loom tees.

Price: $24 for 3 pack of white tees

You can find the same tees but assorted colors in 3 packs, on sale right now for only $9.99. Click here to see available colors and sizes.

I know I don’t usually post about stuff for guys, but these tees are great and seriously… if you’re a Fashionable Housewife, you have to have a Fashionable Husband!!