Makeover Any Room with GE Reveal Light Bulbs

Now normally, I don’t get all excited about freaking light bulbs, but these lights bulbs are seriously worth mentioning.

GE-Lighting-Halogen-Reveal-75-Watt-Package-400x400GE reveal® Light Bulbs offer innovative, clean light that really makes any room look more beautiful.

My husband is ALL ABOUT light bulbs and after we purchased our house, he immediately changed every single incandescent light bulb in our house to a more energy efficient light bulb. Well, I’m not really crazy about those “energy efficient” light bulbs because they take so damn long to “warm up” and actually fully brighten the room. The colder it is, the longer it takes the lights to come up to full brightness. Totally frustrating when you flip a switch and expect to actually SEE something!!!

So when I got a package of these light bulbs, I immediately replaced ALL the bulbs in the chandelier over my dining room table to these GE reveal light bulbs. The difference is epic. If my dining room wasn’t completely cluttered with baskets and containers of craft projects and tiny pots of sprouts for our garden, then I would show you a before an after picture of the amazing difference these light bulbs made in our dining room.

Instead, you’ll just have to check out these photos below to get an idea of how unbelievable these light bulbs really are…



Did you know the quickest and easiest way to makeover your home is with good lighting?

You’ll be amazed at how GE reveal® bulbs replace yellow, dingy lighting with crisp white light that makes colors and patterns pop, transforming homes from ordinary to extraordinary with just the flip of a switch. And GE’s new and innovative reveal® LEDs offer the same aesthetic benefits as the rest of the GE reveal® brand plus energy-efficient technology that allows them to last over a decade, based on three hours of usage a day.

To see how quick and easy a reveal® lighting makeover can be, watch this fun and stylish new video GE Lighting created featuring four hip West-Coast tastemakers who depend on the best lighting possible for their craft, as they complete a GE reveal® makeover and share their authentic experience. Learn more about our experts and their lighting transformations.

Watch the video here:


Purchase them online here or head into your local Target store to find them.

What did you think of the video? Are you going to pick up a box of these light bulbs the next time you are at Target?

Cold Season Is Here! Stock Up On This…

too damn cold meme

Considering I have been out of commission for almost 2 weeks because my entire household had the flu, I can safely tell you what all natural cold remedies actually work! (I won’t bother mentioning all the things that don’t work in this post, let’s just focus on what is actually helpful and worth buying and trying!)

First off…


Nothing worse than a kid with boogers all over their face. I don’t like seeing them all over my own kids faces, never mind on some stranger’s grubby little kids!

nosefridaIf you have an infant or a toddler that can not blow their own nose yet (or even understand the concept of trying to blow) then you absolutely NEED to get Nosefrida!

Okay so I know it sounds gross, but seriously, this one of those absolute must-haves and a life saver. Nosefrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator will save you and your baby a LOT of frustration during boogie season.

The Nosefrida retails for about $15.99 (less on Amazon) and you can read more info about the product and how it works by clicking here.


boogie mistFor everyone else, there is Boogie Mist! It’s a gentle saline nasal mist that helps soothe and clear nasal passages. Sterile saline helps flush blockage from the nose while moisturizing the tender skin inside your nostrils. Available in grape and fresh scent Schnozzles.

Whether you are dealing with a cold, the flu or just seasonal allergies, Boogie Mist can help. We use it a lot in the winter because our wood stove really dries out the air and gives us all painfully dry noses and congestion. It’s just not practical for us to have a humidifier in every single room of the house, so Boogie Mist has helped us get through these last few winter months. It’s natural and can be used as often as needed for relief throughout the day and night.

Boogie Mist is available at retailers nationwide including: Target, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Kroger and Buy Buy Baby. Boogie Mist retails for around $6.29 per bottle. For more information, visit:


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FAB FIT FUN – Monthly Subscription VIP Box



If you haven’t heard of FAB FIT FUN yet, then quite frankly, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s the most popular and BEST monthly subscription service you can subscribe to right now. If you sign up for FAB FIT FUN, you will receive a VIP Gift Box of carefully curated seasonal items four times a year. Each box is just $49.95 and has at least $175 or more worth of products inside.

For example, the Fall box included…

  • -Gorjana Scarf: A light, airy and totally whimsical canary scarf
  • -Starlooks 5 Shade Eye Shadow Palettes
  • -barre3 Standing Slim: Members also get a one-month promo code to access over 100 barre3 online workouts
  • -Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam
  • -SPA Ritual Nail Polish in Clarity Diamond Glitter

…… and much more

Click here to sign up for your VIP Gift Box!

This would make a great gift idea! Just sign up for a friend or family member so they can enjoy a year of amazing items!

My favorite items in this month box? Definitely the gorgeous Gorjana scarf and the Spa Ritual Nail polish!

Spa Ritual

I used it on my accent nail (shown above) and it looked fabulous with the sparkly blue nail strips I was already wearing. Click here to “Like” this picture on instagram!

Back To School Shopping with Marshalls!

You know we absolutely LOVE Marshalls and were of course, delighted when they asked us to do our back to school shopping at their store. My daughter had so much fun shopping and modeling the outfits like the fashionista she is!

Check out all the outfits we put together fro under $65 at Marshalls, and be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Outfit #1

Marshalls Back To School

Marshalls Back To School

Outfit #1 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Designer brand Pink Lace Shirt $3.00
  • Black Pants with Pink Stripe $10.00

Outfit #2


Marshalls Back To SChool

Outfit #2 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Mint Lace Shirt $3.00
  • Lace print leggings $5.00

Outfit #3



Outfit #3 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Peach Lace Shirt $7.00
  • Peach stripe cardigan $9.00

Outfit #4



Outfit #4 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Black t-shirt $3.00
  • Pink studded cardigan $9.00
  • Hello Kitty scarf $6.00

Outfit #5



Outfit #5 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Coral Lace Shirt $3.00
  • Floral print skinny jeans $6.00

Outfit #6



Outfit #6 – Items Bought From Marshalls:

  • Designer brand graphic tee $1.00
  • Designer brand shorts $5.00

We spent a total of $62 to put together 6 outfits! My daughter picked out everything and even decided which of her own shoes she was going to wear with each outfit. She is SUCH a little fashionista and absolutely loved shopping, dressing

Save the Children
Back to School Quilt

T.J. Maxx QuiltFor more than 29 years, T.J.Maxx has been working with Save the Children U.S. Programs to make a lasting, positive change in the lives of children. Starting this August and continuing throughout the back-to-school season, there will be three ways for shoppers to give back.

  1. Purchasing a quilt ($49.99) featuring bright, colorful designs with 25% going back to the foundation
  2. Buying a reusable STC bag at the register to tout around town
  3. Giving a dollar at the register – each effort goes a long way!

We encourage you to make an effort to do at least one of the three options above and make your back to school shopping go double duty!

Marshalls provided me with a gift card to facilitate this review/post.
My thoughts and opinions are my own, regardless of monetary compensation.
My opinion is that Marshalls is awesome.

Get Outside and Go Hiking This Summer!

Exercise is important to good health and general well-being, so it is never too late to begin a regular routine. The more active you are the more energy you expend in the form of calories. If your aim is to lose weight, expending more calories than you take in from eating is an important step in weight loss; unless you’re already very active, anyone will benefit from an increase in their exercise level. One of the best in terms of initial cost, variable levels of exertion and overall benefit, hiking is one of the best exercises for people.

hiking boots

The first step in preparing for hiking as an aerobic activity is making sure you have the right gear. Hiking is an outdoor activity and your feet should be adequately prepared for walking on uneven ground over natural landscapes. A good pair of walking shoes or even a pair of hiking boots from a reputable dealer like is necessary for proper protection. Quality and more importantly comfort are the main factors in choosing your hiking footwear. In making the footwear choices, you should consider what sort of hiking trips you’re going to be making.

For a beginner, it is best to start off slowly; choose even paths with gentle inclines and clearly marked trails. Local parks often have walking tracks that provide the interesting sights of nature while also providing a clean and accessible path to follow. After you have decided what sort of footwear you will need, you should give them adequate break-in time. It is not advisable to wear a pair of hiking shoes or boots directly from the box to the outdoors. If the product description does not give a clear idea, ask a sales representative or phone the shoe or boot manufacturer.

With your new footwear in hand and your hiking path chosen, it is time to consider anything else you might need, like natural fiber socks, a plastic reusable water-bottle for proper hydration, sunscreen, a backpack to carry with if you plan to be outdoors for long periods, and even a walking stick. If you’re new, don’t forget to pace yourself! Injuries from being improperly prepared will derail an exercise program before it has begun.

Don’t forget to join to get all the gear you need at up to 70% off retail price! I just joined and I am amazed at what a huge selection they have. Can’t wait to get some new running sneakers…


the clymb


Customize Your Own Fashionable iPhone Case

With Uncommon you can create your own personalized and customized iPhone case with your own photography or artwork. It’s easy! Just follow the instructions below to make your own fashionable iPhone case today!

Too lazy to make your own? That’s ok! We did the hard work for you. Get the NEW official Fashionable Housewife iPhone case!

Keep Calm and Be Fashionable

Fashionable Housewife iPhone case

The Fashionable Housewife iPhone case is available for the both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4/4S

Today’s Outfit: Margaret Vera Shop on Etsy

If I had to only stick to one fashion style for the rest of my life, I would look like I just walked out of a Free People photo shoot. I’m the personification of bohemian style so it’s no surprise that I love Margaret Vera Shop on Etsy.

Meg Councilman and her brother design and create everything for their online accessories boutique on Etsy. I was lucky enough to receive a leather studded cuff to review and I absolutely love it! It’s totally my style and I wear it all the time.

Here are a few recent examples…

Margaret Vera


I’m loving a few other items that would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe…

star studded bracelet

Black leather bracelet – $15.00

Wide Western leather belt

Wide Western leather belt – $65.00

Take a peek at their handmade fashion items in their Etsy store. Not only is everything adorable but it’s affordable too. I highly recommend checking them out!