5 Pregnancy Essentials You Need RIGHT NOW!

5 Pregnancy Essentials You Need RIGHT NOW!

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! Me too!

Being that this is my third pregnancy, I feel pretty confident that I have a good grip on what is a pregnancy essential and what is not. I have found quite a few items to really make my life a whole lot easier while pregnant, so I compiled a list of the top 5 items you need RIGHT NOW so you can enjoy your pregnancy just a little bit more.


kevel zipper ties1. Kevel Mommy Fly Tie

Kevel Mommy Fly Ties are the perfect money-saver (especially if you don’t gain a ton of weight during your pregnancy) because they allow you to wear all your favorite pairs of jeans instead of springing for elastic waist maternity jeans. These fly ties work by attaching the rubber tag to the button, then looping the bands through the zipper and then through the button-hole. Makes any jeans “fit” even though your belly is growing!

Kevel Mommy Fly Ties come in 3 waist-expanding sizes that allow you to rock your favorite skinny jeans throughout your entire pregnancy.

Price: $16.99 with six per pack.

Buy It: Nordstorm, Duane Reade and Buy Buy Baby.

For more information, visit www.kevel.com


black belly band2. Belly Armor Belly Band

The Belly Armor Radiashield Maternity Belly Band is definite must for all moms-to-be that spend a lot of time at the computer or using their cell phone. The Belly Armor’s Belly Band provides a comfortable, full coverage support you need with a little added protective benefit. Belly Armor’s belly band is lined with the their patented RadiaShield technology that prevents you and your baby from everyday radiation from cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. So not only do you get the coverage and support you want from a belly band, you are protecting you and your baby from harm too!

In May of 2011 the WHO reclassified Cell Phone Radiation in the same potentially carcinogenic category as chloroform, engine exhaust, and lead. From France to China to San Francisco, governments worldwide are taking the emerging evidence of public health risks from everyday radiation seriously. For additional information and important facts on radiation today, check out Belly Armor’s website.

Price: $59.99

Buy It: Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and BellyArmor.com

For more information, visit www.bellyarmor.com


nursing cover3. DRIA Nursing Cover & Maternity Top

Not JUST a nursing cover, this fashionable poncho fits like a modern jersey style t-shirt and adds style to any outfit. You can wear it as maternity top, then after baby is born use it as a breastfeeding cover up. It also doubles as a stroller cover and a car seat cover, making this a versatile and very useful piece. Long after nursing is over and baby is grown, you can continue to wear this poncho as a beach cover up with flip flops or on the weekends with leggings and tall boots. Hands down one of the most fashionable nursing covers I’ve ever seen!

Price: $79

Buy It: driacover.com or amazon.com

Fore more information, visit www.driacover.com


pregnancy yoga4. Healthy Fit Happy Mom Prenatal Exercise Routines

The Healthy Fit Happy Mom Prenatal Exercise Routines are targeted to strengthen and tone your body, helping to prepare it for labor and childbirth. If you’ve been pregnant before, you’ll know how important it is to exercise, eat well and stay healthy while pregnant. Not just four baby but for your growing baby, but for your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

“Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom: Volume 1″ has three workouts, one for each trimester, with simple healthy tips as well as yummy recipes to help nourish you and your baby’s body. All of the exercises on the DVD use just your body-weight, so you won’t have to buy any fancy equipment. Just put on your comfy clothes, grab a bottle of water and get moving!

Price: $6.95 for DVD 1 or $14.95 for the 3 disc set.

Buy It: Amazon.com

For more information, visit www.healthyfithappymom.com


sea band mama5. Sea-Band Wrist Bands for Nausea Relief

Thank goodness for Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristbands or I wouldn’t have made it through the first trimester of my pregnancy! I had pretty bad morning sickness this time around and was actually surprised by how much these wristbands helped.

Price: $6.49 – $12.50

Buy It: Amazon.com, drugstore.com, Walgreens.com and in stores like Walmart.

For more information, visit www.sea-band.com


Disclaimer: Some of the products in this article were provided to us free of charge for the purpose of product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Bashing Other Moms – Yay or Nay?

Maria Kang

Img Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/11/27/fit-mom-maria-kang-banned-from-facebook-over-obesity-comments/

HuffPost Parents hits the nail on the head with their latest article What’s Your Excuse for Bashing Other Moms?.

I guess I live under a rock and I hadn’t noticed that once again, the beautiful fitness guru and mother to three, Maria Kang was getting flack again for… *gasp* being herself.

So here is my two cents on the issue. I think Maria is the bomb.

In my honest opinion… the only reason why ANYBODY wouldn’t like her and would choose to hate on her is simply because of their own guilt. I’m not saying that her lifestyle and fitness level is “right for everyone” but don’t we all want to be healthy? Don’t we all want to strive to do what’s best?

I can see where her claim to “not making excuses” and taking time to take care of herself could definitely make other moms feel bad about themselves because they either like to make excuses of why they can’t look like her and get back into shape OR they are already so overwhelmed in life that they don’t even want to think about how they SHOULD be taking care of themselves. I get it! I’m a mom! I’m 7 months pregnant! Do I want to be thinking about exercising and staying in shape while I’m having a hard time keeping up with my two children, homeschooling them and making my business continue to run smoothly?! NO! I’m having trouble even peeling my ass out of the bed in the morning to start another day!!!! Does that mean that I hate Maria Kang for looking great after having three kids, running her own business and staying fit and healthy at the same time? Of course not! I look to her for inspiration!!!

Shouldn’t we all????

Why is it that we want to condemn those who “do better” than us? Ridiculing others and putting them down doesn’t bring them down to our level, it just makes us look worse and feel worse. Why is that our human nature though? I mean, I feel like we think it’s corny and sappy to be “cheering each other on” as moms. Why is that? Why can’t everyone just BE NICE OR SHUTUP?!

What do you think about bashing other moms?


Top 5 Travel Essentials for Moms

If you are a mom and you are traveling with your kids, you know how hard it cane be sometimes. Either they don’t like their car seat, they fall asleep and get a kink in their neck or they get bored and fussy. We know how it is, moms!!! So we put together a list of OUR top 5 travel essential that we won’t leave home without.

Essential #1 – Britax Car Seat

car seat

Sure, you can buy a car seat at Walmart or maybe even get one on Criaglist and save a ton of money. But if you take 5 minutes and watch a couple youtube videos of what happens to a a car seat during a head on collision, you might think again about what you are strapping your precious cargo into.

I don’t take the safety of my children lightly, so when it came time to picking out a car seat, I put in a good amount of time into researching the best, most reliable, most highly rated car seats. One of the brands I trust the most is Britax.

My three year old son is rear facing in a Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat (Zebra print!) and he loves it. We’ve been through a few car seats with our two children in the past 6 years and this one is by far my favorite for a plethora of reasons.

A few key features about this particular car seat…

  • True Side Impact Protection diverts crash forces and keeps spine aligned
  • Base with SafeCell Technology compresses to counteract forward momentum
  • Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether anchors seat and slows forward movement
  • Integrated steel bars reinforce seat stability
  • HUGS with SafeCells minimize forward movement to protect child’s head

Visit BritaxUSA.com to learn more.

Price: $228 on Amazon (Retails for $319)

Get It: Amazon.com

Essential #2 – Bubble Bum

bubble bum

The BubbleBum Inflatable, Portable Car Booster Seat is pretty much the most exciting baby product I have discovered this year! I was lucky enough to receive one to review and I loved it so much, I got another. We are always traveling in a different car and it’s too expensive to equip my car, my husband’s car, our family suv, my mother’s car and my grandmother’s car with 2 car seats, EACH! When I discovered the Bubble Bum, it literally made my life so much easier. Now I can just grab the booster and quickly move it from one car to another. It’s also good for plane rides, car rentals and anytime you quickly need a child to travel in a different car. I don’t think it’s recommend for daily use, but it’s certainly a wonderful convenience to have when you’re in a pinch like we so many times find ourselves in.

Price: $39.99

Get It: Amazon.com, Target.com

Essential #3 – Neck Rest

owl neck rest

The Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest is a car ride essential that you really shouldn’t leave home without if you have kids under 5. I’ve found putting it on “backwards” so that the space is in the back of the neck, rather than at the chin. This is especially helpful if you have a car seat that doesn’t recline. When kids fall asleep, their head always ends up hanging forward and then they get a kink in their neck. With a neck rest, like the Skip Hop, they can fall asleep easily and their heads won’t bop around or hang uncomfortably. A lifesaver for any child that might fall asleep in the car.

Price: $13

Get It: Amazon.com

Essential #4 – SEA-BAND for Motion Sickness

sea bands

While the iPad and Nintendo DS might keep them busy during your trip, staring at a screen for too many hours can cause motion sickness! We avoid that by having 2 pairs of Sea Bands in my purse at all times so I can whip them out as soon as the electronic devices get turned on! They work amazingly well. Before Sea Bands, we had to stop several times during a two hour car trip so that my oldest daughter could get out and walk around to ease her motion sickness. Now that we have the Sea Bands, everyone travels happy!

They also came in very handy during my first trimester when I had morning sickness. I put them on first thing in the morning and it really helped ease the morning sickness/nausea. The child size fit my skinny wrists perfectly!

Price: $6 on Amazon (Retail for $9.99)

Get It: Amazon.com

Essential #5 – Backseat Organizer

Munchkin Backseat Organizer

Few things compare to the horror you will experience if you put a couple children in a car, strapped into car seats, with nothing to do. God help you if you even try it… Do yourself a huge favor and get a couple Munchkin Backseat Organizers and pack it with all kinds of books, activities, car games, toys and healthy snacks like Macy’s CheeseSticks. It will even make short rides to the grocery store easier, believe me!

Price: $9.99

Get It: Amazon.com



* Some products in this post were provided to us free of charge for the purpose of product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Fashionable & Practical Baby Shower Gifts

I have so many friends who are pregnant right now, so I thought I would put together a list of my absolute favorite items that I would have loved to have received at my own baby shower. Some are fashionable, some are practical, but all of them will be well received!



A Little Bundle is a monthly subscription service to provide curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby to enjoy. You can choose from a wide range of products from around the world that meet only the highest quality and design standards. They also work directly with designers and vendors to create exclusive products just for their subscribers! Bundles are now available for children up to 2 years old! Every bundle consists of four or more carefully hand-selected products for both the mother and child!

A 3 month subscription would be a great baby shower gift to an expecting mother! A Little Bundle scours the market and discovers products that make the motherhood journey beautiful and exciting! Every bundle is curated to a specific theme that offers creative ways for the mom and baby to bond. A Little Bundle celebrates the bond between moms and their babies and they believe all mothers and their children deserve the best of the best!

Sign up today and receive a little bundle full of surprises every month! Pick your bundle here or give a bundle or two as a gift here.

organic pharmacy


The Organic Pharmacy’s mother & baby natural, toxin-free products designed especially with sensitive babyskin in mind. The Organic Pharmacy organic baby products are gentle on baby’s skin, while the range of pre- and post-natal care is ideal for mom’s health and beauty needs.

Availability: Barney’s, Barney’s Online and www.theorganicpharmacy.com

gdiapers for newborns

Help a mom-to-be out by gifting her the gDiapers Newborn Bundle with everything in she could possibly need to start cloth diapering like a pro! It’s cheaper, cleaner and healthier for baby and the environment to use cloth diapers.

I’ve tried quite a few brands of cloth diapers at this point and honestly, I think gDiapers are the best cloth diapers. Check out my gDiapers how-to and instructions (with pictures)!

Price: Newborn Bundle is $124.99 from Amazon.com (Retails for $149.99)

Get It: You can purchase gDiapers at gdiapers.com, Amazon.com, Target.com and in stores like Babies ‘R’ Us, Whole Foods Market, and more.


A favorite of Kim Kardashian’s (as shown on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians), Mama Mio’s Lucky Legs has established itself as a pregnancy must-have.

lucky legs

Mama Mio’s Lucky Legs is the ultimate rescue remedy when your legs and feet are in need of some intensely minty refreshment. This mini-spa treatment glides on to instantly cool and ease weary, swollen limbs from knees to toes. Leaving a subtle sparkly-shimmer on your shins. I love rubbing this into my legs right before bed after a long day. Great for pregnancy and beyond!

Price: $19.50

Get It: Amazon.com or MamaMio.com

mama mio pregnancy essentials kit

I’m a huge fan of ALL Mama Mio products but this is the kit I recommend to ALL my pregnant friends and family. The Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials Kit that includes Boob Tube, Tummy Rub Butter, and Lucky Legs (shown above). They are indeed the three essentials from Mama Mio that will get your through the 9 month stretch. I went through at least 2-3 tubes of Boob Tube and Tummy Rub Butter when I was pregnant with my son. What a life saver! I sincerely appreciate the scent of these while I was pregnant. We all know how sensitive our noses can be when we’re pregnant! Thank goodness Mama Mio knows that and made their products accordingly.

Price: $28.00

Get It: MamaMio.com and Amazon.com

Another one I like is the Mama Mio The Congratulations Kit!

cake pops

If you want to bring a delightful desert to the baby shower, consider making some of the increasingly popular Cake Pops! The Art of Cake Pops: 75 Dangerously Delicious Designs has some of the best, most unique Cake Pop recipes I’ve seen. Colorful images, detailed instructions and mouth watering ingredients that will make your desert the star of the show.

Price: $17.95

Get It: $13.31 on Amazon.com

Click To Enlarge

If I had to pick only one item to give a new or expecting mom, I would absolutely pick the ERGObaby Baby Carrier. It was an absolute lifesaver for me with my son. It’s the easiest carrier to put on and off, easiest one to adjust, perfect for beginners and experts alike and a must-have for all moms. You’d think a baby would sleep better in a crib, undisturbed, but actually a brand new little baby is used to being WITH MOMMY! Been growing in there and living with mommy, doing what mommy does for 9 months. I say, in the womb for 9 months and on the back for 9 months! :-)

I especially love their Petunia Pickle Bottom collection.

Price: Retails for $115 and up

Get It: ErgoBaby.com, Amazon.com, BabyEarth.com

Meal Preparation Tips for Busy Moms


When you’re not working, cooking is one of the things that is much easier to do – especially as you have more free time to do it. However, once you become a working mother, your time and energy becomes all the more limited.


Mouths still need to be fed though so it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Whether it’s ordering in, reheating prepared food or making a quick fresh meal, there are things you can do to make sure you a meal is ready every single day.


1. Order in


This is by far the easiest option and can also be the most diverse. Ordering in is not only cheap and quick, it also comes with a wide variety, making it useful as a treat for the family once in a while. For instance, in any local area you’re bound to find a wide variety of Chinese takeaway menus. This offers a diverse choice that can please any hungry family, without you having to cater to everyone’s needs and preferences.


Another benefit of this is that it allows you to be customizable to the very end. Children can be fussy, with an ability to change their mind on a lot of things, so letting them have a say in the matter can help keep them satisfied. You can always visit a local favorite, or encourage the family to try new things if you want to expand their palate.


2. Cold food


Whilst sandwiches aren’t typically suitable for that after-work dinner, cold food can have its advantages, especially when the weather is hot. Cold salads, for instance, can prove useful and quick to prepare. Likewise, cold meats, cheeses and other selection boards are simple to set up but allow the family to get stuck in and suit themselves.


3. Prepare in Advance


This is best left for the weekend, but having some free time in advance lets you prepare ahead of time. Sunday leftovers, for instance, can prove useful for dinner on Monday. This can be a real time saver, as you’re cooking once but making two days worth of meals, freeing up the time you would have usually spent on Monday.


This also goes well with cold food as, when in doubt, you can usually mix what’s left into a quick and effective salad. Chicken and other cold meats go well with lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables that can be grabbed out of the fridge for an instant, tasty meal.


Be sure to check out The Fashionable Plate, our cooking and home decor blog, for recipe ideas! Link at the top of the page!



Stylish Diaper Bags by Adelina Madelina

stylish diaper bags

If you are looking for stylish diaper bags to suite your busy lifestyle, look no further than Adelina Madelina Diaper Bags. Stylish, sensible and perfectly practical, their diaper bags will have you the envy of every mom at the playdate.

Pictured above is the “I’ll Handle It” Hobo in Citron/Slate that fits everything! You won’t ever have to contemplate whether or not to bring those extra two diapers or that extra outfit. With this large hobo diaper bag, you can take it all in style.

Being only 5’2″, I think this bag is a little too large for my frame and I look like I’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in there! The first thing my husband said was, “Wow! That bag is huge! We could just roll you up and stick you right in there!”

So I’m thinking, if you’ve twins? No need for two bags! This roomy hobo will definitely do the trick. And if you aren’t a short little hobit like myself, you’ll look ravishing carrying it down the street. According to my husband, I look a bit like a clown carrying it though. lol

This bag has huge pockets on the outside, lots of compartments for organization on the inside, and yet when you are walking down the street, no one will ever suspect it’s a diaper bag full of dirty diapers and a few moldy cheerios at the bottom. This diaper bag is chic all the way and comes in several color options besides the modern combo shown here. Very classy looking!

Check out all their fashionable diaper bags on their website at AdelinaMadelina.com

Love their diaper bags? Connect with them on the following social media channels to stay in-the-know about their latest styles!

I received the item mentioned above in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I did not receive compensation for this post. 

Back To School or Back To Bootcamp?

first day of school

Back to school doesn’t just mean a new routine for your children. If you are a stay at home mom, then back to school means for more time to concentrate on YOU! FINALLY!

Even if it’s a brief break between the school bus pick-up and your drive to work or you get to squeeze in time before bed, all you need is 4 minutes with Mama Mio’s Bootcamp Kits!

If you are like most moms, you feel guilty taking time to concentrate on yourself. Well… DON’T. If you don’t feel good, how can you take care of everyone else? “Me Time” is so important for moms and seriously, you can’t feel guilty about taking 4 minutes on yourself.

Mama Mio’s Bootcamp systems are designed to tone the body and your skin with minimal commitment (just 4 minutes a day) and in 30 days, you will feel (and look) like a new mom!

bootcamp mama mio

Bootcamp for Butts:

    Exfoliate, tighten and tone with Mama Mio’s OMega Body Buff, Skin Tight and Shrink-to-fit to insure a great outcome.

Bootcamp for Arms:

    OMega Body Buff exfoliates, Skin Tight lifts sagging skin and tricep and shoulder exercises give you the right to bare arms.

Bootcamp for Boobs:

    By applying Mama Mio’s Boob Tube and Skin Tight daily, along with a short bust-perking program, you’re sure to get results!


Doubting what a kit can do for you in 30 days? Check out my results here with before and after pictures! The Bootcamp for Butts Kit is amazing!

Mama Mio’s Bootcamp Kits retail for $75 to $99 and can be purchased at www.MamaMio.com