The Many Benefits of Faux Wood Window Blinds


Faux wood blinds are very popular and common in people’s households nowadays. This is mainly due to the fact that they actually look like real wood, but without the price tag that generally comes with that. Plus, you can use faux wood in any room in the house, as it won’t warp with moisture. Some […]

6 Best Ways to Transform Your Kitchen


Your kitchen functions as the heart of your home. It’s where your family and friends nourish themselves. You want its appearance to combine form and function, and odds are that yours could use a bit of an update. Here are six cheap ways to transform your current space into the kitchen of your dreams.   […]

Respiratory Relief: Cooling Your Home the Right Way With the Right Air Filter


The number of people who suffer from some sort of respiratory problem like asthma or are plagued by allergies, is seemingly on the rise. Suffering daily from these problems is an issue for every person who wakes up every morning to face these symptoms, but there is now a greater opportunity for respiratory relief in […]

How Shopping for a New HVAC System is Not Like Buying a Car

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Many people approach buying a furnace, AC or HVAC the same way they do when they buy a car. They look at price only, or other superficial things. But, this is almost always a bad idea, so here are the best ways to virtually guarantee that you get a quality unit.   Make a List […]

Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms With Honeywell QuietClean Air Purifier

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Are you struggling with seasonal allergies right now? Join the crowd! This can be a hard time of year for anyone with allergies or asthma. One of the things I use to combat seasonal allergies and reduce my asthma symptoms is an air purifier. Growing up with asthma was a real struggle and even though […]

Makeover Madness: How to Survive Your Kitchen Renovation Project

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If you think it is time for remodeling your kitchen there is more to it than choosing the design layout and the cabinets. The kitchen is the focal point of our home and as much as your kitchen may be in need of an urgent makeover, you need to be prepared for the inconvenience and […]

Simple Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Use

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Memorial Day weekend is here and you know what that means? Time to break out the Air Conditioning units because it’s going to be summer before you know it!! Before you fire up your air conditioner, take some time to do some tune ups around the house that will lower your cooling costs and optimize […]

Interior Design: Creating a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen


You’ve seen those warm, rustic, inviting, farmhouse kitchens in magazines. The question is, how do you get that in your home? If you like the gentle and inviting nature of a farmhouse, but you don’t live in one, here’s how to recreate the feeling.   Use Open Shelving Farmhouse kitchens are the original open floor […]

How to Select a Proper Whirlpool Bath for Your Bathroom

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A whirlpool bath used to be quite a luxury, but today, thanks to the many choices out there, whirlpool baths have become an increasingly common feature in many modern bathroom makeovers. You too can have your very own whirlpool bath for a reasonable price, especially if you have a good idea where to look. If […]

6 Contemporary Elements To Help Modernize Your Home


You’re looking to remodel your home, but remodeling can be tricky business. What do you do? How much do you spend? Should you splurge on drapes or blinds? Here are the top six contemporary elements that will help you sort it all out.   Open Floor Plans Open floor plans sound like something from 1960s […]