Monday’s Impulsive Splurge on J.Crew

I never even visit the JCrew website because I pretty much love everything they have and can’t excuse spending that much money on any of it!

But this morning, while perusing one of my favorite fashion blogs, I spotted a silky chambray tunic that I couldn’t live without, regardless of the price.

And then I spotted some lightweight washed chambray pants that I also needed to own…

jcrew splurge

Now of course, I don’t shop anywhere online without going through Then I make sure I either find a coupon code to accommodate the items in my cart OR I wait until there is a sale or another promotion before I complete the checkout process on the items in my cart.

I kinda lucked out this time with J.Crew because right now they are having a Spring Sale. You can get 30% off all sale items and 50% off final sale items with coupon code FRESHSALE.


So here’s the breakdown…

Chambray Tunic: Originally $98.00 / on sale for $69.99 / $48.99 after coupon code

Chambray Pants: Originally $78.00 / on sale for $68.00 / $47.60 after coupon code


By shopping through Ebates I will get 3% cashback on my order ($2.89) which will help cover the $5 shipping fee I had to pay because my order did not exceed $150.

Because I don’t usually shop at J.Crew, I am unfamiliar with their returns process so I just hope everything fits perfect and meets my expectations!

I probably should have just waited till I went to Marshalls or TJ Maxx again to get some chambray pieces for my wardrobe, but I didn’t want to wait! And I absolutely fell in love with that damn chambray tunic…

Being 36 weeks pregnant, I could use just about ANYTHING to lift my spirits and make myself feel better and knowing I can wear that silky chambray tunic in a few weeks after the baby is born, pretty much made my day. #forthewin


5 Must-Haves For Surviving The Fall & Winter Season

must haves

I’ve finally accepted that Summer is over and Fall is here. Yup, I literally had to wait until I had bare trees in my yard to accept this whole “autumn” thing. It’s my least favorite time of year (except for the one week that the fall foliage is gorgeous here in New Hampshire). For me, summer living is easy. Come Fall though, I have a hard time functioning and keeping up. I don’t feel like exercising anymore, I don’t feel like eating healthy things like salads and I start packing on the carbs with apple cider donuts and homemade breads and I don’t feel like waking up in the morning because it’s still dark out when I want to get up!

So I put together a list of my 5 favorite things that help me get through the Fall and Winter season in hopes that it might help some of you to make it through the next few months too!


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Fall Shoe Trends – Flats Are A Must!

With the coming of autumn, a wardrobe must-have is a comfortable pair of fashionable flats to help transition your feet from the freedom of summer deck shoes and sandals to the  reality of crisp campus mornings, walking the kids around on a Halloween evening, or waiting that interminable few minutes for the car’s heater to start up. Autumn might not be as sexy a season as spring or summer, but there are still plenty of occasions where style and comfort can meet elegantly. Reef shoes can help make that happen.


reefThe Reef Winter Swell is a comfortable suede moccasin with a mattress-style insole with anatomic arch support. The natural color of the suede upper is perfect for autumn, and can complement a variety of fall styles, while keeping your toasty toes thinking of summer. The mattress-styled foam insole is plenty comfy, too, especially if you tend towards flat feet. Traditional, and comfortable.


A perfect collegiate option is the demure gray of Reef’s Native Beads, which combine a businesslike hemp upper with traditional Guatemalan glass beading at the toe.  The Native Beads has the same mattress-styled foam insole, with the same anatomical comfort. The Native Beads flat combines style and comfort with a splash of color.


Splitting the difference between the two is the bohemian-styled Winter Drift loafer.  It combines the suede construction and comfortable anatomical inlay, with gentle autumnal styling and a colorful, striking Guatemalan textile upper. Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for fall.


With options like these, transitioning from the freedom of an open-toed, breezy summer to the chill of a crisp autumn morning doesn’t need to be a fashion tragedy. Autumn offers just as many opportunities for style and comfort as summer, and with a little experimentation and  a sense of fun, you will get over the sting of summer’s end, and look forward to accessorizing your fall look.


Fall 2013 Trends: Luxe Look For Less

Now more than ever, we are scrimping and saving every penny we have. I have 2 kids and a total of 6 people to feed, so I can’t “waste” a ton of money on updating my Fall wardrobe this year. Are you in the same boat? No worries! I have a list of My 5 Favorite Fall Trends and how to get that luxe look for less!



Graphic Sweatshirts

I’m absolutely love graphic sweatshirts this season, but I’m not about to pay over $200 for some of the gorgeous ones above. Instead I’m looking in places like TJ Maxx, Target and Forever 21 for graphic print sweatshirts that are on-trend and also, in my budget! I’m thinking around $25 is a more appropriate price for such an item. Here are some adorable graphic sweatshirts I’ve found…



Modern Combat Boots

They are tough, surprisingly versatile and really, we all secretly want a pair to go with that motorcycle we don’t own yet. This season, pair these with flirty skirts, slinky, feminine dresses or cropped pants for a look that is fresh and soooo 2013. Don’t want to spend $300 on a pair? I don’t blame you! Luckily, stores like Marshalls, Target and Kohl’s are stocked with modern combat boots at prices that won’t hurt your eyeballs… or your wallet!



Patterened Pencil Skirts

Such a versatile item for Fall and Winter! This season’s patterned pencils skirts are polished, sophisticated and great for day to night.

For Fall:

Dress it down with a comfy tee, chunky necklace and ballet flats.
Dress it up with a button down blouse, layered necklaces and heels.

For Winter:

Dress it down with a basic sweatshirt, scarf and combat boots.
Dress it up with a button down blouse under a cropped cardigan with a statement necklace and tall boots.

I especially like the selection at Target and ASOS for patterned pencil skirts. Here are a few that are so affordable, you can get a few!



Unique Loafers

First came ballet flats and then the loafer. Now this season, it’s all about being unique and not-so-classic. Look for odd embellishments, graphic prints, studs or anything that makes the loafers stand apart from the crowd. Wear them to work, around town and on the weekend. If you are looking for the perfect pair online, try searching for “smoking slippers” too, as the style is similar. I’m seeing great styles from JC Penny and



Wacky Socks

All right I am pretty sure I am the originator of this trend. I was wearing printed and graphic socks waaaaaay before it was “cool”. I definitely started this trend back in the late 90′s…

With this trend, the wackier – the better. Look for colorful prints, artsy graphics and pretty prints. Just about every store has printed socks, but I’m really loving the selection at Old Navy, Happy Socks and Macys.


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Outfit Ideas: Sperry Leopard Boat Shoes

Sperry Top-SiderFamous Footwear

Sperry Boat Shoes are THE shoes of the season right now! Everyone is wearing them and there are so many cute styles to choose from. I personally love leopard print so when I spotted these Sperry’s on I knew I had to have them.

Boat Shoes

today's outfit

casual outfit

Leopard Sperrys

Sperry Boat Shoes

It took me three days of continuous wear to break them in, first day with thin socks. Now, they are super comfortable and I wear them all the time. I slip them on to run outside and hang laundry, I put them on to run to the store, or I put together a cute outfit to go with them, like the outfit above.

Need more outfit ideas of what to wear with boat shoes? Check out these cute outfits below I found on Pinterest…

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